@BriNews  @vanessafranko Thanks! Are you guys still dry over there in Riverside?

@BriNews  Now we've got a flash flood warning for the entire valley: http://t.co/6q0wwUen Every time I update this story, something else changes #CVwx

@BriNews  Wow. Thermal got 0.12 inches of rain in the one o'clock hour http://t.co/6q0wwUen #CVwx

@BriNews  RT @TDSColinAtagi: It's wet on Adams Street at the # whitewaterwash in #laquinta, but not enough to shut the road. @mydesert.com

@BriNews  RT @denisegoolsby: It's also raining pretty good in Cathedral City, too! @mydesert #CVwx http://t.co/BEY1OrTq

@BriNews  RT @denisegoolsby: It's raining in Rancho Mirage! @mydesert #CVwx http://t.co/9uAKP3wV

@BriNews  Behind the scenes of @MyDesert live immigration debate starting at http://t.co/BtweGLtJ at 2 p.m. http://t.co/3ZrIVaeN

@BriNews  It isn't exactly #CVwx, but NWS just issued a flash flood warning for Borrego Springs and Ocotillo Wells: http://t.co/1uMWLxgm

@BriNews  RT @MyDesert: Road Warrior @TDSColinAtagi is out looking for closures and flooding. Follow his updates and use #CVtraffic to share info ...

@BriNews  If you'd worried the #Olympics would crowd out Justin Bieber news, worry no more: http://t.co/rvPspcmE

@BriNews  RT @mkotz14: Wash dumping into Adams park could be used as a white water venue for the #olympics today- total down pour this afternoon.

@BriNews  Update: Flash flood warning for far east valley, including Mecca; some roads east of valley closed http://t.co/6q0wwUen #CVwx #CVtraffic

@BriNews  RT @dinahshore: It's official! We are downtown in 2013! The Hilton and The Zoso are our host hotels! Pool parties at the Hilton,... http ...

@BriNews  Now that's a spoiler! RT @jskarp: Dear everyone on the Internet - there's no such thing as a spoiler alert anymore.

@BriNews  Monday's #CVwx set two records. Details toward the bottom of this story: http://t.co/6q0wwUen

@BriNews  "It's like it's meant to be!" @TDSKateM says of Christmas in July as she shows me the expiration date on her drink http://t.co/J4I0jeib

@BriNews  RT @denisegoolsby: Thanks to @Brinews, we're celebrating Christmas in July @mydesert I, too, am sporting a fancy Santa cap this morning ...

@BriNews  You're welcome! Merry Christmas! RT @mchungphoto: Christmas in July at the office. Thanks @BriNews @ The Desert Sun http://t.co/tajX1hkc

@BriNews  RT @helpinRIVcoPETS: What we saw outside our main shelter this morning; Motorist OK; was not in car; No bystanders hurt. http://t.co/JL7 ...

@BriNews  Update: No injuries reported in I-10 rollover near Indian Canyon Drive http://t.co/UoUNjK5S #CVtraffic

@BriNews  My first "Oh, I didn't want to know that" #Olympics moment of the day was @AP's alert on the canoe slalom gold medal. #journalistproblems

@BriNews  SUV rollover reported on eastbound I-10 past Indian Canyon Drive: http://t.co/UoUNjK5S #CVtraffic

@BriNews  RT @michaelroston: Did an SEO headline make it onto the Daily Mail's cover? http://t.co/EozXwNAC

@BriNews  Just before 6 a.m., relative humidity was 82 percent in Palm Springs and 90 percent (!) in Thermal, NWS figures show. #CVwx

@BriNews  Good morning and MERRY CHRISTMAS (in July) from @MyDesert, where the #CVwx outside is frightfully humid again. http://t.co/fTT90bAF

@btindrelunas  RT @showertime: MERRY CHRISTMAS! This goes out to @AllieBrosh, whose epic Christmas tale I happened to see on Facebook last night: http: ...

@showertime  MERRY CHRISTMAS! This goes out to @AllieBrosh, whose epic Christmas tale I happened to see on Facebook last night: http://t.co/uwYbJmWk

@btindrelunas  'Twas the night before Christmas (in July) and Indy was all a-giggle, as is customary.

@btindrelunas  Whitewater canoeing is SO BADASS. #Olympics #tapedelaysquared

@BriNews  #CVwx

@BriNews  Just drove through some rain on the east and south sides of the Palm Springs airport. Here we go!

@BriNews  RT @MyDesert: See more than 300 photos from today's competitions at #London2012: http://t.co/nijwiNfX #Olympics

@BriNews  RT @Tarp1969: #CVWx sprinkling in LaQuinta @Qassignmentdesk @KESQ @LocalTwo @JuneBulnesTV @JerrySteffen @karlenechavis http://t.co/ ...

@btindrelunas  @G3K Jacqui is the third @omgplasticmenus and @whatbenwatches know, following Jackie Sunshine and her gf. So she was nicknamed as such.

@BriNews  If you haven't stepped outside yet, be forewarned: It's humid, and there's a chance of rain today http://t.co/igsoEgqt #CVwx

@BriNews  If you haven't stepped outside yet, be forewarned: It's humid, and there's a chance of rain today http://t.co/1nMSzQ8r #CVwx

@BriNews  No injuries in 6:32 a.m. crash reported at Avenue 62 and Tyler Street in Thermal, CHP reports. #CVtraffic

@BriNews  Good AM from @MyDesert, where I have to remind myself it's not Saturday and things other than the #Olympics are going on. #tapedelaysquared

@showertime  This one goes out to the independent Olympic athletes, especially the one who trains in Arizona! #Olympics

@btindrelunas  Good thing I don't have cable; I'm having a hard enough time deciding what to watch just on NBC and Telemundo — 30.5 hours today. #Olympics

@btindrelunas  @whatbenwatches @G3K @omgplasticmenus Jackie/Jacqui III, aka non-lesbian Jackie/Jacqui! Yeeahh!

@btindrelunas  And now it's time for my obligatory saw-Al-Michaels-on-TV tweet: @StatePress represent! #sundevilsareeverywhere #Olympics #tapedelaysquared

@btindrelunas  @SethGordon12 And we should train like Olympians! If nothing else, I'll race ya in something next time our paths cross. #FakeOlympics20xx

@btindrelunas  @SethGordon12 Haha, yeah, I guess swimming's more of a given in Arizona.

@btindrelunas  @SethGordon12 I was on swim team in high school, but now I wish I had enough upper-body strength to do even 1% of what those gymnasts can do

@btindrelunas  RT @jskarp: The best new thing on the Internet today: @NBCDelayed

@btindrelunas  RT @scotchka: Haha KCRA 3 is doing their Olympics coverage from the Thunder Valley Casino Pool Party. That probably is the London of Sac ...

@btindrelunas  @SethGordon12 Same here. I restarted sit-ups, but the real question: Will the #Olympics motivate me to get back in the pool?

@btindrelunas  I love how I've seen two #Olympics flag bearers compete at the @BNPParibasOpen. #OpeningCeremony #tapedelaysquared

@btindrelunas  I had no idea Tony Parker is French. #Olympics #OpeningCeremony #tapedelaysquared

@btindrelunas  RT @greglinch: Two nights of Olympics watch parties that turn into dance parties. Mute the commentary and crank up the tunes. This is th ...

@btindrelunas  @jnmiskell The plan… MT @greglinch: Two nights of Olympics watch parties that turn into dance parties. Mute commentary and crank up tunes

@btindrelunas  RT @Briteezy: Sometimes I wonder why and how men decide to get into gymnastics. Then I see Sam Mikulak, and I stop complai http://t.co/t ...

@btindrelunas  RT @jdharm: Everything in this picture epitomizes the worst part of NBC #Olympics coverage http://t.co/w1VZtSCm

@showertime  This one goes out to @ScottKGood and his trivia questions.

