@btindrelunas  @G3K Just got me one of them almost-sold-out passes… SO EXCITED!

@btindrelunas  LOVE Y'ALL MT @ClaudiaKoerner: I find cute novelty items online, @g3k finds them cheaper on Amazon & we buy them for @btindrelunas' birthday

@BriNews  Will do! RT @michaelroston: #ff my arse out the door

@BriNews  I don't think I've ever heard a station run commercials while stunting, but that's what KMRJ 99.5 FM is doing now.

@BriNews  @lizkellynelson I aspire to be both.

@BriNews  We're expecting to hear more on this morning's chase from Cathedral City police in the next half-hour or so.

@BriNews  Correction: THREE cities have DUI checkpoints planned tonight http://t.co/K74J0w7Y Thanks to @TDSKateM for remembering one I'd forgotten!

@BriNews  Teen girls and hipsters take note: http://t.co/v9WV6ToF is now a thing, thanks to @lizkellynelson.

@BriNews  Sorry for the delayed update, but that chase was called off about 9:40 a.m. Still trying to get in touch with police for details. #CVtraffic

@BriNews  @cstrongmedia re: timing, it's not just the end of the month; it's also Labor Day weekend.

@BriNews  Police report chase is now heading east at 100 mph on I-10. #CVtraffic

@BriNews  Watch out for a police chase, which initial reports indicate is heading north on Gene Autry Trail approaching I-10 at 90 mph. #CVtraffic

@BriNews  Police in two valley cities plan DUI checkpoints tonight: http://t.co/K74J0w7Y

@BriNews  That storm kept Palm Springs from reaching the century mark. (Thursday's high: 96.) NWS predicts 20% chance of rain again today. #CVwx

@BriNews  @Blessed2BMom Thanks for following!

@BriNews  @shyknee1 Thanks! I hope you have a great day too!

@BriNews  Watch out: CHP got word this morning that there are large boulders on Highway 74 near Vista Point that vehicles are hitting. #CVtraffic

@BriNews  Good morning from Cathedral City, where East Palm Canyon (Highway 111) may be a little dusty, but it is OPEN #CVtraffic http://t.co/jpuj7y3q

@BriNews  @CitySupport1 Thanks! You too!

@showertime  This one goes out to the Hair for having the #ASU game and @Jdrews28 for having Sun Devil insomnia.

@btindrelunas  Big Sean's ass song just came on at the Hair as if to add to my Sun Devil celebration… ASS ASS ASS ASS ASS ASS! #ASU! #ASU! #ASU!

@btindrelunas  Sun Devil football is back in a big way, and I can't wait to see it in person next Saturday! #ASU #GoDevils!

@btindrelunas  All night, I've been trying to think of where I've heard @Pac12 ad tagline "It's who we are" before. Dobis PR.

@btindrelunas  O hai, Osweiler. Totes forgot you're a Bronco now.

@btindrelunas  #ASU scoring more than 50 points? Takes me back to sophomore year. :) http://t.co/kzhZYjhd

@btindrelunas  RT @TheSunDevils: Now you're #SpeakingVictory RT @millertime021: @TheSunDevils I never leave early!

@btindrelunas  RT @johnny_red_: Hey @pac12 , you gotta fix the down and distance graphics, blocking the view #GoDevils #SpeakingVictory

@btindrelunas  Go Wolves! Go Devils! GO FOOTBALL! RT @ctownrivals: ASU was doing a great impression of CHS until they let NAU score.

@btindrelunas  Just saw @TheSunDevils painted in the end zone. #loveit #TheFuture #GoDevils

@btindrelunas  @ralphamsden Awesome! We'll have to meet up next Saturday!

@btindrelunas  .@Pac12 Net promo says it's "for the fans." Bull.

@btindrelunas  Now that's change I can believe in! RT @statepresssport: #ASU has committed only two penalties for 10 yards in the first half. #SPFootball

@btindrelunas  @ralphamsden Do you have season tickets there? If so, I may be near you next Saturday! #looksfamiliar MT @ctownrivals: http://t.co/dOXfAY6R

@btindrelunas  RT @statepresssport: First half is in the books, and #ASU is up 42-0 over #NAU. #SPFootball

@btindrelunas  RT @caralcoleman: Go Devils! @kathrencoleman #sundevils #asu #forkemdevils http://t.co/Dd6KonFZ

@btindrelunas  NAU, you guys are awesome. And by that, I mean terrible… which is great for this #ASU fan. #GoDevils!

