M-F like a MF

Ever since I started at The Desert Sun, I've been working Tuesday-Saturday, ending the week with an overnight Web producing shift (the latest in the newsroom) even after I moved to the morning reporting shift (the newsroom's earliest) during the week.

For the first couple years, I didn't mind because Saturdays are quite chill in many ways — from the dress code to the workload. But last summer, many of the cool parts of Saturdays that had crept into my weekday work officially became part of my dayside job, and #mondayshenanigans largely gave way to #overnightshiftblues. Then, when I also picked up the Friday overnight shift because we've been short-staffed lately, some pretty legit sleep problems ensued.

Today, however, that era came to an end as I went to The Work for my first-ever regularly scheduled Monday (!), made possible by a new overnight producer who starts tomorrow and who just so happens to be my doppelgänger.

So adjust your social calendars accordingly, Southern California... and, at least come Sun Devil football season, Arizona. The pre-weekend is no more, and my newly lengthened big-boy weekend falls on the same dates as most of the rest of y'all's.