@btindrelunas  I'm covered in glitter and green feathers. Friday night in Palm Springs, y'all! #psiloveyou

@btindrelunas  Bye, interns: Part II. #DRUNK (@ O'Leary's) http://t.co/aSYPr1xD

@btindrelunas  I just ousted Adam N. as the mayor of O'Leary's on @foursquare! http://t.co/BqYy8pF2

@btindrelunas  RT @shitsara: If there was a place called booty palace, I'd visit it... For you there's no context. I always thinking about booty. -gues ...

@btindrelunas  Bye, interns: Part I. #lateasusual (@ Blue Coyote Grill) http://t.co/iWHCR8tZ

@showertime  This one's for the #Olympics. It's always nice to see the world come together and to learn a thing or two about sports and/or geography.

@btindrelunas  Tape-delayed livetweeting is only funny when you're the one delaying the tape. Amiright, @G3K and @whatbenwatches?

@btindrelunas  @jnmiskell Huh? What? Riiiight?

@BriNews  So excited to see a @MyDesert colleague's daughter in the #OlympicCeremony when it airs tonight! http://t.co/2BS1P8fF

@BriNews  My other afternoon project was outfitting @MyDesert's #Olympics page with videos, the medal count, local bloggers, etc. http://t.co/gVQglqHH

@BriNews  Waiting in line (digitally speaking) for the photo gallery builder. #producerproblems

@BriNews  I'm going through @USPRESSWIRE photos from the #London2012 #OpeningCeremony. They'll be on @MyDesert soon! http://t.co/vzePqujE

@BriNews  @samgavindotcom Oh nice!

@BriNews  RT @palafo: It is odd that @nbcolympics is live-tweeting the ceremony that its network won't show us live.

@BriNews  RT @USPRESSWIRE: Live from London... let the games begin http://t.co/yBka5SqW #London2012 #Olympics #OpeningCeremonies

@BriNews  @samgavindotcom Guess who just had a package on @KESQ at noon. Hint: #sundevilsareeverywhere Answer: http://t.co/tqeER8Pu

@BriNews  Both are awesome — the former really; the latter ironically. MT @johnasbury: Friday question: Which is worse, "Call me, Maybe" or "Friday" ?

@BriNews  RT @MyDesert: Did this man put something in his mouth before collapsing in court, dying? http://t.co/pggJNfcR Autopsy finds he took cyan ...

@BriNews  RT @MyDesert: Want to join Rick? Use #CVtraffic when tweeting about crashes, roadwork, etc. RT @rickyrick93: Im a Road Warrion now all t ...

@BriNews  @LucyLastic67 Of course! I probably won't be home at 7:30, but my TiVo's all set.

@BriNews  Good morning from @MyDesert, where I'm hoping to revive the "today's theme song" newsroom meme to play Fergie's "London Bridge."

@showertime  This goes out to the infamous blog.

@showertime  That little rinse from earlier tonight went out to The Interns from #TheWork for inviting me to join them at VillageFest.

@btindrelunas  Overheard while walking past Sammy G's: "So where have all the sluts gone?" #RUDE

@btindrelunas  Do the interns have to leave? (@ O'Leary's) http://t.co/UNhvYzt2

@btindrelunas  I love that there's (break)dancing at VillageFest now. #psiloveyou

@btindrelunas  I just ousted Lanna G. as the mayor of Palm Springs VillageFest on @foursquare! http://t.co/DFraJdCH

@btindrelunas  This nap is so not happening.

@BriNews  Antoine Dodson weighs in on the @ChickfilA debate: http://t.co/sq4Iwus8 (via @MikeDanielsKOB) #runandtellthat

@BriNews  RT @MyDesert: Ever wish the valley had a @WholeFoods? The market has signed a lease in Palm Desert: http://t.co/FpjODHKb

@BriNews  RT @courierjournal: Man accused of shoplifting book on ethics titled "Resolving Ethical Issues." http://t.co/p9VvB62J #louisville #ethics

@BriNews  @twocitygirl Yes, and I love it! The one you sent definitely applies in the desert. This one's still my fave, though: http://t.co/3IyUpU5h

@BriNews  "No, it's not a tip of the hat to a Los Angeles boy band — 98 degrees right now." @JerrySteffen, you crack me up. #CVwx

@BriNews  RT @michaelroston: What good is news if you can't share it?

@BriNews  Update on Whitewater train fire: http://t.co/r9KWPiyQ @UnionPacific is sending another locomotive; no delays.

@BriNews  Someone should create a Twitter-like service to be used solely for venting about Twitter being down.

@BriNews  No injuries reported in that crash on I-10/Monterey offramp, according to CHP. #CVtraffic

@BriNews  CHP got word at 7:11 a.m. of a crash involving a big rig, not blocking #CVtraffic, on westbound I-10 offramp at Monterey Avenue.

@BriNews  RT @natlsecuritycnn: Pentagon launches public database for checking claims of military honors http://t.co/pap7Btdu

@BriNews  A belated good morning from @MyDesert, where I'm impressed with and grateful for how quickly @denisegoolsby catches reports from @CALFIRERRU

@showertime  This one goes out to @tumblr.

@btindrelunas  RT @MyCoachella: Carly Rae Jepsen having a ‘Good Time,’ but you can still call her maybe http://t.co/J80mVNXm

@BriNews  RT @DrivePalmDesert: Traffic Signal-Fred Waring @ Phyllis Jackson will be dark and the intersection will be controlled by STOP signs beg ...

@BriNews  Well said! MT @twocitygirl: A rain shelter in Chicago, a rainmaker for Palm Springs. "The marketing of Marilyn Monroe" http://t.co/M5OM8rj0

@BriNews  Their hunger for social media knowledge pretty much matched their appetite for pizza. Good talk, y'all! http://t.co/Ls63ehuV

@BriNews  RT @michaelroston: "BREAKING NEWS: It's dark in here" MT @davidfg: "The Flashlight app would like to send you push notifications."

@BriNews  I can't help but wonder if @SnoopDogg's new name was inspired by @EmpirePolo: http://t.co/VV7acXa7 (h/t @jskarp)

@BriNews  Good morning from @MyDesert, where I've learned from @denisegoolsby's reporting that bee populations peak in July: http://t.co/mBzV25Ks

@showertime  This one goes out to @Grouplove for that infectious jam that's only now starting to lodge itself in my brain on a regular basis.

@btindrelunas  RT @Hello_Smashley: I love the internet so much: http://t.co/30ghIIhZ

@btindrelunas  Watched http://t.co/OhsKWD2w and thought, "@carlyraejepsen and @owlcity are both too pale to go camping without a @MeghanEvans shade tent."

@btindrelunas  @G3K That's what I kept trying to tell someone or other (@Mamitche11? @jnmiskell?) at @MAR_In_hEr_CAR's going-away afterparty.

@btindrelunas  RT @jskarp: And now, the worst thing you'll hear this week/year/life/forever. IT'S FOOTBALL. http://t.co/wut0vu7O (h/t @dave_zorn/@Kyndr ...

@btindrelunas  RT @USATODAYtravel: We are not making this up: British hotel replaces Bibles with 'Fifty Shades of Grey' http://t.co/CjfdQIdj #travel

@BriNews  RT @DenverChannel: #ChristianBale meeting with #Aurora #theatershooting victim Carey Rottman. http://t.co/ofUCmY2a

@BriNews  More details on that crash into a Palm Springs building, and check out the photo by @jaymcalderon: http://t.co/v3dgWG7H #CVtraffic

@BriNews  No one was hurt but building in the 800 block of North Palm Canyon Drive was damaged as a vehicle crashed into it, PS police say. #CVtraffic

@btindrelunas  I just became the mayor of Santana's Mexican Food on @foursquare! http://t.co/GA5HESvq

@btindrelunas  It's odd when two stations play the same song at once, especially when they're sister stations. I guess @U927 & @Crush1039 both <3 @Maroon5.

@BriNews  RT @denisegoolsby: My body is itching and twitching from covering that bee attack story. Gave me the heebie jeebies! http://t.co/Dgb1dx ...

