@showertime  We accomplished our entire to-do list last night, so this shower goes out to my partner in crime, @kjmcginty.

@BriNews  RT @CALFIRERRU: Cary Incident [Update] Fire is still 150 acres, 100% contained as of 7 am this morning.

@BriNews  Would you go to #Coachella if the fest moved to a new venue? The threat is there: http://t.co/zMvIeskm by @BruceFessier, @marcelhonore

@btindrelunas  OK. I'm putting the phone down now and returning to my original plan — having sweet dreams starring Channing Tatum.

@btindrelunas  Was just about to turn out the light when I got a text alert about this: http://t.co/yTdC9ypG Now I can't stop thinking about #Coachella

@btindrelunas  RT @MyDesert: Goldenvoice threatens to move #Coachella and #Stagecoach music festivals from #Indio. http://t.co/NIAEeMc2 #MyDesert

@BriNews  .@Goldenvoice president tells @BruceFessier and @marcelhonore that #Coachella 2013 could be the last in Indio: http://t.co/zMvIeskm

@BriNews  RT @MyDesert: Goldenvoice threatens to move #Coachella and #Stagecoach music festivals from #Indio. http://t.co/NIAEeMc2 #MyDesert

@btindrelunas  AHHHHHHH! (@ Forever Marilyn) [pic]: http://t.co/hBhwyrJm

@btindrelunas  Gotta put some #bitchezzz on the milk carton because THEY'RE MISSING.

@btindrelunas  WE (@KJMCGINTY AND I) ARE THE BADDEST ASS BITCHES! (@ Mary Pickford Theatre for Magic Mike w/ 2 others) http://t.co/y3eeeJ7f

@btindrelunas  @MTVAwkward Uggggh. Why isn't Season 2 on @HuluPlus? Not sure how long I can stand watching on the laptop.

@btindrelunas  Eating and being awake have come from behind and are going for an upset. Stay tuned, sports fans!

@btindrelunas  @G3K omg it's like International Sleepy Five Minutes. I'm in similar need of a second wind if I'mma be awake after dark tonight.

@btindrelunas  Moment of truth: Do I give into sleepy thoughts now before I get hungry or eat dinner to wake myself up?

@btindrelunas  RT @niclindh: Since it’s the weekend and you are clearly not feeling enough angst, here’s Depressed Copy Writer: http://t.co/o77WXSf5 I ...

@BriNews  "Instead of pulling out a wallet, he pulled out a gun," manager of robbed Palm Desert doughnut shop says: http://t.co/gxCANHhY

@BriNews  Palm Desert doughnut shop robbed at gunpoint this afternoon, sheriff's spokesman says: http://t.co/gxCANHhY

@BriNews  RT @CALFIRERRU: Cary Incident [Update] - The fire is currently 75 acres, 0% contained. No evacuations. No injuries reported. Fire is ...

@BriNews  RT @CALFIRERRU: Cary Incident [Update] - The fire is currently 50 acres. Cary Road closed at Cave Road and at Bautista.

@BriNews  RT @CALFIRERRU: Vegetation Fire in Anza, CA on Cary Rd and Tripp Flats Rd. Read more:http://t.co/SL6u1GVx

@BriNews  @JeffStahl1 Suuure… I know what it means when the weather is in 4:3! :) I hope @JerrySteffen's having fun, you know, doing that weather. :D

@BriNews  RT @TDSMarMendoza: How polite! “@MyDesert: Video: This bear rang the doorbell before walking into an Ohio backyard, homeowner says http: ...

@BriNews  Man found floating in Indio pool dies: http://t.co/ymxE31yJ

@BriNews  Whoa: @Arizona12News video of arsonist possibly putting something in his mouth before collapsing in court, later dying http://t.co/xN9QBxXk

@BriNews  Hmm. I don't remember that mani… http://t.co/Amwa23fv RT @xo_corina: Got muh nailzzzz didddd with @v_roca79 & @brinews http://t.co/AEP4OtUs

@BriNews  Good morning from @MyDesert, where I'm taking advantage of a relatively slow news AM to get to a few longstanding items on the to-do list.

@BriNews  @chefandre Thanks!

@BriNews  RT @latimes: Happy 5th birthday, iPhone http://t.co/fKl65nsT

@BriNews  RT @Caltrans8: Overturned tanker WB 10 Bloomington #1 lane open - approx 3 mi traffic cue - no duration for opening all lanes

@showertime  The other night, it hit me: @Merris_FcDaniel is like the Ladies Man w/ all the right responses to your romantic queries… and now this shower

@btindrelunas  RT @BriNews: Thursday wasn't the first time @CNN got a court ruling flat-out wrong: http://t.co/Tpm30DkZ

@BriNews  Agreed: Unearthing a story is a big deal. Being first to report something handed to everyone, not so much http://t.co/OUPYfl2Y by @remrieder

@BriNews  Thursday wasn't the first time @CNN got a court ruling flat-out wrong: http://t.co/Tpm30DkZ

@BriNews  RT @APaltman: Ariz. man dies after being convicted of arson; looks like he put something in his mouth after verdict http://t.co/kGpZG3JD

@btindrelunas  Clearence sale, remodiling... The number of misspellings along Palm Canyon Drive tonight is enough to drive a former copy editor mad.

@btindrelunas  This brought back C5-era @G3K memories. RT @latimes: Survey: 59% of people would reach into a toilet to retrieve phone http://t.co/awqzX8ia

@BriNews  Cases seem similar, but local one wasn't addressed by #SCOTUS: http://t.co/7SxoVU2b PS man was charged with wearing, not lying about, medals

@BriNews  The Palm Springs man mentioned above was charged under 18 USC 704(a) and (d) and accused of wearing medals, which... http://t.co/d1PhItoG

@BriNews  Just added: @Rep_BonoMack's reaction to Affordable Care Act decision http://t.co/sjwLL5Fi (via @EricaFelci)

@BriNews  RT @TDSMarMendoza: Explosives charge dropped against Desert Hot Springs man who reportedly planted pipe bombs in Palm Springs http://t.c ...

@BriNews  So cool that we can put live video atop an article just by filling in one field in our CMS. Welcome to #thefuture. http://t.co/KqGigkwb

@BriNews  RT @MyDesert: President @BarackObama is speaking now about today's health care ruling. WATCH LIVE: http://t.co/2gbzGIBk

@BriNews  What local leaders @scottmhines, @RepJerryLewis and @SenatorBoxer are saying about the Supreme Court health care ruling http://t.co/sjwLL5Fi

@BriNews  RT @HuffPostMedia: Fox News got the Supreme Court ruling wrong too: http://t.co/IB43GWjr

@BriNews  RT @davewiner: Dewey Defeats Truman (CNN home page from a few minutes ago). http://t.co/YlMsxMMH

@BriNews  RT @ErickWeber: Bottom line: SCOTUS decision is more complicated than most news outlets can handle.

@BriNews  Good morning from @MyDesert, where I swear I read Desert Post Weekly for the articles. http://t.co/KDg9dbcb

@showertime  This one right here goes out to @saamato for reminding me of how eloquent I was Tuesday night: http://t.co/uy9QfRYX

@showertime  Yesterday's rushed shower went out to beer.

@btindrelunas  RT @TashJoeZA: A colleague's 3-year-old daughter, unable to pronounce my name, has decided I'm "Nash". Crosby, Stills and Young are arou ...

@BriNews  RT @NannetteNewz: We have a winner! @JerryBrownGov just signed #cabudget. @kyamamura wins the pool. Don't spend the $24 jackpot in one p ...

@BriNews  .@PS4everMarilyn needed a mini makeover today. @TDSKateM tells us why: http://t.co/W2rEkJKW (h/t PS Neighborhoods http://t.co/UwOp9OEN )

@btindrelunas  That's a real word?! No wonder my iPhone sometimes tries to replace #psiloveyou with… RT @everyword: psilocybin

@btindrelunas  Words I texted to people (mostly @saamato) last night: Zomg, promiseb, yeS, YOPYRW, makeouf and last but not least… le#'s.

@BriNews  Such a California way of putting it. MT @NBCLA: No bath salts or any other drug, except marijuana, found in #Miami man… http://t.co/Ow1unZOR

@BriNews  Renaming a street Gay Resort Drive is on the Cathedral City council's agenda tonight. Really. http://t.co/88L3nCVU by @TDStsone

@BriNews  @Tarp1969 Cool… Stay safe up there!

@BriNews  @seinezlaura Heard from @UnionPacific spokeswoman, who had no reports of safety issues that'd cause a stop and was trying to track down info

@BriNews  Ah, I miss Arizona monsoons. RT @tatihensley: Editors @azcentral watching as the dust storm rolls in #azwx http://t.co/lJ96x6pm

@BriNews  Nice: @KESQ helps out a sister station MT @Qassignmentdesk: John White heading to Waldo Canyon Fire in Colorado Springs http://t.co/5QRrZUyO

@BriNews  Note to self, a la @kyledaly2's: Don't pitch cool ideas late in your shift. Editors may want the story for the next day's paper.

@BriNews  RT @kyledaly2: Note to self: coming to work late does not get you out of an A1 centerpiece assignment; it just means u have less time to ...

