@btindrelunas  Is it over already? #WinterPower #11beers

@btindrelunas  "You just beat me at sports." -Greg #WIN


@btindrelunas  "You can wear booby tassels on Saturdays." -me

@btindrelunas  #WinterPower is in full swing! The second game just started, and I'm drunk. #WIN #doubles

@btindrelunas  RT @G3K: Eve dance @btindrelunas RT @cadenceweapon "1 thing" is the apex of music

@btindrelunas  #WinterPower? (@ Palm Springs Stadium w/ 2 others) http://t.co/dPNUBxfq

@showertime  This one goes out to @Jdrews28 for dedicating one of her showers to me… and for generally being awesome. #myfriendsrock

@btindrelunas  RT @jnmiskell: @btindrelunas if John Goodman shows up at the Power game, then we have a perfect tie-in.

@btindrelunas  Going to bed before midnight seems fitting since that won't be an option next Friday. #livinitup #iam65yearsold

@btindrelunas  More #doubles: It turned out to be a John Goodman double feature!

@btindrelunas  I just ousted Carlos M. as the mayor of Regal Palm Springs Stadium 9‎ on @foursquare! http://t.co/UaiA5sRA

@btindrelunas  My long weekend already has a theme: #doubles. Tonight, an #Oscars double feature with @jnmiskell. Tomorrow, a #WinterPower doubleheader!