@BriNews  Wow. RT @Rep_BonoMack: Just took a ride in @google driverless car. Fantastic technology. The future is here! http://t.co/D7xFRlku

@BriNews  Beez on the trunk. Beez, beez on the trunk. MT @denisegoolsby: Workers, homeowner were attacked by a swarm of bees. http://t.co/qG2tSzTP

@BriNews  Good morning from @MyDesert, where we're serving up your daily dose of cute on page B1: http://t.co/1OXdx53M

@showertime  This one goes out to calling it a night early.

@btindrelunas  I'm finally becoming the old person I always wanted to be. Computer and TV off by 8 p.m., a little reading in bed and then lights out… early

@BriNews  RT @btindrelunas: I only ever knew Lou Grant as the news director at WJM. Discovering his L.A. Tribune years on @HuluPlus has opened up ...

@btindrelunas  I only ever knew Lou Grant as the news director at WJM. Discovering his L.A. Tribune years on @HuluPlus has opened up a whole new world.

@btindrelunas  @G3K I'm guessing that was a drunken attempt at YOU'RE.

@BriNews  @ClaudiaKoerner Yeah. I think tomorrow, all breaking news should be about puppies, Tumblr and/or Ryan Gosling.

@BriNews  @ClaudiaKoerner …and a homicide in Desert Hot Springs and the death of Sally Ride. So. much. news.

@BriNews  RT @MyDesert: THIS JUST IN: Sally Ride, first American woman in space, dies http://t.co/9HGVJWdL (h/t @jskarp, @nhagerwtop)

@BriNews  Tempe's bowl game just got so much tastier. RT @azcentral: Insight Bowl changed to Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl: http://t.co/LOr6uep9

@BriNews  RT @CityofIndio: RT @cityofindio: Roadwork in Indio: Offramp closed this week http://t.co/LAZko1fQ #CVtraffic

@BriNews  2 taken to hospital after crash, but no serious injuries, PS police spokesman says. Gene Autry should be cleared in about 20 min. #CVtraffic

@BriNews  Southbound Gene Autry Trail blocked by 9:26 a.m. crash at Vista Chino involving three vehicles, Palm Springs police say. #CVtraffic

@BriNews  RT @ClaudiaKoerner: On Friday, @brinews and I hoped for a slow news week. So far, officer involved shootings, Aurora court appearance an ...

@BriNews  RT @MyDesert: LIVE VIDEO: James Holmes court appearance in Colorado http://t.co/lscm717y #theatershooting

@BriNews  Update: Man killed in DHS was confronted outside apartment building, police say; no arrests yet http://t.co/HvzzwUoz

@BriNews  Police: Man killed Sunday night in Desert Hot Springs. Here's what police said overnight: http://t.co/HvzzwUoz Working now to find out more.

@BriNews  RT @AP: BREAKING: NCAA hits Penn State football with $60 million fine, vacates Paterno's wins from 1998-2011. -BW

@BriNews  Good AM from @MyDesert, where it's a busy news morning. DHS police investigating a homicide, and @NCAA is punishing Penn State. More soon.

@btindrelunas  RT @jskarp: Heinous Colorado news on the morning shows. Penn State news on ESPN. Can't I just watch Tiny Toons until I go to work?

@btindrelunas  Words my iPhone always wants to autocorrect to all caps: GON, CRAY, MAKIN, BRBSLEEPING, YOPYRW, BITCHEZZZ. Honorable mentions: TiK, ToK.

@showertime  It was one of those nocturnal weekends, so this shower goes out to the #CVwx for making the days worth skipping.

@btindrelunas  I just ousted Tracy E. as the mayor of Jack in the Box on @foursquare! http://t.co/GYiXOhl7

@btindrelunas  I know er'body else is gigglin', but dancing guy, I'm feelin' your moves and I salute you!

@btindrelunas  "There's kind of a curb there." "How much of a curb?" Thus starts the night.

@btindrelunas  Time to bid a fond farewell to @MAR_In_hEr_CAR where we once got our First Alert forecast on! [pic]: http://t.co/2MjSIK5H

@showertime  This goes out to @9NEWS for their great work and @Gannett's VPC for sharing so much of it with @MyDesert. #theatershooting #gannettfamily

@btindrelunas  Can it be bedtime again?

@btindrelunas  Did I really just sleep all day? Eish.

@btindrelunas  RT @runningupstream: "I never trust a camouflage dick." #indyisms

@btindrelunas  @gregolee Get it grrrrrrrrrl!

@btindrelunas  HAPPY BIRTHDAY @SHAD_POWERS! (@ Fireside Lounge) http://t.co/rfAg4osF

@btindrelunas  Hail, hail! The gang's all here... except for the sleepy @MerrisFcDaniel, that is. See ya after your @showertime, Ferris!

@btindrelunas  Fashionably late to the Marilyn movie. You know how I do. (@ Forever Marilyn) http://t.co/Ah503OPb

@BriNews  Glad to be home after a long day, but my thoughts are with those who can't escape the effects of the #theatershooting by simply clocking out

@btindrelunas  Yo, @RalphsGrocery, what's with the buy-six pricing on booze? What kind of an alcoholic do you take me for? http://t.co/mLyN74Ri

@btindrelunas  I just said vers, unironically, without the -ion. I'm turning into Penny Hartz.

@btindrelunas  @G3K Funny… I just drove past the airport. So nice to finally be out of #TheWork for the weekend, amiright?

@BriNews  RT @gannett: The Denver TV station everyone is watching right now: @9News (via @washingtonpost) http://t.co/29pPUEQh

@BriNews  RT @MyDesert: Colorado #theatershooting suspect James Holmes is a @UCRiverside graduate, university says: http://t.co/iStE9xgB

@BriNews  RT @michaelroston: The tragicomedy of our age via @nycsouthpaw https://t.co/Zlye5sfj

@showertime  This shower goes out to @HuluPlus for having awesome old-school faves like The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

@BriNews  RT @RobbieSherwood: Nicely done obit. Tom Davis Dies at 59; ‘SNL’ Writer and Comedy Partner to a Future Senator http://t.co/hYqOUYhg

@btindrelunas  RT @sal19: Try the simplest weather app for iPhone and iPad, a web app - http://t.co/Wox2p8gx

@btindrelunas  Shitty beagle not included MT @samgavindotcom: REVENGE MT @KelliHart This $2.995M home for sale boasts a Hamptons style http://t.co/3PVLGJig

@BriNews  Good read from @BruceFessier on why @Goldenvoice is launching @SSCoachella and a key way it'll differ from Indio fest: http://t.co/DVAlMkNk

@BriNews  Who knew? West Hollywood ZIP code dubbed U.S. cougar capital by dating site with provocative billboard: http://t.co/EDjir80I via @G3K

@BriNews  RT @denisegoolsby: Coroner: 37-year-old Desert Hot Springs man dies from stab wounds; victim of homicide. http://t.co/g6pMADYi @mydesert

@BriNews  RT @brianstelter: Barbara Boxer, Olympia Snowe and John McCain to guest star on "Parks & Recreation:" http://t.co/qcwoGbLI

@BriNews  A large spot fire is burning near Avenue 54, Van Buren Street, @CALFIRERRU says: http://t.co/Je4fKsiq

@btindrelunas  RT @BriNews: .@AP says @Coachella "got their start in the 1980s in Indio" http://t.co/2cWzTAW0 I assume @RickAstley headlined #Coachella ...

@BriNews  .@AP says @Coachella "got their start in the 1980s in Indio" http://t.co/2cWzTAW0 I assume @RickAstley headlined #Coachella '88.

@BriNews  Story updated with booking photos of the man and woman accused of robbing five valley eateries: http://t.co/KdpOIsiw

@BriNews  @LorraineWhetsto Do you feel like you're inside a perfume bottle? http://t.co/fHcokyoj

@BriNews  "Our show is like stinky cheese," Bryan Cranston tells @AP about #BreakingBad http://t.co/ktOrN63y Show, star both nominated for #Emmys

@BriNews  Sheriff's deputies have arrested a Palm Desert man and woman suspected of five robberies in the past month: http://t.co/KdpOIsiw

@BriNews  A much better-dressed @BriNews bids you good morning again, this time from @MyDesert.

@showertime  This one goes out to @kjmcginty for last night's excursions.