@BriNews  RT @seinezlaura: @MyDesert one hour later and is finally moving. thanks http://t.co/VY61L0uG

@BriNews  .@MyDesert follower reports #CVtraffic on Fourth St in Mecca MT @seinezlaura: 37 minutes waiting for this train to move http://t.co/dpJCunML

@BriNews  @seinezlaura Thanks for letting us know… Are you stuck in traffic (If so, what road?) or seeing the stopped train from home/work/etc.?

@BriNews  RT @denisegoolsby: I-10 freeway hazards reported by CHP in the past hour: Grocery cart, spool of wire, barbecue. @mydesert #oddsandends

@BriNews  RT @LupeRamosWatson: Indio Chamber unveils their new logo at Annual Installation & Awards http://t.co/6nUSTlKY

@BriNews  A joke @LorraineWhetsto made while I was uploading this video (http://t.co/QK8y5XAc) brought this one to mind: http://t.co/uycVcxAV

@btindrelunas  It's gonna be one of those Wednesdays...

@btindrelunas  We are stocked. up. http://t.co/Bn3W8GCF

@showertime  This rinse goes out to @whatbenwatches and @MeghanEvans for allowing me to indulge in some chicken sweats.

@BriNews  THIS JUST IN: Rancho Mirage home invasion robbers get away with convertible http://t.co/jYP2sVeo

@BriNews  RT @MyDesert: #BREAKING: College of the Desert to hire former DA to probe football recruiting http://t.co/hAOpoxbm #iSun #CODfootball

@BriNews  @mkotz14 Congrats! Are you going to be teaching at COD or another school in the area?

@BriNews  I knew about Desert Sun Stadium in Yuma, but this is first I've heard of DS the horse: http://t.co/68Ets13P Interestingly, he sired Sunline.

@BriNews  @MiSS_D3Vi0US So sorry to hear about Niall. I'm writing about him for @MyDesert, so if you're willing to tell me about him: (760) 778-4619

@BriNews  RT @MiSS_D3Vi0US: RIP Niall Coti Sears #USMC #SemperFi he passed June 23,2012 by an IED. My friend since 2nd grade. =[ http://t.co/TlH3Yb6V

@BriNews  Twentynine Palms Marine Niall Coti-Sears killed in Afghanistan: http://t.co/9naZntZ8 Did you know Niall? Give me a call: (760) 778-4619

@BriNews  Good morning from @MyDesert, where I'm glad to see the Spice Girls trending because of this news: http://t.co/79RAgZQs

@showertime  This shower is dedicated to Grace and Mike for knowing about #TheRoom!

@btindrelunas  @ohheykimberly Aww. :( I'm sending some love your way! lovelovelovelovelove

@showertime  I had a blast being back among SSPers for a taste of prep week today, so this one goes out to the awesome LA staff. Thanks for having us!

@btindrelunas  I know this is most often said by the fancies I ditched for dinner (Sorry, y'all!), but I think it's safe to say it was a PER-FECT DAAAAAY!

@btindrelunas  Two of my favorite things about LA — @SierraServProj and @chickenandwaff — all in one! http://t.co/xFvrhDT1

@btindrelunas  @G3K @MeghanEvans @claudiakoerner @whatbenwatches YOU CAN'T. MUAHAHAHAHA!

@btindrelunas  @whatbenwatches @MeghanEvans @claudiakoerner @g3k Sounds good! UNSUPERVISED BITCHES PART TWO.

@btindrelunas  @whatbenwatches @meghanevans @claudiakoerner @g3k Sweet! The place just can't be that fancy since I'm wearin' basketball shorts (of course).

@btindrelunas  @MeghanEvans @whatbenwatches @ClaudiaKoerner @G3K Yeah! I work tomorrow, so I should leave LA around 8…iiiish. When are y'all free?

@btindrelunas  @G3K True confessions: There's chunky in there too. But it's all for sandwiches if that makes you feel better… http://t.co/Q4CWknq4

@btindrelunas  @G3K !!! http://t.co/8YnC7EWr

@btindrelunas  Aww yeah… @SierraServProj's new home in LA! (@ Rakestraw Community Center) [pic]: http://t.co/dQculUFt

@btindrelunas  A lot's changed since I was last here. P.S.: O hai, SSP! (@ Vermont Square United Methodist Church) http://t.co/EwpeQG9d

@btindrelunas  @ClaudiaKoerner I'm helping @SierraServProj move to a new LA site. I made plans before my sked changed, so I'm working Sun to be off today.

@btindrelunas  Maybe my late start will make getting to South LA on a Monday morning less of a traffic adventure? #hereshoping

@showertime  Vermont Square, thanks for the memories! This shower's for you.

@btindrelunas  This. http://t.co/FMA2fZe4

@btindrelunas  So that happened. #gayforward

@btindrelunas  http://t.co/4qQA9AXp (@ Azul Tapas Lounge) http://t.co/HN9qQGDb

@btindrelunas  We're baaaaack! #hanginwiththeinterns (@ Camelot Theatres for Palm Springs International Short Film Festival) http://t.co/92dvBOBN

@btindrelunas  #ShortFest! (@ Camelot Theatres for Palm Springs International Short Film Festival) http://t.co/BFgWQVWY

@showertime  Time to finally get with the program(s), so this one goes out to #ShortFest.

@BriNews  @skellykpsi Thanks, Steve!

@BriNews  I have things to do before that happens, but waiting for stories' text to be firmed up still brings this song to mind: http://t.co/SyGzG02Y

@BriNews  A belated good evening from @MyDesert, where I'm back on night shift for a night to help with a Sunday package.

@btindrelunas  It's nice to have this be the exception rather than the rule… (@ The Desert Sun) http://t.co/ziwqjkQU

@BriNews  Helped nearby drivers by reporting a moderate traffic jam on State Rte 91 E on @waze - Drive Social. http://t.co/Kp6jp7x2

@btindrelunas  I love having a direct line of sight to a @Sprint building and yet not having enough @Sprint service to solidly stream a song on @Spotify.

@btindrelunas  @jskarp @samgavindotcom But after you burn it… how you gonna fix it, fix it, fix it?

@btindrelunas  1. How is the address for this place on Cabrillo? 2. WHY ARE OUR PHONES SO DUMB? 3. HOW DID WE NOT SEE IT ANYWAY? http://t.co/8eu9zebk

@btindrelunas  This is my favorite channel. http://t.co/j6f42qD0

@btindrelunas  "Fancy" with orchestral accompaniment. "I'm Every Woman" with fireworks. And free beer. I've gotta say, it was a good day.

@btindrelunas  @ColinAtagi Whaaa?

@btindrelunas  Eight-person group text... at 3:15 in the morning!

@btindrelunas  RT @JodiNicole_: I be ready to ask bitches do they wanna perform at my niece's birthday parties as much make-up they got on lmao lookin ...

@btindrelunas  WHY ARE OUR PHONES SO DUMB? (@ Pacific Village) http://t.co/yotsuF8S

@btindrelunas  RT @JodiNicole_: "@JustFor_Alexus: lmfao oh my god Jodi is funny asf" lmao stooooooppp ittttt....... no keep going (: lmfao! jk

@btindrelunas  @lginn Nah, but only because I had a free beer(!) instead.

@btindrelunas  SUV rolling down Hawthorn behind the @JimmyKimmel backlot blaring "Call Me Maybe," I salute you!

@btindrelunas  @lginn Yeah, sorry man. Just had an onion ring in your honor, though! :)

@btindrelunas  Mmmmm… (@ 25 Degrees w/ 3 others) http://t.co/aEnhIDfF

@btindrelunas  #YOLA

@btindrelunas  .@REBA OR BUST! (@ The Hollywood Bowl for Reba McEntire + more w/ 62 others) [pic]: http://t.co/dhPqh4A7

@btindrelunas  RT @MeghanEvans: Miriam is very upset about this, but Elaine gives no fucks.

@btindrelunas  RT @MeghanEvans: Group of friends on this shuttle just realized their plans to see Barry Manilow on July 2nd TOTALLY conflict with their ...

@btindrelunas  Heading to LA with @jnmiskell, @blakeherzog and @carlyraejepsen (via @Spotify). #loveit

@BriNews  @fesquibel Haha. Good point!

@BriNews  RT @fesquibel: @BriNews why wait until 2041 when well still have August to deal with

@BriNews  Thanks to locals who weighed in on how valley would look if 5 degrees hotter, as @UCLA predicts for midcentury: http://t.co/LOnhlXvE #CVwx


@showertime  This is for my desert peeps. MT @btindrelunas: I love that glitter, sashes, sunglasses and wigs are accepted parts of our weeknight outings…

@BriNews  RT @GirlAboutPS: Glamorous day for @FrankieMuniz filming in the trash room at @FantasySprings. Great sport. More coming to @MyDesert. ht ...

@BriNews  Think it's hot now? Just wait until 2041 rolls around: http://t.co/LOnhlXvE #CVwx

@btindrelunas  RT @backstreetboys: Just found out we're getting a star on the Walk of Fame next year! So honored. 2013 is gonna be a good year... http: ...

@btindrelunas  RT @taylorhicks: Landing in Vegas! Hope u enjoyed the @TheChoiceonFOX. @girlaboutPS the choice ;)

@btindrelunas  I love that glitter, sashes, sunglasses and wigs are accepted parts of our weeknight outings, and we wear it all so well. #psiloveyou

@btindrelunas  Yeah, this is happening. (@ O'Leary's) [pic]: http://t.co/xixSau0P

@btindrelunas  #ShortFest at Sonya's!

