There’s no I in MLK Day.

When I was a kid growing up in East Texas, probably in third or fourth grade, I was looking at my school's cafeteria calendar for the month of January. Listed alongside the pizza breadtangles, hamburgers and other mass-produced goodness, I saw a Monday that only said, "MLK Day."

Perhaps because I was already in the food frame of mind or because I had little faith in the cafeteria staff's spelling abilities, I took the calendar to my mom and asked, "What's Milk Day?" She informed me that MLK Day is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and I probably felt pretty dumb.

Ever since that fateful January, I've been keenly aware of the annual commemoration of King's life, careful not to mix it up with any other cafeteria menu items. Nevertheless, I'll still raise a glass of 1% today in honor of both King's legacy and my own youthful ignorance...