@BriNews  I'm glad to see Jimmy Kimmel and I were similarly dressed for the Emmy nominations. Scroll down for the pic: http://t.co/7A8iNitl #Emmys

@BriNews  RT @MyDesert: Just announced: #BreakingBad and star @BryanCranston, who has valley ties, nominated for #Emmys http://t.co/YaoTSPBy

@BriNews  Good morning from home, where I'm keeping an eye on nominations for the #Emmys, set for 5:40 a.m. at http://t.co/nAvzqCv1

@btindrelunas  Froyo delivery! (@ The Desert Sun) http://t.co/HEtNeoLJ

@btindrelunas  @MAR_In_hEr_CAR @gregolee That is quite the compliment!

@BriNews  Santana's opens in Palm Springs MT @btindrelunas: PS location opened mere hours after I went to CC. [pic]: http://t.co/QlxbhVel

@btindrelunas  @ColinAtagi The long-awaited day has finally come! http://t.co/ECOdHmiz

@btindrelunas  It cracks me up that the PS location opened mere hours after I checked at lunchtime and had to go to CC. [pic]: http://t.co/ECOdHmiz

@BriNews  RT @denisegoolsby: Saying goodbye to @MAR_In_hEr_CAR "It's a hole in my heart to have her leave ... We miss you already." - @gburton

@BriNews  RT @TDSKateM: .@TDSMarMendoza headed to City of Angels. On her goodbye cake: "My cake has an angel on it? That's funny!" http://t.co/ZWw ...

@BriNews  "I grew up here, actually. I gave the best of my 20s to this freakin' place, and I have no regrets." –@TDSMarMendoza's farewell to @MyDesert

@BriNews  RT @TheOnion: American Voices: Coachella To Be Held On Cruise Ship http://t.co/CN0Bx3wK #WhatDoYouThink?

@BriNews  RT @PEcom_news: No more undressing at Riverside court house http://t.co/lvkrbMWc

@BriNews  Cute! RT @romenesko: Can you top this? We now have a photo of a 6-month-old baby reading the WaPo. (He's a comics fan.) http://t.co/i6eayLFh

@btindrelunas  I can't wait for the Palm Springs location to open! No, literally… (@ Santana's Mexican Food) http://t.co/IimdXSb4

@BriNews  @skellykpsi There's also no weed *allowed* at the land-based #Coachella: http://t.co/z2O7zvRu

@BriNews  I'm loving this cool #CVwx. Thermal hit a record low early Tuesday when temps bottomed out at 64, a degree below the 1986 record for the day

@BriNews  And in news that's more cliché than punny, I'm happy to report the wash at Indian Canyon looks dry as a bone this AM: http://t.co/T1aPamB3

@BriNews  Good morning from @MyDesert, where it's "Hipsters ahoy!" on the @SSCoachella: http://t.co/7i8Ejwa7

@showertime  This one goes out to @SSCoachella for keeping things interesting.

@btindrelunas  RT @CapeTimesSA: Today is a special day as we celebrate a legend who has inspired the nation. Happy 94th birthday Tata. #MandelaDay

@BriNews  RT @MyDesert: Officials close Indian Canyon, report a levy broke near Whitewater & floodwater is rushing toward PS at 80 mph. More a ...

@btindrelunas  @ClaudiaKoerner @MeghanEvans @G3K True. That ship gon get dirrrrrtay!

@btindrelunas  @ClaudiaKoerner @meghanevans @g3k Maybe it's just that I only went to actual Coachella once, years ago, but I think the cruise could be fun

@btindrelunas  @MeghanEvans But have you seen pictures of the boat on http://t.co/4CVFnOZV? It's gonna be the fanciest #Coachella ever! #CREATURECOMFORTS

@btindrelunas  So heartwarming: The first gay wedding (well, civil union) on a military base http://t.co/hPYeFQTb via @twdonovan on Facebook #longreads

@BriNews  Seeing the desert in the background atop http://t.co/dXlD5Jcw brings to mind this AM's Salton Sea cruise banter. http://t.co/oTSSBqmE

@BriNews  @caseymornings Hey, I called @SSCoachella "not that far-fetched." :)

@BriNews  It's official: @Goldenvoice is launching the @SSCoachella in December http://t.co/wlOFSbGW #Coachella

@BriNews  RT @sscoachella: All Aboard! @sscoachella http://t.co/dyApECNM

@BriNews  I'm a fan of dark beer, so I'll have to give Indio a try. RT @LupeRamosWatson: This is so cool! #CityofFestivals http://t.co/A3CoJ4dF

This may not bode well for my future children.

When I got a potted plant for my apartment back in May, it was quite the production. But I figured that things like finding the right size pot and figuring out which soil to get were part of my journey toward a more responsible adulthood. Sharing my apartment with and caring for another living thing would be the first step in a sequence that I figured would go something like plants → pets → children.

I was later informed that some very successful parents of children still have trouble keeping plants alive, and thank goodness because I have failed miserably as a plant parent.

Not only could I not figure out the right amount of water and sunlight to keep the poor dracaena's leaves from turning brown, but I also brought a living thing into my home that was accompanied by some very unwanted guests — tiny flying bugs.

Once my mom tracked the bugs to the plant, she put it outside my apartment for a spell, and I was happy to let it sit out there until I could figure out just what to do with it.

Well, today it was gone.

I'd like to think that the plant was just whisked away by someone in need, as usually happens to things left in the Bermuda Triangle on How I Met Your Mother. But really, I'm just counting my lucky stars that plant endangerment isn't a thing.

@BriNews  RT @LupeRamosWatson: Cruise-chella! #CityofFestivals

@BriNews  RT @TDSMarMendoza: LOL! “@vanessafranko: @pophiss If the #Coachella cruise is true, then maybe M.I.A.'s airhorns back in 2009 were just ...

@BriNews  A #Coachella cruise? That's what @PopHiss is hearing, and the rumor's really not that far-fetched: http://t.co/r0RNwi9j (h/t @caseymornings)

@BriNews  Correction: CHP got 7:25 report of big fire near NORTH SHORE homes, but @CALFIRERRU spokeswoman just said no major calls listed in the area.

@BriNews  Kitchen fire at Palm Springs home had already been put out with an extinguisher when crews arrived, deputy fire chief tells @denisegoolsby.

@BriNews  Could be one of those fiery days: @denisegoolsby headed to reported home fire in PS, and CHP just got report of large fire near Mecca homes.

@BriNews  Good morning from @MyDesert, where I've got #Coachella on the brain: http://t.co/eiaFULBo Even had a dream about @EmpirePolo last night.

@showertime  This one goes out to all the binders, spreadsheets and WordPress installs that, when properly tended, keep me sane.

@BriNews  @RyanCortezz Nice! I'm here too.

@btindrelunas  I heard getting in and out on a lunch hour was doable, so why not? http://t.co/mudaqqyj http://t.co/fWiS7g26

@BriNews  Really excited about this! MT @denisegoolsby: @Gannett announces new program that offers employees up to 10 hours off per year to volunteer

@BriNews  Highway 62 is washed out (and therefore closed) east of Twentynine Palms: http://t.co/XqMJjQe9 #CVtraffic

@BriNews  Fest plans announcement a night before Indio City Council meeting (http://t.co/XIAWxd2W) RT @coachella: tomorrow http://t.co/c9POcYR8

@BriNews  RT @MyDesert: Cathedral City robbery victim staggered into his home with his head covered in blood, police say: http://t.co/c0WMjjAA

@BriNews  From the can't-make-this-up file: A woman named Mary Jane was arrested Sunday on suspicion of drug violations http://t.co/j2wAPtck

@BriNews  Good morning from @MyDesert, where I'm pleasantly surprised to see my Saturday story was also on @USATODAY's site: http://t.co/lumPkrnu

@showertime  This is for a friend I saw for the first time in a long time this past weekend. I'm talking, of course, Froot Loops.

@btindrelunas  I could've sworn it was morning. Maybe a weird dream is to blame...