@BriNews  Midcentury is a word we hear a lot in Palm Springs, but here it refers not to historic architecture but future #CVwx: http://t.co/Cfp6s9rF

@btindrelunas  LUNCH PARTY! (@ Delhi Palace) http://t.co/k9QTzzle

@BriNews  Oh s---! (Hey. I still work for a family site) MT @AP: Supreme Court throws out FCC policy on curse words, nudity on TV http://t.co/cQZwZK1l

@BriNews  A very belated good morning from @MyDesert, where I just got a little too wrapped up in @MyCoachella number-crunching: http://t.co/67dH1Q8s

@showertime  This one goes out to @TDR_CGrillot, for the #BMS watching has begun!

@btindrelunas  A giggly tale about spam from @SquawkBack: http://t.co/lgnmbqpk (h/t @ClaudiaKoerner for introducing us to @SquawkBack)

@btindrelunas  BIG INNING for Home Delivery, who just brought the score up to trail 11-16. I feel like there should be more innings so the TDSers can WIN!

@btindrelunas  I came to cheer on the @MyDesert softball team, but they're threatening to draft me. LADIESSSS, where are y'all?! http://t.co/3CmwHcAG

@showertime  This one goes out to everyone who knows what HJ *really* stands for.

@BriNews  .@BNPParibasOpen owner @LarryEllison buys (98 percent of) an island: http://t.co/CdgFdMrT (via @leighmunsil, @ethanklapper)

@BriNews  …or maybe it's "CBS showing a sense of humor" (http://t.co/Nn4pIluq) in their feud with ABC? (http://t.co/yQ6Wxzjw) Either way, odd.

@BriNews  I wonder who'll be fired over this seemingly/hopefully fake @CBS press release: http://t.co/8n86pp7h (via @michaelroston, @HuffPostMedia)

@BriNews  .@AguaCalienteNDN elects Jeff L. Grubbe to succeed tribe's longest-serving chair, the late Richard Milanovich: http://t.co/3YBnNhiu

@BriNews  .@AFP deems water-use levels in the Coachella Valley wasteful: http://t.co/EvH8asLe

@BriNews  RT @MyDesert: New details: Man attacked mother, brother before stabbing himself, Palm Springs police tell @denisegoolsby http://t.co/wnT ...

@BriNews  We've got @denisegoolsby on the scene. RT @MyDesert: BREAKING: Police at scene of reported stabbing in Palm Springs http://t.co/T3OTZpoJ

@BriNews  RT @gannett: It's officially the first day of summer! Woo! http://t.co/JuiCLJKn Photo from @munciestarpress

@BriNews  Good morning from @MyDesert, where I've been enjoying the 6 a.m. daylight while it's around.

@showertime  This one goes out to @PSPowerBaseball. Tough loss last night, but I'm pulling for y'all to beat the Thrashers tonight! #rematch

@btindrelunas  @MeghanEvans Me too! And the rest is history… (P.S.: I always think it's in the middle, but the junky shrimp is really quite the denouement)

@btindrelunas  @MeghanEvans @fiftytwobottles @whatbenwatches @ClaudiaKoerner @CheersToKhaos Thanks to Claudia's 21st… and thanks to Pacey. #inspiration

@btindrelunas  @MeghanEvans @fiftytwobottles @whatbenwatches @ClaudiaKoerner @CheersToKhaos I had so few drinks, yet… "I DON'T WANNA WAIT TO EAT MY TOAST!"

@btindrelunas  @whatbenwatches @MeghanEvans @fiftytwobottles @claudiakoerner @cheerstokhaos http://t.co/x56HZbqK

@btindrelunas  I could eat pizza forever right now. And that's not even really a drunk thought — just a sleepy one.

@btindrelunas  RT @PSPowerBaseball: POWER fall to the LA Thrashers 5-2. Matt Anderson pitched six innings and struck out nine batters in the loss. POWE ...

@btindrelunas  Come on, @PSPowerBaseball! Shut this half of the inning down!

@btindrelunas  @PSPowerBaseball What happened to the @Safelite jingle? We've noticed it's absence tonight…

@btindrelunas  It's Tuesday; where else would I be? (@ Palm Springs Stadium) http://t.co/SIZe0mgL

@BriNews  RT @AguaCalienteNDN: Congratulations to our new Tribal Council Chairman, Jeff L. Grubbe! http://t.co/El4JnzcY

@btindrelunas  RT @michaelroston: Ugh, he's right RT @Ali_Gharib: #FTFY MT @michaelroston Weekend at Hosni's

@BriNews  RT @MyDesert: Woman robs @LouisVuitton store on El Paseo: http://t.co/584rCnK5 Deputies looking for her and man who drove getaway vehicle.

@btindrelunas  @ColinAtagi @G3K !!! RT @BriNews: Look who's moving in at Ramon Road and Paseo Dorotea near the Palm Springs airport: http://t.co/4sLYkMBm

@BriNews  Look who's moving in at Ramon Road and Paseo Dorotea near the Palm Springs airport: http://t.co/guTns6sO

@BriNews  RT @keithmatheny: My @USATODAY story on how some Silicon Valley tech firms are slower to embrace corporate philanthropy. http://t.co/yHm ...

@BriNews  This crash is making me hungry. RT @johnasbury: A big rig just spilled 80,000 pounds of pizza in Victorville: http://t.co/ukMZ0VXN

@BriNews  A very belated good morning from @MyDesert, where @EricaFelci has broken a big story about #Coachella's future: http://t.co/34l8lNm4

@showertime  This shower goes out to Michael and the rest of @acbrigade for welcoming me into the fold at Sunday's @LAGalaxy game.

@BriNews  RT @IIDEnergy: Power outage in La Quinta, South of Ave 58 on Jackson, 60 customers. Troubleshooter on site

@BriNews  RT @IIDEnergy: Power outage in Mecca, 325 customers, troubleshooter in route

@BriNews  #CVtraffic reminder: Brush fire has closed Jackson Street near Avenue 55 http://t.co/OXmfrbO8 No estimate from CHP on when it will reopen.

@BriNews  CHP has been asked to close Jackson Street from Avenue 54 to Avenue 55 because of this brush fire: http://t.co/OXmfrbO8 #CVtraffic

@BriNews  BREAKING: Three-acre fire burning in field near Jackson Street, north of Airport Bouelvard, in Vista Santa Rosa, @CALFIRERRU reports.

@BriNews  Update: Firefighter working on vacant hotel fire in Desert Hot Springs taken to a hospital, @CALFIRERRU reports http://t.co/3kx7Hanr

@BriNews  RT @usna06marine: Reports of a #fire in #Yucca Valley near La Contenta and the Hwy. No reports yet of scope, cause, etc. Combat Center F ...

@BriNews  @11g Seems like it could provide some useful data. I'm giving @Tweriod a try now myself.

@BriNews  RT @MyDesert: Updated with new photos: Desert Hot Springs' former Flamingo Hotel Resort and Spa goes up in flames http://t.co/zOgIKSwR

@BriNews  Correction: The hotel that burned in DHS this morning was most recently known as the Flamingo Hotel Resort and Spa. http://t.co/3kx7Hanr

@BriNews  3.8 earthquake shakes Baja California, @USGS reports: http://t.co/mJn8zzkj

@BriNews  NEW: See video of Desert Hot Springs hotel fire at http://t.co/3kx7Hanr

@BriNews  No injuries in DHS hotel fire, but crews are taking frequent breaks to beat the heat, Riverside County fire Capt. Scott Visyak says.

@BriNews  Neighbors say former Pink Flamingo hotel in Desert Hot Springs was a target for crime, so they're not sad to see it burn this morning.

@BriNews  Fire has gutted central part of the vacant motel at Pierson and Foxdale in DHS. Crews now seem to have flames at bay http://t.co/J108x3Ac

@BriNews  Vacant motel at Pierson Boulevard and Foxdale Drive still burning. Fire crews called here about 7:15. http://t.co/xIZznnj7

@BriNews  As a wildfire burns near Whitewater, I'm headed to this vacant motel fire in Desert Hot Springs: http://t.co/3kx7Hanr

@BriNews  Hearing reports of a crash on Sunrise Way near Vista Chino that may be affecting #CVtraffic in Palm Springs.

@BriNews  RT @CALFIRERRU: "View" Incident [Update] is approximately 300 acres and 40% contained. Expected full containment 6 pm tonight. Evacs h ...

@BriNews  Good AM from @MyDesert. Waiting for a @CALFIRERRU update on this wildfire: http://t.co/PWNeQGhj @denisegoolsby & @jaymcalderon headed there

@showertime  Buying a legit muumuu on Amazon for a fool like me? Now that's friendship. So @G3K, this shower (and a bunch of bonus gratitude) is for you.

@btindrelunas  .@LAGalaxy ¡GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!

@btindrelunas  I was practically in the neighborhood anyway, so why let that ticket go to waste? Go @LAGalaxy! [pic]: http://t.co/b94BAmeK

@btindrelunas  @sbachus Dude. I had no idea the @HomeDepotCenter was at your school! http://t.co/WSAqjYYe

perfect weekend

This was my first weekend as a free man — free from Saturday overnight shifts, that is — and I made sure to take advantage of my newfound freedom.

The main event was a Fire & Ice party in Seal Beach. There were some NDAs involved, so I think all I can say is that we watched a lot of Revenge, and I nailed Nolan's outfit. Also, I think I'm allowed to tell you that all the #gigglebitchez (a subset of the #fancybitchez) had some unsupervised time together before meeting up with everyone else, and as you can imagine, there were more giggles than a pitcher full of lemonade!

