ready to break

more bars in more places
If news breaks as the dawn breaks, I'll be there.

As many of you know, since starting at The Desert Sun in June, I've been doing a little bit of everything — writing for the daily, writing for a community weekly, shooting and editing video and posting stories to — and I've been having a blast doing it all.

As great as everything has been so far, I've kind of been like the mythical Eighth SSP Staffer (which I guess was actually a lot less mythical this past summer) in that I answered to a number of different editors and didn't have many firmly set or regular assignments.

Starting Tuesday, I'm moving into a much more defined role at TDS — that of the morning breaking-news reporter. I'll be starting work at 5 o'clock each morning (still Tuesday-Friday with my Saturday shifts remaining the same) and chasing whatever news breaks until early afternoon.

I'm really excited to take on this much more fast-paced beat assignment, and I'm honored to be succeeding the very accomplished Denise Goolsby, who covered the AM breaking beat until last week.

People have offered me their sympathy with regard to the early hours, but I'm not too worried about working from 5 a.m. to 2 p.m. For one, I've had this kind of schedule before when I was copy editing for UPI, and in those few months I managed to have much more of a social life than I thought I would — and honestly, a fuller life than I've had so far with more "normal" hours.

Back during my copy editing days, I made it to a couple of regular weekday dinner gatherings each week, volunteered, played, read books, attended panel discussions and kept myself going with a combination of early bedtimes and afternoon naps. Now, getting home in the evening, I usually manage to zone out long enough that by the time I've finished dinner, it's time to start preparing for the next day and heading to bed.

Granted, reporting (especially reporting on breaking news from the field) takes more out of you than the desk-bound craft of copy editing, but I'm thinking these seemingly crazy hours will, if anything, create more space for other things to fill my life.

So, please, don't cry for me, Argentina, when it comes to my new work schedule. Just get ready to see more of me in the afternoons and evenings, and be sure to drop by in the morning to see what I'm up to.