@btindrelunas  Mind blown at 3↑↑↑↑3. http://t.co/svbJbO5u (via @greglinch)

@btindrelunas  Bank of America is THE WORST.

@btindrelunas  RT @MeghanEvans: This kid is my favorite. RT @whatbenwatches People are talkin'. Talkin' 'bout people. #sixwordstories

@BriNews  "Best blind date ever," solar energy pro jokes about a meeting that @kkaufmann describes here: http://t.co/O0zoXiDD

@BriNews  @RobHopwood Ah, so you're still awake too? Did you make it to @TDSshadpowers' birthday party?

@BriNews  @Lwigui It's actually the moon, Venus and Jupiter: http://t.co/5oR4em5K

@BriNews  @Lwigui In the east-northeast and a good ways up at this hour.

@BriNews  Didn't expect to be awake for this, but I'm glad I caught the celestial sight: http://t.co/x9n9VndT

@btindrelunas  Bachelor party + bachelorette party = MAGIC

@btindrelunas  TACO TIME! Thanks, @PSPowerBaseball! (@ Jack in the Box) [pic]: http://t.co/cwIie37f

@btindrelunas  I think this is the earliest I've ever been here… (@ Palm Springs Stadium) http://t.co/mq2ZYY05

@btindrelunas  The #familytradition goes on the road! (@ John's Restaurant) http://t.co/JFGlrhFL

@showertime  This one goes out to @Jdrews28 in honor of her non-showering.

@btindrelunas  I love how Saturdays can now be alarm-free days at my apartment. Bring on the unlimited sleep! #realweekends

@btindrelunas  So excited to find that @HuluPlus has not just Daria but also Rocky & Bullwinkle!

@btindrelunas  What a nice night to watch a film outdoors! #psiloveyou

@btindrelunas  RT @BriNews: .@MarilynMonroe meets @PS4everMarilyn: http://t.co/n9UZ3baR

@BriNews  .@MarilynMonroe meets @PS4everMarilyn: http://t.co/n9UZ3baR

@btindrelunas  Marilyn movie night! (@ Forever Marilyn w/ 2 others) [pic]: http://t.co/e9fitang

@BriNews  Aha… @KESQ got new graphics. Sister station @LocalTwo still has same look. MT @KESQ: NEWS CHANNEL 3 has something very exciting to show you!

@btindrelunas  BREAKING NEWS: @ABC has discovered Call Me Maybe http://t.co/AtZFQ143 By Carly Rae JepsOn, no less.

@BriNews  How sad is it that I was excited to see the IE dubstep ad on @MyDesert? http://t.co/df8e26Wa I'm no fan of the browser, but the song's great

@BriNews  I'm intrigued… New bldg? Seismo 3.1? MT @KESQ: NEWS CHANNEL 3 has something very exciting to show you! We've been working on this for years

@BriNews  Moon, Venus, Jupiter to appear close together early Sunday: http://t.co/K3GOCLBF Planning to see the show? Call me maybe: (760) 778-4619

@btindrelunas  Celebrating National French Fry Day with @kjmcginty and @PegIndrelunas! #MFFF (@ Tyler's) http://t.co/3AbxJ52S

@BriNews  Breaking news? Not so much, but @AP does see @JLo's departure as another sign of an #Idol identity crisis: http://t.co/DYsExuAA

@BriNews  Song of the YEAR, I say. MT @JeffreySanker: Umm, really?? "Call Me Maybe" was named official song of the summer. http://t.co/GfWFgojp

@BriNews  DUI checkpoints planned in two valley cities tonight: http://t.co/u0CpzLa6 #CVtraffic

@BriNews  Chance of rain today: 50 percent; Saturday: 20 percent, NWS predicts: http://t.co/EZbWfr6C #CVwx

@BriNews  RT @gannett: There are three Friday the 13ths this calendar year, and they are all exactly 13 weeks apart. (via @USATODAY) http://t.co/l ...

@BriNews  Wow. Another sub-100 summer day. See also: June 5, 6, 9, 15; July 4. #CVwx MT @TDSKateM: Palm Springs temp hit 98 degrees Thursday.

@btindrelunas  RT @ryansholin: Is there a N****s in Paris / Call Me Maybe mashup yet? I mean, other than this one: http://t.co/pR9WZAIc

@BriNews  Good morning from @MyDesert, where I feel like a Friday the 13th mention is in order, so here's a story about bats: http://t.co/WCy4OEhg

@showertime  This shower goes out to the (Spice) @GirlAboutPS. Yes, I swear!

@showertime  This morning's shower went out to @PegIndrelunas, aka Mama Indy. #PalmSpringsWeekend

@BriNews  @GenaMaree Indeed. I was putting out a #nerdalert on myself, not the sender… but I like to think both parties to the email are pretty cool.

@btindrelunas  RT @BriNews: Just got an email that began, "Thanks for the geotag." #partylikeajournalist #nerdalert

@BriNews  Just got an email that began, "Thanks for the geotag." #partylikeajournalist #nerdalert

@BriNews  That srs bz rain quickly turned to a light drizzle, but it was exciting for a minute or so. #CVwx

@BriNews  Some srs bz rain just started up in downtown Palm Springs. Yes, that is the official term. #CVwx

@btindrelunas  Mama Indy and I are at karaoke, but only for a limited time! (We're tired already.) (@ O'Leary's) http://t.co/LkqdelnC

@btindrelunas  I just ousted Adam N. as the mayor of O'Leary's on @foursquare! http://t.co/BqYy8pF2

@btindrelunas  Overheard: "Have you seen Teen Girl Squad? … Dude, I sent you that link like 10 years ago." I think that could be literally true nowadays.

@btindrelunas  Checkin' out some art with Mama Indy… (@ Palm Springs Art Museum) http://t.co/oc2fjTLP

@BriNews  Another Hwy 74 crash update: CHP says only one driver hurt http://t.co/bHKI05Wu SUV driver lost control while passing, CHP says. #CVtraffic

@BriNews  Correction: @CALFIRERRU now says two, not four, people were hurt in a crash off Highway 74 http://t.co/nUrMVvBb #CVtraffic

@BriNews  Death of man near Avenue 73 and Pierce Street in Oasis may be heat-related, sheriff's spokesman says.

@BriNews  RT @TDSKateM: #Earthquake hits near Yucca Valley. The 3.9-magnitude quake was felt in #PalmSprings area: http://t.co/n1ydFd7d

@BriNews  I've been thinking more and more about news as different content types, but it's hard to break out of the text tradition. #BigThings

@BriNews  Update: Four hurt as vehicles crash 50-75 feet over side of Highway 74 http://t.co/nUrMVvBb Passing lane closed, CHP reports. #CVtraffic

@BriNews  RT @CALFIRERRU: Traffic Collision - 2 veh 30'-40' over the side. Hwy 74, 2 Mi, N/of Vista Point in Pinyon. Read More: http://t.co/ONUxnK53

@BriNews  Crash just reported to CHP on Highway 74 near Bighorn Drive, south of the valley. #CVtraffic

@BriNews  Updated: 45-year-old woman fatally shot Wednesday in Indio was valley's 10th homicide victim so far this year http://t.co/hqkOzuV5

@BriNews  Cool news on the #CVwx front: NWS revised its forecast highs for today down about six degrees http://t.co/AlPELeYW

@BriNews  RT @DealChicken: Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me! #DealChickenisTurning1

@BriNews  Sadly, that humidity and rainfall isn't expected to cool us off much: http://t.co/AlPELeYW #CVwx

@BriNews  Good morning from @MyDesert, where I just stepped outside to get a cloudy-morning photo and felt a couple raindrops. Fun #CVwx ahead.

@BriNews  RT @TDSMarMendoza: Just witnessed a friend/coworker get proposed to here in the newsroom! Awwwww I'm gonna miss this place http://t.co/I ...