Before any of that happened, though, I was way down in La Jolla to see Hands on a Hardbody, a musical about the famed Longview truck giveaway, before it closed in SoCal and headed off to Broadway. I really enjoyed the show, which was mostly true-to-form, name-checking KYKX, KLTV, the Longview News-Journal, etc., using the differences between Marshall and Longview for character development, and there was even a song about wanting to get out of East Texas.

Also, after Fire & Ice, it was just a short drive up the 405 to see the LA Galaxy beat the Portland Timbers. Though it was my second Galaxy game, it was my first at the Home Depot Center. For the first half, I sat a few sections away to observe, but by the second half, I had joined the Angel City Brigade in their section and started planning future trips to Carson — and section 121.

All that, and I'm still home in time for bed. Real weekends are a beautiful thing, y'all.

@btindrelunas  .@ClaudiaKoerner: "This has kind of turned into a party that we should never talk about again." me: "That's why we sent you an NDA!"

@btindrelunas  RT @2YearOldAsshole: To my mommys friends, Rich, Dan, Duke, Louis, Sanchez, Paul, Cooter, Wallace, Buck, Nelson, Bob: Happy maybe Father ...

@btindrelunas  Is that chair wearing a muumuu? Why, yes it is! http://t.co/1K8eTkjz

@btindrelunas  BREAKFAST BURRITOOOOOOOS! #slumbersummer (@ Nick's Deli) http://t.co/jq2tfqDe

@btindrelunas  Just wondered, "Why are there so many people standing outside that church?" Then I remembered it's Sunday. Morning. And I'm awake. Love it!

@btindrelunas  Being all sneaky like Emily Thorne. #REVENGE http://t.co/1bddMnx1

@btindrelunas  RT @WarrenSLBurke: I hate that Fried Chicken and Watermelon is a stereotype for blk ppl...if u don't like chicken and watermelon somethi ...

@btindrelunas  @SethGordon12 @cnnbrk Amen! #notbreaking

@BriNews  RT @USATODAY: Police beating victim Rodney King dies at 47 http://t.co/LryCtxAu

@btindrelunas  @scotchka "That was me!" @ClaudiaKoerner says, but she was really super-useFUL. She and @G3K are our #fireandice hosts.

@btindrelunas  There's me! #Revenge #fireandice http://t.co/x2HpaJP2

@btindrelunas  @scotchka Haha. Don't worry; it's just our (disease-free) #Revenge theme party!

@btindrelunas  RT @G3K: Brian as Nolan #revenge http://t.co/axKrSq5l

@btindrelunas  #FIREANDICE! #slumbersummer http://t.co/YmWNgrjY


@btindrelunas  @ClaudiaKoerner @G3K Can you guys print this out and sign it before we arrive? http://t.co/xrejElZo

@btindrelunas  Some ice (and accompanying dranks) before #fireandice! #slumbersummer (@ 320 Main) [pic]: http://t.co/dGmqfxQE

@btindrelunas  RT @whatbenwatches: Sam and Claudia should be here to supervise me, Meghan, and Brian. #320Main

@btindrelunas  RT @MeghanEvans: So, @ClaudiaKoerner and @G3K let @whatbenwatches, @btindrelunas, and me have an unsupervised meal. They're in for so ma ...

@btindrelunas  Baha. @G3K & @ClaudiaKoerner should not have let @whatbenwatches, @MeghanEvans and I pregame. We are… RT @yelldrelunas: UNSUPERVISED BITCHES

@btindrelunas  .@MeghanEvans: "The only time we quiet is when we tweetin'." @whatenwatches: "Shh. I'm working on building my brand!"

@btindrelunas  Who knew East Texas could be so entertaining? #Bernie and Hands on a Hardbody: both delightful!

@btindrelunas  I had to do an mmm-hmm under my breath at the line, "You're from Longview. I'm from MARSHALL." If they name-check Carthage, I might holler.

@btindrelunas  @Jdrews28 Yeah! Well, now that I'm off weekends I might be able to get out to the East Coast at some point... #missyou

@btindrelunas  Ooh, I'll tell ya. That song about getting out of East Texas got to me... as did a few others, for that matter. #intermission

@btindrelunas  Made it just in time for Hands on a Hardbody! #slumbersummer (@ The Mandell Weiss Theatre (La Jolla Playhouse)) [pic]: http://t.co/a7DgCQ5j

@BriNews  Helped nearby drivers by reporting a heavy traffic jam on I- 10 W on @waze - Drive Social. http://t.co/jNWeL93M

@showertime  This shower goes out to @RobHopwood for making today's shenanigans possible. Let the #slumbersummer begin!

@btindrelunas  RT @TashJoeZA: Blingest? Blingiest? Blingingest? *head explodes*

@btindrelunas  RT @SportsCenter: .@ChicagoBears' Charles Tillman takes issue w/8th-grade pro-Packers homework question: http://t.co/wkB1Td6o; http://t. ...

@BriNews  @RobHopwood You're welcome! And I most certainly will!

@BriNews  RT @RobHopwood: I work w/ my doppleganger. Watching & listening to him reminds me of myself 10 yrs ago. I like my life, but sometime ...

@btindrelunas  RT @RobHopwood: I work w/ my doppleganger. Watching & listening to him reminds me of myself 10 yrs ago. I like my life, but sometime ...

@btindrelunas  I'm baaaaack! (@ The Desert Sun) http://t.co/SSSJtdAB

@btindrelunas  It's official: Driving down to @ljplayhouse for Hands on a Hardbody at 2 and up to Seal Beach for @320Main & #fireandice. Uh, #YOLO, right?

@btindrelunas  @rdp2357 Yeah… I'm debating whether buying theater tickets will help get me out of bed or just make me more sad when I inevitably oversleep.

@btindrelunas  @whatbenwatches Emily Thorne would do it... without leaving a trace! #REVENGE #WWETD

@btindrelunas  Deciding how insane I want to be on my first regularly scheduled Saturday off. I'm leaning toward complete, Southland-spanning insanity.

@btindrelunas  RT @PaolaBoivin: This is cool RT @Krohnicles: Three generations of ASU QBs #Walter #Keller #Krohn http://t.co/kfk22zXi

@btindrelunas  Walked in and found EXACTLY what I was looking for! #fireandice #REVENGE #slumbersummer (@ Goodwill) [pic]: http://t.co/ZRRIiplN

@btindrelunas  @G3K @Hello_Smashley Aww. That's the kind of thing you can't unsee. :/

@showertime  This rinse goes out to @ColinAtagi for being the kind of friend who drops by when he's in the neighborhood.

@btindrelunas  Being home at 1 p.m. after working in the morning feels super weird, like I was bad and got sent home from school or something.

@btindrelunas  I kind of want Googie Rene's Slightly Damaged Prom Wear Barn to be real. http://t.co/FEzXuLPm

@BriNews  Finally on my way out for what could be considered the longest lunch break ever. See ya late tonight, folks!

@BriNews  @NicholeSzemerei Thanks, Nichole! And don't worry; I left that pizza alone yesterday. :)

@BriNews  @tatihensley @denisegoolsby Ah, good ol' @StatePress days! :)

@BriNews  RT @politico: Obama's remarks interrupted by Neil Munro of The Daily Caller. @donovanslack snapped this photo of Obama's reaction: http: ...

@BriNews  Ah, the presidential waiting game… #producerproblems http://t.co/SZepTvkA

@BriNews  RT @MyDesert: LIVE: @BarackObama to talk new immigration policy http://t.co/I9VUmLp3 Some young immigrants to be spared deportation: htt ...

@BriNews  One killed, three others hurt in I-10 rollover near Desert Center: http://t.co/T8SHXuWy #CVtraffic

@btindrelunas  @shad_powers THE CABIN IN THE WOODS! #dontdie

@BriNews  Injuries in I-10 rollover, which was actually closer to Haugen-Lehmann Way, appear to be minor, CHP says. #CVtraffic

@BriNews  Louis, @MyDesert facilities manager, is documenting newsroom painting day @denisegoolsby-style since she's out of town. http://t.co/J0pm7HKS

@BriNews  RT @michaelroston: Drudge is illustrating his home page with a photo of Obama eating a taco next to a guy in a mariachi outfit #really

@BriNews  @KidDC42 Haha. Now you've got it stuck in my head too. Reminds me of @ASU football games: http://t.co/IVFb467O #stompthebus #GoDevils

@BriNews  Watch out for overturned SUV off right side of westbound I-10 near Morongo Trail. CHP got a report of crash at 6:29 a.m. #CVtraffic

@BriNews  @Cronkite_ASU Awesome! I'm a 2003 SJI alum, and it's great to see the program still going strong.

@BriNews  RT @MyDesert: BREAKING from @AP: U.S. to stop deporting, start giving granting work permits to some younger illegal immigrants http://t. ...

@BriNews  Good morning from @MyDesert, where I'm working 6 to 10 this morning and 9 to 1:30 tonight. But hey, I'm off Saturday. #babysteps #worthit

@showertime  This shower is dedicated to Dad and Kathy. It was great to see them — and in Palm Springs, no less!

@BriNews  @tatihensley @denisegoolsby Whoa. Worlds colliding! So cool that you guys are meeting each other!

