perfect weekend

This was my first weekend as a free man — free from Saturday overnight shifts, that is — and I made sure to take advantage of my newfound freedom.

The main event was a Fire & Ice party in Seal Beach. There were some NDAs involved, so I think all I can say is that we watched a lot of Revenge, and I nailed Nolan's outfit. Also, I think I'm allowed to tell you that all the #gigglebitchez (a subset of the #fancybitchez) had some unsupervised time together before meeting up with everyone else, and as you can imagine, there were more giggles than a pitcher full of lemonade!

Before any of that happened, though, I was way down in La Jolla to see Hands on a Hardbody, a musical about the famed Longview truck giveaway, before it closed in SoCal and headed off to Broadway. I really enjoyed the show, which was mostly true-to-form, name-checking KYKX, KLTV, the Longview News-Journal, etc., using the differences between Marshall and Longview for character development, and there was even a song about wanting to get out of East Texas.

Also, after Fire & Ice, it was just a short drive up the 405 to see the LA Galaxy beat the Portland Timbers. Though it was my second Galaxy game, it was my first at the Home Depot Center. For the first half, I sat a few sections away to observe, but by the second half, I had joined the Angel City Brigade in their section and started planning future trips to Carson — and section 121.

All that, and I'm still home in time for bed. Real weekends are a beautiful thing, y'all.