@BriNews  @skellykpsi I couldn't hear much through the windows, but I did spot a new ring on her left hand. :)

@BriNews  So much family news at @MyDesert today! MT @denisegoolsby: Eli just proposed to staffer Shauna Watkins at news meeting http://t.co/aMmLel0A

@BriNews  NWS says chance of rain is 20-30 percent Thursday and 50 percent Friday: http://t.co/EZbWfr6C #CVwx

@BriNews  @ggranger2010 Yeah, that'd be nice, eh? NWS says chances are 20-30 percent Thursday and 50 percent Friday: http://t.co/EZbWfr6C

@BriNews  National Weather Service just issued a flash flood watch for the Coachella Valley on Thursday: http://t.co/7FJYDv7n #CVwx

@BriNews  Carnell Building in downtown Palm Springs will be repaired or rebuilt following this morning's fire, owner says: http://t.co/4AAKwQeV

@BriNews  RT @michaelroston: BOOOOOOOOOOOOO RT @michaelhayes: That's why I like working on the internet, nobody boos you.

@BriNews  RT @Caltrans8: State Route 243 between Poppet Flats Rd and Idyllwild Rd is closed due to fire. Unknown duration

@BriNews  RT @keithmatheny: @BriNews And @marcelhonore, who sits on the corner between Erica and me, getting very nervous about being smack-dab in ...

@BriNews  So many @MyDesert babies on the way! @EricaFelci announced this AM she and @MichaelFelci are expecting. So too are @keithmatheny & his wife.

@BriNews  Palm Springs fire story updated with more quotes, information on the building's history: http://t.co/4AAKwQeV

@BriNews  Corrected @MittRomney quote: "I'm going to eliminate every nonessential, expensive program I can find. That includes Obamacare."

@BriNews  So I wasn't the only one who noticed… RT @michaelroston: Wait, how did the NAACP react when Romney said he would repeal ObamaCare?

@BriNews  Wow. @MittRomney just got booed when he told @NAACP convention he'd "repeal Obamacare."

@BriNews  "They did one hell of a job," owner of business next door says of firefighting effort at downtown Palm Springs building http://t.co/6ihrZR71

@BriNews  Palm Canyon Drive has reopened at Amado Road after overnight fire. Andreas Road between Palm Cyn and Indian Cyn still blocked. #CVtraffic

@BriNews  Fire damage kept to second floor of downtown building that dates back to 1930s, PS deputy fire chief says. http://t.co/3pjbObIH

@BriNews  Deputy fire chief says crews hope to have at least one lane of Palm Canyon Drive open in next 15 minutes or so. #CVtraffic

@BriNews  Firefighters are packing up after fire that damaged downtown building in Palm Springs. http://t.co/57sFeNF2

@BriNews  Good morning from downtown PS, where Palm Canyon Drive and Andreas Road are still blocked after overnight fire. Indian Cyn open. #CVtraffic

@showertime  This one goes out to fellow early risers and early tweeters @Tarp1969 and @denisegoolsby.

@btindrelunas  @TashJoeZA What, are you scared of us California drivers? OK, we are pretty bad. :) It'd be great to see you!

@btindrelunas  @TashJoeZA Yep, and it's quite a comfy couch too! But I'm about two hours from San Diego.

@btindrelunas  @MAR_In_hEr_CAR Until I saw the @kcrw shout-out, I figured that tweet was going to be a @gregolee reference.

@btindrelunas  @TashJoeZA There are Comic-Cons in places other than San Diego? Even so, you should go to SD because it's close enough for me to swing by!

@BriNews  RT @Tarp1969: #BreakingNews commercial structure on fire palm springs indian and palm canyon closed n of tahquitz canyon @KESQ htt ...

@BriNews  It's still 91 degrees in Palm Springs at 4 a.m. How hot will today be? @TDSColinAtagi has the answer: http://t.co/rFuMAvWt #CVwx

@btindrelunas  RT @TheEmmyGoesTo: The only thing getting me through this day is my #natgeo jacket and backpack. Thanks, @MeghanEvans #productplacement

@btindrelunas  I'm (purposefully) doing that thing of when I go to sleep at 8:something. Get ready for the corresponding Twitter burst at 3:something a.m.!

@BriNews  In case you missed it (I did.): Virtual Tupac at #Coachella made @gpveis' Meh List for @NYTMag: http://t.co/SSR9nWIA

@btindrelunas  Sorry, @PSPowerBaseball… My air-conditioned apartment just feels way too good right now, so I'm breaking my Tuesday-night streak.

@btindrelunas  RT @ShannonRaeGreen: The meaning of a meme! http://t.co/XNyUSVDj #Kindle

@btindrelunas  RT @rileydargan: Please please please get here, football. #ASG

@BriNews  RT @TDSKateM: BREAKING: Desert Hot Springs names Cmdr. Kate Singer as next police chief -- first female chief in valley history. http:// ...

@btindrelunas  ICE CREAM TIME! MT @BriNews: NWS numbers are in: Palm Springs reached 119 at 3:50 p.m. (http://t.co/3s5CIMkY) #CVwx

@BriNews  NWS numbers are in: Palm Springs reached 119 at 3:50 p.m. (http://t.co/vNHQViT2), and Thermal tied a record 117 (http://t.co/rKmJKIVq) #CVwx

@BriNews  @mkotz14 Is that the DHS garage fire from late this morning, or did something else catch fire this afternoon? cc: @TDSColinAtagi, @TDSKateM

@BriNews  If this picture were square, I'd swear @USMC had discovered @Instagram: http://t.co/nGslL8Sl

@BriNews  #CVtraffic update: One taken to hospital with minor to moderate injuries after rollover on I-10 near Gene Autry Trail, CHP spokesman says.

@BriNews  1 hurt in crash near Mountain Center MT @CALFIRERRU: Vehicle 150' over the side. SR Hwy 74. 1 patient, moderate inj. http://t.co/uwTdvCSG

@BriNews  CHP, medics called to 12:34 p.m. rollover on EB I-10 near Gene Autry Trail. CHP got reports of people inside, fast lane blocked. #CVtraffic

@BriNews  Remember, no gas between valley and Blythe area today, Wednesday. Road Warrior @TDSColinAtagi has details: http://t.co/VbM9ZrMM #CVtraffic

@BriNews  RT @caseymornings: When the temp hits 118, it should be pants optional. Just sayin.

@BriNews  RT @gregolee: Apparently you're supposed to wear light colors in this oppressive heat. Good thing my photog Chris and I listen. http://t ...

@BriNews  EB Hwy 111 down to one lane at Mountain Cove Drive in Indian Wells until 3 p.m. for leak repair. Alt routes: Fred Waring, Miles. #CVtraffic

@BriNews  Today, NWS predicts 111 to 116 http://t.co/EZbWfr6C MT @TDSKateM: Palm Springs hit 114 degrees Monday. Record: 120 (1958). Normal: 107 #cvwx

@showertime  This shower is dedicated to @KyleBurbank for providing the perfect segue into some #glee.

@btindrelunas  RT @SchauerTime: Oh wait, I only own three forks. Never mind.

@btindrelunas  RT @SchauerTime: I think I'm finally old enough to host a dinner party. How did I get here?!

@btindrelunas  RT @ClaudiaKoerner: Today I found a photo of a baby mooning a train in our archives. Really. http://t.co/W3mBv3nB

@btindrelunas  Time for a hot nap.

@BriNews  RT @IIDEnergy: Power outage in Coachella. Affected areas are Van Buren & Harrison St. 300 customers affected. No estimated restorat ...

@BriNews  Ah, Notepad… such a workhorse. http://t.co/Z6C15cRO

@BriNews  Got a case of the Mondays? Not anymore, you don't: http://t.co/qilXJWZK (by http://t.co/DaYJBAl7; h/t @michaelroston)

@BriNews  RT @goldenvoice: RT if you've been to @Coachella before

@BriNews  @skellykpsi Actually, much hotter than Bell, where today's forecast high is only 84: http://t.co/oIfxVF4j :)

@BriNews  Good morning from @MyDesert, where more 110+ temps are expected today after Palm Springs and Thermal topped out at 114 degrees Sunday. #CVwx

@showertime  This one goes out to @larrymethner for introducing me to Idyllwild… and Gravy Rainbow.