@btindrelunas  RT @darkcitytheman: Oh wait you use different names for your Tumblr, Twitter AND Instagram? Kill yo'self and try again.

@btindrelunas  Oh no. My new downstairs neighbor plays bass or something I can not just hear but FEEL THROUGH THE FLOOR. Can I have the Fiery Fuckers back?

@btindrelunas  @ClaudiaKoerner !!! http://t.co/nfW5JJfb

@BriNews  RT @MyDesert: Car thief goes over the side of a steep embankment in Indio in attempt to evade police. http://t.co/yVMp8Zhd

@btindrelunas  I see Ginger's wearing my favorite dress of hers. It's like she knows I have family coming into town tonight! #lifewithginger

@BriNews  An editor has Indio police spokesman back on the line and is getting more details on who crashed and how at I-10 / Jackson Street #CVtraffic

@BriNews  Indio police tell CHP reckless driver crashed near I-10/Jackson, man ran off and tried to carjack woman in Target parking lot. #CVtraffic

@BriNews  White Ford van drove recklessly before crash near I-10/Jackson, according to report to CHP. No word on injuries. Indio PD on case #CVtraffic

@BriNews  There are initial reports of a crash near I-10 and Jackson Street. We're in touch with Indio PD and CHP for more info. #CVtraffic

@BriNews  Updated: Someone tried to set fire to @CAPSofPS overnight but failed to shutter the Palm Springs marijuana dispensary http://t.co/ujsiaGZL

@btindrelunas  I just ousted Joey R. as the mayor of ARCO / ampm on @foursquare! http://t.co/oxlWZkbT

@btindrelunas  O hai, random @notbooks. (@ ARCO / ampm) http://t.co/8LI0DUf8

@BriNews  What do you look for on @MyDesert in the morning? At lunchtime? In the evening?

@BriNews  Smart. RT @Poynter: What's in the new ABC News iPad app? Depends what time of day you're looking: http://t.co/Wgmf8Ty4

@BriNews  RT @MyDesert: A @USMC corporal based in Twentynine Palms died Wednesday while fighting in Afghanistan: http://t.co/EiIeKjHe

@BriNews  RT @jodiontheweb: If you want to follow along with the 60+ Gannett journalists attending & covering the #IRE12 conference check http ...

@BriNews  Good news for valley drivers: CHP reports no crashes/incidents right now. For more #CVtraffic info: http://t.co/aI2cxgh6

@BriNews  @Jasmine_Fowlkes Happy @Gannett anniversary!

@BriNews  Good morning from @MyDesert, where I'm cautiously eyeing pizza that's probably been sitting out since lunchtime. http://t.co/UwYwsh7P

@showertime  This shower is dedicated to @whatbenwatches for prompting giggle bitchiness from afar.

@BriNews  @gregolee Congrats, man!

@BriNews  Best headline I've seen all day: http://t.co/ZAadhSXd

@btindrelunas  RT @FordMichaels: Do you suppose there's any place left in California that Huelle Howser hasn't done a show from? Amaaaaaaaaazing!

@BriNews  RT @gregolee: http://t.co/JqfPjrJQ Here you go ya'll. First interview with @Timbradleyjr since he returned from Vegas a champion. #pacb ...

@BriNews  RT @PublicMediaX: Why traditional media should be afraid of Twitter... http://t.co/ZPgHlUaY

@btindrelunas  RT @SierraServProj: Staff training has begun! @ St. Mark's United Methodist Church http://t.co/BDNNbCbJ

@BriNews  RT @MyDesert: BREAKING: Palm Desert teen Christian Morales dies after water polo practice, his mom tells @mydesert: http://t.co/E8WJsDhb

@btindrelunas  RT @BriNews: Sweet! They're my favorite band, so I'm there… MT @Tarp1969: Beaumont announces @switchfoot to perform July 25 at free summ ...

@BriNews  Sweet! They're my favorite band, so I'm there… MT @Tarp1969: Beaumont announces @switchfoot to perform July 25 at free summer concert series

@btindrelunas  What a great Palm Springsiversary! Thanks, y'all!

@btindrelunas  #furloughbitchezzz

@btindrelunas  We got two rows of bitchezzz!

@btindrelunas  RT @ColinAtagi: The opposing team has a mascot. @btindrelunas thinks it's bananazz!

@btindrelunas  I just ousted Shiraz as the mayor of Palm Springs Stadium on @foursquare! http://t.co/Uj53YKpu

@btindrelunas  Speaking of (while drinking), it's almost time for dollar beer night at @PSPowerBaseball! #psiloveyou

@btindrelunas  A surprising amount of "real talk (while eating pizza)" — sequel to last year's "real talk (while drinking)" — made it into my review.

@BriNews  .@SenatorReid on #PacBradley… (h/t @michaelroston) MT @WSJ: Manny Pacquiao was robbed. So says Harry Reid of Nevada. http://t.co/MNnAZuv6

@btindrelunas  RT @michaelroston: Cats, in bodegas. http://t.co/p3RK3YbE

@BriNews  RT @MyDesert: Supervisors today decided adding 1,250 beds to the jail in Indio, which now has about 350, is their top priority: http://t ...

@BriNews  @stevegrashaCVWD Thanks, Steve!

@BriNews  RT @SeanBlanda: I love that semicolons in JavaScript are a divisive issue: http://t.co/3k1Ntz6a

@BriNews  Is this for real? Just came across my desk from @AP: "Russian and Polish hooligans have clashed in Warsaw, leaving several people injured."

@BriNews  Looks like smooth sailing on I-10; no major incidents reported by CHP. But if you run into snags, let us know using the #CVtraffic hashtag.

@BriNews  @samgavindotcom Oh yeah. We're straight-up doppelgängers: https://t.co/NifJa5Fl

@BriNews  Good morning from @MyDesert, where I can't wait to officially welcome new Web producer @RobHopwood to the team later today!

@btindrelunas  RT @showertime: This one goes out to Palm Springs. Help me celebrate three wonderful years (and counting!) tonight at @PSPowerBaseball: ...

@showertime  This one goes out to Palm Springs. Help me celebrate three wonderful years (and counting!) tonight at @PSPowerBaseball: http://t.co/ZO13JFmZ

@BriNews  @fesquibel @tdskatem Haha… Now it fits in! Love it!

@btindrelunas  RT @whatbenwatches: What's hockey?

@BriNews  RT @kyledaly2: Haha! RT @robdelaney: Bullshit. Pacquiao won that hockey game.

@BriNews  @TDSKateM Not a hockey fan? #oneofthesethingsisnotliketheother (fwiw, I tuned out after the @PhoenixCoyotes lost.) http://t.co/2f4JEQFD

@BriNews  RT @jskarp: Judging by my Twitter feed, the LAPD is way more ready for a Cup championship than these fans are.

M-F like a MF

Ever since I started at The Desert Sun, I've been working Tuesday-Saturday, ending the week with an overnight Web producing shift (the latest in the newsroom) even after I moved to the morning reporting shift (the newsroom's earliest) during the week.

For the first couple years, I didn't mind because Saturdays are quite chill in many ways — from the dress code to the workload. But last summer, many of the cool parts of Saturdays that had crept into my weekday work officially became part of my dayside job, and #mondayshenanigans largely gave way to #overnightshiftblues. Then, when I also picked up the Friday overnight shift because we've been short-staffed lately, some pretty legit sleep problems ensued.

Today, however, that era came to an end as I went to The Work for my first-ever regularly scheduled Monday (!), made possible by a new overnight producer who starts tomorrow and who just so happens to be my doppelgänger.

So adjust your social calendars accordingly, Southern California... and, at least come Sun Devil football season, Arizona. The pre-weekend is no more, and my newly lengthened big-boy weekend falls on the same dates as most of the rest of y'all's.

@BriNews  @TDStsone Congrats to the new driver … and to you as a proud parent!

@BriNews  RT @saamato: After ruining two Mac keyboards, IT has solved the issue. A sippy cup. @ The Desert Sun http://t.co/XunKfmcz

@BriNews  East valley folks: What do you think of this @IIDEnergy controversy? http://t.co/8Tu0ItKG Let me know: (760) 778-4619 bindreluna@gannett.com

@BriNews  RT @KESQSports: According to an interview conducted by the @ReviewJournal, 1 of Saturday's fight judges said @Timbradleyjr "gave Pacquia ...

@btindrelunas  @MeghanEvans @whatbenwatches @G3K @ClaudiaKoerner YESSS! PREPARE YO COUCHES!

@BriNews  RT @romenesko: Freedom Communications sells Orange County Register to investors who had talked about buying Boston Globe. http://t.co/Af ...

@BriNews  RT @JessicaDurando: Newsrooms: What's your refrigerator strategy? Information future focus less on traditional devices, more on screens ...

@BriNews  I smile every time I remember it's Monday, not Tuesday, which had been the first day of my workweek ever since I started at @MyDesert in '09

@BriNews  No one was hurt in this morning's car, school bus crash near Desert Hot Springs, CHP spokesman says. #CVtraffic

@BriNews  @samgavindotcom Hanging out with you, @ClaudiaKoerner, @whatbenwatches and @MeghanEvans. Duh. :)

@BriNews  CHP just got word that a car and school bus collided near Camino Idilio and Avenida Manzana near Desert Hot Springs. #CVtraffic

@BriNews  @jodiontheweb Do it!

@BriNews  @skellykpsi Thanks, but the credit belongs to @mydesert_sports. I just pushed a few buttons; they've been on top of the story for months.

@BriNews  @michaelroston Good morning, and welcome to the dayside!

@BriNews  RT @latimes: Officials investigating possible pair or lungs found on South L.A. sidewalk http://t.co/jiUskpOP

@BriNews  Good Monday morning from @MyDesert, where I'm excited to leave the overnight shift(s) in favor of working five mornings each week.

@btindrelunas  O HAI, MONDAYS! (@ The Desert Sun) http://t.co/DtGB78Tx

@showertime  This shower goes out to the late, great Saturday nights at #TheWork. Now, excuse me while I get my Monday on!

@btindrelunas  Good morning, world! Starting today, I work M-F like a MF!

@btindrelunas  Macy Gray says, "GOOD NIIIIIIIIIGHT!" #MFlikeaMFer

@btindrelunas  RT @TheAnnaG: You'll find my generation huddled around an outlet.

@btindrelunas  Feels like Monday night, and that's a good thing. #MFlikeaMFer

@BriNews  RT @TDSjoornelas: Here is my visual take on #pacbradley a gallery of photos round by round http://t.co/fGIf3Rem #boxing #champion http:/ ...

@btindrelunas  I'm pretty sure I see hikers with flashlights going up Mount San Jacinto right now. Seems I'm not the craziest person in town at the moment.

@BriNews  First look: Sunday's Desert Sun front page calls #PacBradley outcome a STUNNING DECISION for @TimBradleyJr http://t.co/aB8Q4Ni1

@BriNews  RT @MyDesert: Look what Tim Bradley will be bringing home to the Coachella Valley: http://t.co/zyS4skyn

@BriNews  RT @mydesert_sports: Bradley seems to do everything he can in the post-round interview to tell the crowd he knows this was a questionabl ...

@BriNews  RT @mydesert_sports: Round 10: Bradley shows more energy through the round as both fighters look a bit slowed late in the fight. Pacquia ...

@BriNews  I'm not a big boxing fan, so I've been getting more excited about @TDSjoornelas and @jaymcalderon's ringside cameos than #PacBradley itself

@BriNews  "So all those people had to go with him to go on the treadmill?" –Marie (night editor) on @MannyPacquiao's entourage #PacBradley

@BriNews  RT @mydesert_sports: Bradley: Pacquiao delay "Doesn't bother me at all." #pacbradley. "I'm focused. When they say time to go, it's time ...

@BriNews  RT @mydesert_sports: Freddie Roach says Manny Pacquiao is "stretching his calves." Uh, okay . . .

@BriNews  RT @mydesert_sports: The idea that Manny Pacquiao is "missing" is really odd, even by boxing standards

@BriNews  RT @MyDesert: Up next: @TimBradleyJr vs. @MannyPacquiao. Scroll through our timeline to see how they got to tonight: http://t.co/qLRF0uK ...

@BriNews  RT @natashya_g: Just look at this beautiful arena. Crowd is pumped! #PacBradley http://t.co/XpxpEQVO

@BriNews  When you get a lot of search traffic on a topic, it's fun to see what people latch onto. Today's #PacBradley hit: http://t.co/omXVjy97

@BriNews  @jjmalicek I'm not sure who the best distribution contact is, so best bet is probably to call @MyDesert front desk Monday at (760) 322-8889.

@BriNews  RT @mydesert_sports: Hey, if you're having a fight-night party, tweet us your pic and use #pacBradley We weant to see how the valley rep ...

@BriNews  @mike_california It just shows Marie's more thoughtful than I am. I did bring a sandwich for myself, but she thought to bring dinner for all

@BriNews  Thanks to Marie, @MyDesert's night editor, for bringing fight night food for those of us working during #PacBradley! http://t.co/16LcgeYn

@BriNews  RT @mydesert_sports: Mario Lopez is in the house working the fight here at MGM Grand Garden Arena. Man is he pretty #pacbradley

@btindrelunas  RT @mydesert_sports: We are Timothy Bradley's hometown paper. Follow us for COMPLETE coverage of #PacBradley

@BriNews  RT @mydesert_sports: We are Timothy Bradley's hometown paper. Follow us for COMPLETE coverage of #PacBradley

@BriNews  @skellykpsi That sounds like quite the fight! Will that be on pay-per-view or the Palm Springs city channel?

@BriNews  RT @skellykpsi: @BriNews I understand @Tim Bradley is fighting @Forever Marilyn with @ Michael Costello as the referee.

@BriNews  Oh, and @TDS_JodiM's Hot Picks inform me there's "some boxing match" tonight: http://t.co/zSJJKiFO @mydesert_sports, can you confirm?

@BriNews  @mydesert_sports Haha. Thanks guys!

@BriNews  Good evening from @MyDesert, where with any luck, this'll be the last Saturday night I spend at #TheWork for some time. Mondays are imminent

@showertime  This one goes out to the @mydesert_sports folks, who've got a big night ahead of them. #PacBradley

@btindrelunas  @ralphamsden Idk about AZ places to watch, but I do feel like I need to make a shameless plug for @mydesert_sports and http://t.co/VvZQIKXM

@btindrelunas  @gregolee You. can. take. my breath away… hahaha

@BriNews  RT @erik_me: So, this is what happens when developers don't remove their test data… http://t.co/FjcQjId1

@btindrelunas  @GirlAboutPS Oh, my bad! #RIP @sonyacita… P.S.: You checked your Gmail?! :)

@btindrelunas  I'm gonna to with truck / weird space dream as the reasons for that (perceived) bounciness.

@btindrelunas  Was that an earthquake or a truck rolling by?

@BriNews  @RobHopwood Sweet! What states/countries have you lived in? (Me: Indiana, Illinois, Georgia, Texas, Arizona, California and South Africa)

@BriNews  @RobHopwood Crazy! Also crazy: I lived in five states *before* I was 18. We really are each other's doppelgängers!

@BriNews  RT @GregPalmSprings: Went to LA today to see my aunt. I didn't realize what a nice slow place Palm Springs is to live. #need2getoitmore ...

@BriNews  @RobHopwood Ever?!

@BriNews  @LannyLove21 A bunch of us at @MyDesert are downright addicted to "Call Me Maybe." So catchy, right?

@BriNews  RT @mydesert_sports: Bradley at 146, comes in lighter than Pacquiao at 147. #pacbradley http://t.co/bpB1uR4j

@showertime  This one goes out to @ShannonRaeGreen for thinking of me and my dedicating ways during her own @showertime!

@btindrelunas  @afranzer When you asked if I was leaving, I thought something like, "Uh-oh. What has Angie heard? Is something going down at #TheWork?"

@btindrelunas  @afranzer Yeah, I'm not always the best at giving context in my late-night tweets. Haha.

@BriNews  RT @MyDesert: Desert Hot Springs man arrested for Palm Springs pipe bomb scare. http://t.co/PkMsTMbK

@btindrelunas  Yes! Got home from brunch to find some obscure high school jams in my mailbox. Amazon FTW! http://t.co/1PwyedE4

@btindrelunas  "This is the weirdest trip down Date Palm I've ever taken!" -@kjmcginty #4uturns http://t.co/sWziiTky

@btindrelunas  BRUNCH!!! with @kjmcginty!!!!! (@ Sonic Drive-In) http://t.co/ogLxBRrP

@btindrelunas  To clarify, "the end is near" refers to my current sked, which has me at #TheWork Fri/Sat nights but free on karaoke Thurs. REAL WEEKENDS TK

@btindrelunas  @afranzer Oh no… I'm just finally getting off of overnight shifts (Saturday AND Friday right now), so I'll have a Thurs.-night bedtime again

@btindrelunas  WHAT? Can we get #MalibuCountry screenings at #fireandice too?! MT @reba: Don't miss the @Malibu_Country screenings today at #CMAFest

@btindrelunas  RT @digitalmusicorg: Missed the On-Demand Streaming Charts yesterday? @CarlyRaeJepson climbed to #2! http://t.co/g3uRMeeY

@btindrelunas  RT @TheOnion: More And More Athletes Using Social Media To Confirm Every Stereotype Greater Public Had About Them http://t.co/sOXFo1MJ

@btindrelunas  @saamato @Mamitche11 NOTHIN WRONG WITH ME

@btindrelunas  RT @saamato: The highlight of the last six months for me has to be seeing/hearing @btindrelunas and @Mamitche11 sing "Bodies" by Drownin ...

@btindrelunas  RT @JeremyBloom11: The #awkward moment when u decide to do a dating show when you are single & by the time it airs you are in an ama ...

@btindrelunas  @rebelnfinelinen Bahaha! That would be #soAWESOME, #soFUNNY, #soBOLD, #soFOX!

@btindrelunas  @mydesert_sports Yeah! Started last night w/ @DJPaulyD, @JeremyBloom11, @ThisisJasonCook & @RomeoMiller. I forget when @Sonyacita's ep airs…

@btindrelunas  I can't wait to see @Sonyacita on @TheChoiceonFox! I'm rewatching tonight's ep, and it's kinda bananas!

@btindrelunas  Of course, now that the end is near, I'll miss these kinds of Thursday nights. #psiloveyou

@btindrelunas  My summer MO prospects got a lot better tonight in a very unexpected way.