@btindrelunas  RUSTIC FOREST… with five bars of cell service. http://t.co/X0VicTuy

@btindrelunas  @G3K Power walk on the moving sidewalks in the rainbow tunnel, eat donuts and make a new friend! http://t.co/iMEy2sqZ

@btindrelunas  RT @ACBrigade: GOOOOOL Keane! LA 1 CHI 0

@btindrelunas  RT @ASU_YoungAlumni: We're official in Tucson! #ASYATUC http://t.co/O3tSsw3g

@showertime  Now this one goes out to Stacy and her parents for a delicious brunch.

@BriNews  RT @TashJoeZA: And Federer, we will all now be reminded ad nauseum, is sort of South African.

@showertime  This rinse goes out to @lginn, @chelseaacree, @margaret_sharpe and Alex for a fun night at the drive-in!

@BriNews  Having the Breast Cancer 2 gene mutation, @TDStsone faced a big decision: http://t.co/jUgzlUzx We'll all be thinking of her Monday.

@btindrelunas  @ColinAtagi Psh. During the season, I could barely get out there once a month. Now, thanks to summer and new sked, I'm livin' the dream.

@btindrelunas  @BabaloNdenze Will do. Around here, that's just above normal, but we spend lots of time indoors and in the pool to deal with summer heat.

@btindrelunas  @BabaloNdenze Yep, I'm in Palm Springs, two hours east of LA. We only hit 97°F on July 4, which was crazy nice. This week, back to 110°+.

@btindrelunas  @BabaloNdenze The East Coast can't handle that kind of heat, and it's often humid too. But in the desert, 38° qualifies as unseasonably cool

@btindrelunas  In the past three weeks, I've been back and forth to LA and/or Orange County five times. #andthatsthewayilikeit

@btindrelunas  The white Russians are ready! (@ Devils Night Drive-In w/ 4 others) [pic]: http://t.co/pTlnawxx

@btindrelunas  AT THE DRIVE-IN! (@ Devils Night Drive-In w/ 2 others) [pic]: http://t.co/5xd4VGPd

@btindrelunas  @dearthvader It's actually @lginn's windshield. If it were mine, it'd look like a blizzard.

@btindrelunas  Oh hey, LA! Guess I failed at staying in the desert this weekend… B-) http://t.co/KgTEd9pw

@showertime  This one goes out to @AceHotel.

@BriNews  RT @Cronkite_ASU: 50 years ago today, the term "anchor" is coined to describe Walter Cronkite's role at the national political conventions.

@btindrelunas  It's a bootyful day in the neighborhood! Well, I actually haven't been outside to confirm this, but at least it's bootyful in my apartment.

@btindrelunas  RT @Cronkite_ASU: 50 years ago today, the term "anchor" is coined to describe Walter Cronkite's role at the national political conventions.

@btindrelunas  RT @spacecatazz: I still think ".vom" should be a domain

@btindrelunas  RT @BriNews: After a fight downtown, police stopped a car thought to have a gun inside, "but that does not appear to be the case," PS po ...

@btindrelunas  RT @BriNews: Tried to ignore police activity on my street, but police spokesman texted when he saw me walking home from @AceHotel. #part ...

@BriNews  After a fight downtown, police stopped a car thought to have a gun inside, "but that does not appear to be the case," PS police say.

@BriNews  Tried to ignore police activity on my street, but police spokesman texted when he saw me walking home from @AceHotel. #partylikeajournalist

@btindrelunas  Ugh. Now I'm getting interested. Damn questions. Why must you arise before I can fall asleep?

@btindrelunas  Police are down the block threatening to sic a dog on someone. How interested am I? Not. at. all. That's so work/week.

@btindrelunas  Straight shit's gettin' so rl.

@btindrelunas  Whether they mean it that way or not, I'mma take this "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" cover as a form of homage to the desert.

@btindrelunas  Oh, hipsters. I almost forgot you were here year-round. (@ Ace Hotel & Swim Club w/ 7 others) http://t.co/ISwaqlgN

@btindrelunas  @gregolee YOU BEST BE SHOWERIN'!

@showertime  This goes out to @gregolee, who is presumably also showering right now, albeit in Palm Desert. Still makes it a little weird. #loveit

@btindrelunas  Good Afternoon America?! This is a joke, right?

@btindrelunas  Yeah, it's a fancy Friday night… (@ Jack in the Box) [pic]: http://t.co/CxFbwyiP

@btindrelunas  @jnmiskell !!!

@btindrelunas  RT @spacecatazz: FFFFFFFFFF A NEW PUPPY CAM IS UP http://t.co/r9iwNjnD


@BriNews  @ginamizell I know, right?! After three years of weekend/overnight shifts, it's so nice to be a real boy.

@btindrelunas  RT @BriNews: It was strange to leave the newsroom on a Friday afternoon and know I'm not expected back until Monday morning. HAPPY NORMA ...

@BriNews  It was strange to leave the newsroom on a Friday afternoon and know I'm not expected back until Monday morning. HAPPY NORMAL WEEKEND, Y'ALL!

@BriNews  Say goodbye to those below-normal temperatures: http://t.co/TkqpWHW0 #CVwx

@BriNews  I know I'm tardy to this party, but the cats-reacting-to-news-situations GIFs have me all a-giggle: http://t.co/IT87CWCW cc: @denisegoolsby

@btindrelunas  BREAKING NEWS: Mermaids don't exist http://t.co/LOFUpYGU (@Buzz60 via @NewsLook)

@BriNews  RT @HuffPostMedia: This cat wreaked some havoc live on-air http://t.co/aXXmiGHW

@BriNews  Smart move. RT @Padday: It's starting to happen: "Washington Post creates Chief Experience Officer position" http://t.co/6NQ2vFLG

@BriNews  This has gotta be the most awesome thing I've seen come through our video provider all week: http://t.co/cxa5RRhH

@BriNews  Update: One minor injury reported in 6:36 a.m. crash near I-10, Highway 177/Desert Center Rice Road, CHP dispatcher says. #CVtraffic

@BriNews  Another day, another knifepoint robbery and another arrest near a (different) Circle K in Palm Desert: http://t.co/GexK6qcC

@BriNews  RT @kyledaly2: Just started following God ( @TheTweetOfGod ) on Twitter. He only follows Justin Bieber. #ofcourse

@BriNews  CHP, medics headed to report of crash near I-10 and Highway 177 (Desert Center Rice Road). Initial reports indicate #CVtraffic not blocked.

@BriNews  PS and Thermal hit 101 degrees Thursday, but Indio only reached 94, which broke the day's record for coolest high http://t.co/1KFMT7pw #CVwx

@btindrelunas  @G3K Don't act like you didn't laugh.

@showertime  Hey girl… This one goes out to Larry.

@btindrelunas  RT @MeghanEvans: Can someone tell me if it's OK to be excited about Nash? I'm from Phoenix, but live in LA. Please advise.

@btindrelunas  Is it weird I just knew this was shot in LA? http://t.co/q1oLpFhy Rewatching, I confirmed w/ telltale street signs, 323 number and CA plates

@BriNews  Now @USGS has info online about that quake near Big Bear, hours later: http://t.co/NapqJtXh Magnitude 3.5; not felt in valley, agency says.

@BriNews  Indio councilman drops ticket tax plan to avoid losing #Coachella, #Stagecoach, @TDSXochitlPena reports: http://t.co/SETk9aOU

@BriNews  @LucyLastic67 We'd take it! Nothing like a little break in the typical summer #CVwx

@BriNews  @IamJohnnySantos Nice! You've gotta tweet that out when you get that perfect video. :)

@BriNews  @ps92264 Not sure what you're trying to say. Your message doesn't seem to fit in 140 characters, but you can email bindreluna@gannett.com.

@BriNews  @IamJohnnySantos Please tell me that's gonna be on @YouTube

@BriNews  @irishtemptasian Quick… Find some air conditioning! :) #CVwx

@BriNews  @ps92264 But as you mention, they're different cities. PS police have noted in past that pop. doesn't include tourists: http://t.co/WP611EFJ

@BriNews  @ps92264 I didn't say you were wrong. To the contrary, FBI stats substantiate what you noticed this morning.

@BriNews  @ps92264 FBI stats bear out what you're noticing. More crimes reported in PS (http://t.co/2JIp8qd1) than Attleboro (http://t.co/4OWw1cYM)

@BriNews  RT @TDSKateM: Desert Hot Springs Police Chief Patrick Williams resigns, accepts job as chief of Petaluma (Sonoma Co.): http://t.co/NtiMu5dD

@BriNews  Desert Hot Springs' police chief is resigning. @TDSKateM has the details: http://t.co/hMXTD3hb

@BriNews  Deputies have been called to an armed robbery at a doughnut shop in Bermuda Dunes. Sheriff's spokesman checking for info on it now.

@BriNews  Firefighters have stopped spread of <1/2-acre brush fire near Highway 74 and Vista Point south of Palm Desert, @CALFIRERRU spokeswoman says.

@BriNews  WIDE LOAD: Expect slow-going closures on I-10 east of valley early July 17, @Caltrans8 warns http://t.co/fsbfP1T4 #CVtraffic

@BriNews  RT @marcelhonore: Keeping the facts straight about the @Coachella and @Stagecoach ticket tax controversy http://t.co/qqs3mOz4

@BriNews  RT @mkotz14: @BriNews we are in Lake Arrowhead and I didn't feel or hear anything.

@BriNews  Just got email, text alerts from @USGS about a 3.5 quake near Big Bear, but no event page so could be false alarm. Did you feel anything?

@BriNews  RT @AP: AP PHOTO: @BENBALLER captures #BigBayBoom show in San Diego going bust when all fireworks go off at once: http://t.co/w255mBmF -PP

@BriNews  CHP just released its local holiday stats, showing crashes and DUI arrests up from last year: http://t.co/bTs4yoHM #CVtraffic

@BriNews  @ps92264 Sure. (760) 778-4619

@BriNews  @ps92264 Where'd you find those stats?

@BriNews  Hope you spent July 4 celebrating freedom … from triple-digit temps. PS peaked at 97: http://t.co/xm3rXNPd Today's forecast: 101 #CVwx

@BriNews  Good morning from @MyDesert, where we just got word of an overnight armed robbery and arrest in Palm Desert: http://t.co/muzyPToP

@showertime  This one goes out to Eric (aka @xtrat3rr3strial), Derek and Andrew. I wish y'all were staying longer, but hey, have a safe drive back!

@showertime  This rinse goes out to summer.

@btindrelunas  @lmhoelscher Oh no. Why is "slept" in quotations?

@BriNews  This Independence Day, an Indio veteran laments the state of patriotism in the U.S.: http://t.co/iS6faokK #4thofJuly #July4th

@BriNews  Good afternoon from home and Happy Independence Day!

@btindrelunas  @ColinAtagi Yep. It's like New Year's Eve vs. Day when it's in the middle of the week like this…

@btindrelunas  @G3K I feel like that's the only version @951latinovibe would play.

@btindrelunas  It's raining?! And no one woke me up?

@btindrelunas  OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG (@ Jack in the Box) http://t.co/Dr5BDuj1

@btindrelunas  SHUT. OUT. @PSPOWERBASEBALL!!!!!!!


@btindrelunas  Aww yeah! (@ Palm Springs Stadium) http://t.co/9E4DNDiF

@BriNews  NO SERVICES, NEXT 85 MILES: No gas available between valley, Blythe area July 10-11 as Chiriaco Summit replaces pumps, CHP warns. #CVtraffic

@BriNews  Odd juxtaposition of new store and old sign, but neighbor says he's glad to see Harbor Freight Tools, repaved lot. http://t.co/Asz9Luta

@BriNews  Ha! If only… MT @PalmSpringsBeat: Rare clip of Bill Clinton playing M83 on The Arsenio Hall show back in the day. http://t.co/sxK6e0tp

@BriNews  Eastbound I-10 slow lane east of valley still closed after 5 a.m. big rig fire, CHP says: http://t.co/MNAlQdu2 #CVtraffic

@showertime  This shower goes out to @lginn for last night's food for thought and food for stomach.

@btindrelunas  I just ousted @dougloar as the mayor of Vision Professionals on @foursquare! http://t.co/OPLRH5nt

@BriNews  @PalmSpringsKev Here's what we've heard on the crash: http://t.co/Z6dnSGzp

@BriNews  Motorcyclist taken to hospital after crash with vehicle at Sunrise Way and Ramon Road in Palm Springs, police say: http://t.co/emNWosbA

@BriNews  @PalmSpringsKev @mydesert_news I just came out of a meeting, so this is the first I've heard of it, but I'm calling police now.

@BriNews  RT @CODFoundation: College of the Desert (COD) received approval from the California State Fire Marshall’s Office to begin a fully... ht ...

@btindrelunas  Inflatable Twister costs $2,000?! An air mattress and some cans of spray paint disagree. #PIR

@btindrelunas  RT @ashleyjuliette: People on "The Price is Right" remind me of chihuahuas #AllThatShakingCannotBeSafe #PIR

@btindrelunas  Bahaha… DISCO #PIR! Thanks for taping that for my lunchtime enjoyment, @TiVo!

@BriNews  RT @MyDesert: Rough start to the week? Would seeing some cute puppies help? http://t.co/lUJnAOIK Find more where that came from at http: ...

@BriNews  Good morning from @MyDesert. I'm back, and my AM to-do includes checking out @ChathamPhoto's puppy pics atop this story http://t.co/aFBhxWTC

@BriNews  @joshuagaeta So you get to have a Fourth of July weekend even though Independence Day is on a Wednesday? Nice!

@BriNews  @ggranger2010 Aww. At least there's a holiday coming up midweek!

@showertime  This one goes out to @Bjork blankets.

@BriNews  This is what watch cmdr called "shots fired"… RT @MyDesert: #BREAKING: Woman critical after Desert Hot Springs shooting http://t.co/VgaYLIZa

@BriNews  @ggranger2010 Hmm. Well they may have two such calls on their hands. The watch commander did say the rest of the day had been pretty quiet…

@BriNews  @ggranger2010 Was it around three o'clock this afternoon?

@BriNews  DHS detectives are investigating shots fired call, and that's all watch commander will say. Here's hoping shots didn't hit anything/anyone.

@BriNews  Just talked with the Cathedral City officer who found seven abandoned puppies, four of which survived: http://t.co/rXGM8DsM

@BriNews  @lginn I was there for work. I'm the Sunday night reporter this week. :)

@BriNews  @ggranger2010 Yeah… They're very cute!

@BriNews  I'm at the Cathedral City Police Department, meeting the four surviving puppies of seven found abandoned. http://t.co/GInOogmA

@showertime  This goes out to @MeghanEvans and @whatbenwatches, whom I ditched again. One of these trips, gotta make y'all the first stop on my itinerary

@btindrelunas  Yes! Made it home in time for a proper @showertime.

@btindrelunas  @benevans @whatbenwatches @MeghanEvans Ben Evans, you are the best! Wish you could be here… If you ever visit Cali, you should brunch w/ us!

@btindrelunas  @whatbenwatches @MeghanEvans Come to up in herre instead of the farm? plz xoxo (@ Tom Bergin's @tombergins) http://t.co/RZaMa2tR

@btindrelunas  @whatbenwatches @MeghanEvans @BenEvans @whatmeghanwatches Heyyyyy. We got our act together and are having breakfast... uh... somewhere.

@btindrelunas  RT @ABCFamAmyMcKay: Summer break means I can pull extra shifts at work! I love my job!

@btindrelunas  RT @whatbenYELLS: FAT DOG CUTE GIRL SHE SINGLE

@btindrelunas  P.S.: "Boyfriend" just turned into "Brian Davis."

@btindrelunas  Spencer Linton (aka @KESQsports) + @TonyHawk = Brian Davis! http://t.co/H7DZbazO

@btindrelunas  Shirt switching! http://t.co/iHTc6NmL

@btindrelunas  Happy birthday, Nikki! (@ La Cienega Park) http://t.co/5Nj67ST7