@btindrelunas  Threesome with these bitchezzz… or something. http://t.co/o14aHE9t

@btindrelunas  So glad we listened to "Call Me Maybe" the WHOLE WAY HERE!!! (@ O'Leary's) http://t.co/CiihrGNa

@btindrelunas  Squee! @TheChoiceonFox is almost on! #soFOX

@btindrelunas  Could this be... the last #preweekend?! I'm honestly not sure, but the end is definitely near!

@BriNews  RT @btindrelunas: Maybe my memory fails me, but I don't remember this instruction from the last time I had jury duty (July 2010). http:/ ...

@btindrelunas  Maybe my memory fails me, but I don't remember this instruction from the last time I had jury duty (July 2010). http://t.co/Firvljsn

@btindrelunas  @MeghanEvans Grl, please. Haters gonna hate, but I know you ain't one of 'em. You're too busy being fine, #Fancy and fabulous.

@BriNews  @RobHopwood I heard you've got a @MyDesert start date firmed up… So excited! See ya Tuesday, when the doppelgänger era shall commence!

@BriNews  It was great to meet @hadleypdxdc and chat about @Gannett, TDP, etc. with her, @bri_sacks, @TDSKateM, @GirlAboutPS and @gburton today.

@BriNews  I'm #surprised #thislist doesn't #include the #overuse of #hashtags: http://t.co/GtS9B4cB (via @Poynter)

@BriNews  RT @MyDesert: THIS JUST IN: Find out which famous faces you can see on screen at this summer's #ShortFest http://t.co/qHzUsITC

@BriNews  RT @OTS_CA: California receives major NHTSA distracted driving grant. Info released at press conference today: http://t.co/8k17sWZU

@BriNews  RT @PEcom_news: Did the state properly punish Cal Fire firefighter? http://t.co/p6FLPBHu

@btindrelunas  RT @romenesko: Houston Press parking-lot pooper caught on surveillance camera! (He's hit 2 or 3 times in past week.) http://t.co/9Licis6u

@BriNews  NHTSA and @OTS_CA officials promise "a major announcement involving distracted driving" at 10 a.m. today in Sacramento.

@BriNews  RT @johnasbury: I've got jury duty, two days after covering a death penalty verdict. Odd to be on the other side.

@BriNews  "You'll never be bored again...EVER" RT @samgavindotcom: The original Twitter homepage certainly looked quite different http://t.co/T3TjEwde

@BriNews  Is it wrong to hope there was a David Caruso sunglasses moment during this arrest? http://t.co/7eGNIkUZ (Note the arresting agency.)

@BriNews  No injuries in 5:14 a.m. crash that knocked down a stop sign at Highway 86 and Avenue 81, CHP reports. #CVtraffic

@BriNews  Good morning from @MyDesert, where I'm already off to a better start than yesterday because I remembered to bring both my phones to #TheWork

@showertime  This shower goes out to @Gannett award winners @nbolland, @Carol_Horton and @courtneydean!

@BriNews  @shit_gerry_says @PresidentCaro We've got vote totals for @MaryBonoBack and @Dr_RaulRuiz at http://t.co/IassvdBa

@BriNews  Pics from my 2010 @HotelValleyHo stay: http://t.co/vbkDMH7F http://t.co/RY8CesNN What that has to do with Palm Springs: http://t.co/SegVcjCK

@BriNews  RT @michaelroston: HuffPost home page redesign RT @PLFino: So, uhh, my computer just started doing this: http://t.co/W2xlZXzB

@BriNews  @denisegoolsby I hope y'all are killin' it! Sorry I didn't fully wake up in time to get out there and cheer you on in person…

@BriNews  RT @TDSMarMendoza: BREAKING: @StevePougnet announced Allen + Philp Architects of Scottsdale AZ chosen by Wessman to work on 1st phase of ...

@BriNews  RT @TDSjoornelas: A personal message from @Timbradleyjr to #Coachella peeps #PacBradley #boxeo http://t.co/kcyMjyIZ

@btindrelunas  Ugh, inertia.

@BriNews  Congrats to @Gannett Innovators of the Year @nbolland and @Carol_Horton! Nick'll return to a festive desk at @MyDesert: http://t.co/BVOqj870

@BriNews  RT @denisegoolsby: Celebrating @mydesert employees nominated for @Gannett awards ceremony. Go Nick Bolland and Carol Horton! http://t.co ...

@BriNews  RT @denisegoolsby: Congratulations the The Desert Sun's own @Carol_Horton & @nbolland for winning @gannett Innovator of the Year Awa ...

@btindrelunas  RT @gannett: Congrats to Nick Bolland and Carol Horton at @MyDesert in Palm Springs for being Gannett's Innovator of the Year!

@BriNews  RT @gannett: Congrats to Nick Bolland and Carol Horton at @MyDesert in Palm Springs for being Gannett's Innovator of the Year!

@BriNews  Seeing a big police presence in Indio? Police are looking for a wanted parolee who bailed out of a car when he saw officers, spokesman says.

@showertime  This one goes out to @PSPowerBaseball. Yay summer!

@btindrelunas  This is the most delightfully awkward newscast I think I've ever seen! #Channel5

@btindrelunas  Maybe this is just the @PSPowerBaseball beers talkin', but this #Channel5 simulcast is kinda blowin' my mind.

@btindrelunas  @ColinAtagi I totes want to! I'm sad they didn't come to @PSPowerBaseball tonight for bonding purposes. But there's always next week, eh?

@btindrelunas  And "Lights"??? Who is in charge of the music at @PSPowerBaseball? Whoever it is, I love him/her!

@btindrelunas  "Call Me Maybe" and "All of the Lights"? @PSPowerBaseball got the jams on lock this year! #psiloveyou

@btindrelunas  It's @PSPowerBaseball time! (@ Palm Springs Stadium) http://t.co/XsXg3Eya

@btindrelunas  Dropped off the #CVelection ballot, so now it's time to head over to @PSPowerBaseball! (@ palm springs womens club) http://t.co/p1JHL41L

@btindrelunas  @whatbenwatches @MeghanEvans @ClaudiaKoerner YES! And @pbwolf could perform there because IT WOULD TOTALLY FIT. @snlStefon would be so proud

@btindrelunas  @ClaudiaKoerner Haha yes! P.S.: We should have a favorite-foods picnic where we only eat bird chips, peanut butter and the three other faves

@btindrelunas  (not even) ALL OF THE CHIPS http://t.co/6za7ZgyK

@btindrelunas  YES! I found them… and for cheaper than at Ralphs! Time to hoard. (@ Food 4 Less) [pic]: http://t.co/NOmnsr7X

@btindrelunas  Uh-oh. This Ralphs doesn't have my fave flavor of store-brand chips, so that means… MANIC CROSSTOWN SHOPPING FRENZY! http://t.co/QgVB2A0V

@BriNews  @BRY760 Cool! Well, be sure to keep all of us @MyCoachella folks in the loop… :)

@BriNews  @BRY760 Hmm. Have you been unwittingly making news? But seriously, no need to worry. I'm just keeping up with people all around the valley…

@BriNews  RT @mkotz14: Polls are open at the fire house- steady stream of people since 8 this am.

@BriNews  Watch out for a rollover crash reported near offramp from westbound I-10 to Washington Street. #CVtraffic

@BriNews  RT @SaraLibby: Weirdly funny footnote in 9th Circuit denial to rehear Prop. 8 decision: "Interview by Robin Roberts, ABC News, with Bara ...

@BriNews  To LJ who wrote to @MyDesert but didn't leave an address: Yes, it would be nice to see the building, and now you can http://t.co/kAmysKlE

@BriNews  Paramedics called but ultimately not needed for rollover crash off Varner Road west of Washington Street, CHP says. #CVtraffic

@BriNews  Congrats to @MyDesert alum @clovisdad, formerly of @SJVCEO, who has a new post at @SacBiz: http://t.co/YBhO0aai #wherearetheynow

@BriNews  Good morning from @MyDesert, where I see it was a bit windy overnight. (Gusts up to 41 mph early today at PSP.) #CVwx http://t.co/Xvxf4RAw

@showertime  This one goes out to the @DirecTV saleswoman at @Walmart who liked my shirt.

@btindrelunas  RT @Mgood79: Time to make the donuts!

@BriNews  Siri's clearly not from the desert… #CVwx http://t.co/jUA3Kx9c

@btindrelunas  Moonlight is so much cooler than I remembered! http://t.co/VTjE6zYR

@btindrelunas  @ClaudiaKoerner Haha. I just realized your tweet was a question, not a statement. I hope your Android can do that! Android <3 Google, right?

@btindrelunas  I just ousted @tiglon4l as the mayor of Chase Bank on @foursquare! http://t.co/H2mX1slA

@btindrelunas  Why did all the canceled shows have to end with kissy cliffhangers? I wanna know what happens with Jess and Rav and Amanda and Pastor Tudor!

@btindrelunas  Social shopping trip! (@ Trader Joe's) http://t.co/7idOxjeP

@btindrelunas  ALL OF THE PLANS

@btindrelunas  So glad others recognize the #manP. RT @cheyennejackson: Just watched 10 minutes of Secret Millionaire and cried twice. #MustBeOnMyManPeriod

@btindrelunas  @ClaudiaKoerner ISN'T IT THE BEST?! I think I may dictate my whole self-review for #TheWork.

@btindrelunas  Being able to dictate notes directly into a Google doc with my phone is one of my favorite luxuries.

@btindrelunas  What I learned this AM: There's a top swimmer named Hannah Miley, so this isn't an ideal "Best of Both Worlds" search… http://t.co/flRt32yw

@BriNews  @greglinch Newly discovered advice: Don't lose sight of the sum while executing traditionally aligned parts.

@BriNews  @greglinch And hey, thanks for unwittingly leading me to some clarity on my own "Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds" job.

@BriNews  @greglinch Congrats on the new role, and welcome to the world of custom job descriptions!

@btindrelunas  RT @YoyoQuezada: Trololo 10 hours - YouTube http://t.co/Cb3hVuHB Recordemos a #Trololo con 10 horas de su canción. :D

@btindrelunas  :( MT @RT_com: Mr. Trololo died while in intensive care after hospitalized in coma because of a stroke late May http://t.co/Ntg8VisD

@btindrelunas  @RobWeb79 But here's my number…

@btindrelunas  @MeghanEvans I picture that going like so: "Hey. I just got home... and this is crazy, but AHHHHHHHH!"

@btindrelunas  RT @rileydargan: Holy crap "Bernie" is awesome. My hometown is famous.

@btindrelunas  RT @gregolee: This is my life on the anchor desk. http://t.co/ZLTTTRKW

@showertime  This shower is dedicated to Best Friends Forever for being so funny. #saveBFF

@btindrelunas  @MeghanEvans Bahaha. Why didn't it ever occur to me that "no boners" is the opposite of "all boners"? (cc: @wolfe)

@btindrelunas  Anyone up for some @PSPowerBaseball tonight?

@btindrelunas  @whatbenwatches @omgplasticmenus Law & Order: Eviction Unit http://t.co/0lLbgImN

@btindrelunas  @G3K I'm still working next Saturday, in part because we're AB about #PacBradley. But that should be my last one before I become a real boy.

on sincerity

It's so hard to be sincere sometimes — or at least to come across that way.

We twentysomethings seem to define ourselves and the things we like in roundabout ways:

"I just like that ironically."

"It's so bad it's good."

"So over it."

Or, as some friends of mine recently said about a YouTube video:

"It's so unfunny that it's so funny but it's actually not funny at all
"I laughed out loud a lot, basically"

"You just described everything our generation finds amusement in."

So as you might imagine, I found myself at a loss for words when I watched a short documentary about black women embracing their natural hair that really resonated with me — unironically, sans giggles.

I saw the video when my friend Wayne posted it on Facebook, so I clicked "Share" but then spent the longest time trying to figure out what — if anything — to say alongside the link.

If I left the text box blank, would people assume I was making light of an experience and an ethnicity that's clearly not my own?

Would they think I liked this look at natural hair in the same way I enjoyed that "I Love My Hair"/"Whip My Hair" mashup? That was more about the sum than the parts.

Would it seem as if I was giggling like I did over that one bitch-with-weave moment on Cheaters? That ain't even... correct.

But was there a way to convey that I took sincere delight in these women's decision to embrace the natural beauty they had been suppressing, and it resonated with me as a white man with naturally straight hair because, really, it was about more than just hair?

Eventually, I whittled all that down to this Facebook-sized comment: "Self-acceptance is beautiful."

Based on my friends' responses, it seems I struck the right tone, but it really shouldn't have been so hard to do so.

Since this peculiar bit of writer's block, I've been thinking about how many of the things I say aloud and especially that I send via text message are literally untrue but instead carry a sarcastic meaning. That underlying message is almost always understood on both ends but troubling nonetheless.

It seems that relying on so much snark makes it harder to convey what I mean without it. Well, I see now that I mustn't let my gayforward communication skills get rusty.

@btindrelunas  Call your girlfriend; it's time you had the talk. Give your reasons. Say it's not her fault. But youuuu just met @btindrelunas.

@btindrelunas  @G3K :/ Wanna hang out later today? I probably won't be up until noon but could be there by twoish, or you could come be hot in the desert.

@btindrelunas  I will not miss nights like this.

@BriNews  @RStempler @MyDesert @denisegoolsby Aww thanks, Robert!

@btindrelunas  @G3K Aww. I would've gone with you if I wasn't working tonight!

@btindrelunas  Srs bz road/parking rage right now.

@BriNews  @IamJohnnySantos That was a fire on Carmel Circle that forced four people from their home: http://t.co/RJjAE4DF

@BriNews  RT @MyDesert: Updated with more photos: Palm Desert house fire contained; four forced from home http://t.co/mXi9XxuT

@BriNews  RT @MyDesert: BREAKING: Palm Desert home engulfed in flames http://t.co/ZQWPbFv2

@BriNews  RT @tatihensley: 36 years ago today: @azrepublic reporter Don Bolles' car is bombed. Here is his profile http://t.co/1lM4ctIY

@btindrelunas  @G3K Do you need some giggle bitchez to come over and show the new neighbors what loud really sounds like? cc: @MeghanEvans @whatbenwatches

@btindrelunas  @RobWeb79 Hey. I just met you…

@btindrelunas  RT @tatihensley: 36 years ago today: @azrepublic reporter Don Bolles' car is bombed. Here is his profile http://t.co/1lM4ctIY

@btindrelunas  RT @bvelaski: #GoDevils \n/ http://t.co/kOFb0Ih8

@showertime  This one goes out to the new @MyDesert interns, @TDR_CGrillot and @Merris_FcDaniel.

@btindrelunas  RT @Hello_Smashley: Watching a guy crowd surf out of the bar: I miss college. Seeing a car full of drunk girls screming One Direction: I ...

@btindrelunas  "Should I eat less so you can have some food?" #heartbreaking http://t.co/kBtpgVqH via @davewiner

@btindrelunas  Sometimes it's just so hard to be heartfelt. #twentysomethingproblems

@BriNews  #CVtraffic ALERT: Highway 86S closed in Oasis after hay truck crash, fire http://t.co/hSLYeZfk

@BriNews  I just made a sweet Rizzoli & Isles joke, but no one else was here to hear it. #talkingtomyself #overnightshiftblues #producerproblems

@BriNews  Luckily, those #producerproblems didn't last long, and Saxotech has now regained its command of English. http://t.co/MLw8Po1N

@BriNews  Awesome. Our CMS has defaulted to its native Norwegian. #producerproblems http://t.co/aHHGNc6e


@BriNews  RT @MyDesert: New graduation photos from Desert Chapel Christian School: http://t.co/Mumpq84q

@BriNews  RT @PSPowerBaseball: Power start the 2012 season just the way they ended the '11 season, with a win, 9-0 victory on open night over Team ...

@BriNews  UPDATE: Police tell @TDSColinAtagi driver waited outside as armed man went in and robbed Indio @Wienerschnitzel http://t.co/bx7EeyXA

@BriNews  THIS JUST IN: Drive-thru robbers hit @Wienerschnitzel in Indio about 5 p.m. http://t.co/ffV0AokP

@showertime  This one goes out to @HoodieAllen for providing the afternoon jams.

@BriNews  RT @KidDC42: 113 today. It's pretty cold out ⛄

@btindrelunas  RT @MyDesert: New York court rules calling someone gay isn't slander. Fascinating case: http://t.co/rWjLAODB #LGBT

@btindrelunas  "@KanyeWest got #WhiteGirlProblems." #loveit#WhiteGirlProblems http://t.co/aKQxBsp9 #Spotify

@BriNews  I know @News10_CA is an @ABC affiliate, but I still do a double-take when I see @Gannett graphics on @KESQ#nerdalert http://t.co/3tEVQrVg

@btindrelunas  "If I had time to worry about every person who admired, imitated or stalked me, I wouldn't have time to be my fabulous self." #Apt23

@BriNews  RT @skellykpsi: Interviewing Greg Burton Editor Desert Sun on Newstalk 920.

@BriNews  RT @Tarp1969: #Baseball time #PalmSprings #Power home opener is tonight at 7:05 we are live from 5-7am @JuneBulnesTV @KESQ @LocalTwo htt ...

@BriNews  Good morning from home, where I'm excited that @PSPowerBaseball is back, even though I can't make it to opening night.

@BriNews  @MarilynStatuePS Thanks! Stay cool today… if that's possible while being out in the sun all day.

@btindrelunas  RT @FakeAPStylebook: Be sure to get the opinion of failed political candidates on major legislation. Their opinions still matter, appare ...

@btindrelunas  RT @Tarp1969: #Baseball time #PalmSprings #Power home opener is tonight at 7:05 we are live from 5-7am @JuneBulnesTV @KESQ @LocalTwo htt ...

@btindrelunas  RT @JodiNicole_: #1 Rule -Kill bitches wit Kindness

@btindrelunas  @TheEmmyGoesTo That's the real breaking news right there!

@BriNews  RT @MyDesert: Woman shot in face during car-to-car shooting in Palm Springs http://t.co/Bu0YYkcy

@BriNews  RT @btindrelunas: Not again… I was at the @DateFest when that boy was shot nearby, and tonight this happened near the PS carnival: http: ...

@btindrelunas  Not again… I was at the @DateFest when that boy was shot nearby, and tonight this happened near the PS carnival: http://t.co/HZ4TzCqz

@btindrelunas  @GabeJMorales Welcome back! Is a desert visit part of your trip?

@btindrelunas  @annsimonsays Shot roulette!

@btindrelunas  I feel like a kid again! Chillin' in the backseat after riding carnival rides with @kjmcginty and @jnmiskell.

@btindrelunas  I'm at Butler Amusements Carnival (Palm Springs, CA) [pic]: http://t.co/edbecwhJ