@btindrelunas  INT FTW! #ASU! #ASU! ASU!

@btindrelunas  RT @DougHaller: Did I see this coming? No. Am I surprised? Yes. I thought ASU would pull away in the second half. Not after the opening ...

@btindrelunas  RT @KressOnBusiness: @jskarp I hope you're right.

@btindrelunas  RT @jskarp: For all of us who liked to complain about ASU not being able to step on the throat of a lesser opponent...welcome to a new e ...

@btindrelunas  28-0. Can't argue with that. #GoDevils! #ASU

@btindrelunas  RT @KressOnBusiness: The PAC 12 network needs to sell some more ads. #allpromos

@btindrelunas  The Sun Devils and Cardinals are playing home games at the same time. Remember when that wasn't possible? http://t.co/B9cqRYJV

@btindrelunas  @atsneed I love that. I love you. I love football. I love beer. I love lamp.

@btindrelunas  O hai, @MichaelCrow! #GoDevils! #FearTheFork #BeatNAU http://t.co/ciRRVBYo

@btindrelunas  @atsneed No. fucking. way. I can't wait till the inevitable mashup hits YouTube!

@btindrelunas  Thank God I'm TiVoing #RNC2012 at home. #romneyismyrose RT @atsneed: I think Romney just invoked Tommy Wiseau right there.

@btindrelunas  Badass. #GoDevils! RT @ASU_Alumni: Sparky got a new video for entering Sun Devil Stadium! http://t.co/MWnMk0E8 #FeartheFork #BeatNAU

@btindrelunas  OH HELL YES! THE LONG SEARCH FOR THE @PAC12 NETWORK IS OVER! HAIR FTW! #GODEVILS! (@ Hair of the Dog Saloon) [pic]: http://t.co/8iEqRwP7

@btindrelunas  More @TWC analog. Again, fuck you, Time Warner. (@ NYPD - New York Pizza Delivery) http://t.co/NtanS9IJ

@btindrelunas  Another @DIRECTV customer. (@ Kimy Sushi) http://t.co/fnfLGUfp

@btindrelunas  Sports Shack = @DIRECTV

@btindrelunas  Yes Time Warner Cable, no digital. So now let me extend a big FUCK YOU to @TWC for putting @Pac12 at channel 570. http://t.co/MNYpSFdf

@btindrelunas  They have @DIRECTV here, and I feel like by the end of the night, I'm going to have a comprehensive list of http://t.co/fdPDq6FW

@btindrelunas  Damn, @Pac12… You couldn't get on @Dish either? Lame. (@ California Pizza Kitchen) http://t.co/fbCp4iRu

@btindrelunas  RT @jdankss: Having a hell of a time finding a live stream of the #ASU vs #NAU game!!! #frustrated

@btindrelunas  Kinda hating the @Pac12 Network right now. @DIRECTV talks aside, why can't I just pay to watch it online? It's 2012, y'all.

@BriNews  I was surprised by PS' total but downright stunned by how much rain fell in the Cathedral City Cove: http://t.co/jiGHA3Co #CVwx

@BriNews  RT @MyDesert: As of 4 p.m., nearly 900 customers without power in Cathedral City due to rains, according to #SCE. http://t.co/guDaKJEu #CVwx

@BriNews  What the what? Palm Springs got 0.59 inches of rain from that storm! http://t.co/jiGHA3Co #CVwx

@BriNews  @bigdaddyrog74 Thanks! I've got yours as the lead photo on http://t.co/c4x9UTsg and at http://t.co/jiGHA3Co

@BriNews  @bigdaddyrog74 Wow! Can we use your photo on @MyDesert?

@BriNews  RT @bigdaddyrog74: @mydesert @mydesert_news @brinews streets of downtown Palm Springs flooded during afternoon downpour http://t.co/dcyzVY5G

@BriNews  @IamJohnnySantos Thanks! Hope you're staying dry out there!

@BriNews  RT @MyDesert: BREAKING: Flooding closes E. Palm Canyon Drive in both directions between Golf Club Drive, Perez Road http://t.co/guDaKJEu ...

@BriNews  RT @DesertWeather: T-Storm over Rancho Mirage http://t.co/r7f4UphW

@BriNews  RT @Caltrans8: Interstate 10 WB just west of Haugen Leman Way #1 lane is closed due to jack-knifed big rig in the center divider. Unknow ...

@BriNews  Palm Springs airport saw 28 mph winds and 45 mph gust at 2:33 p.m. as storm rolled in http://t.co/jiGHA3Co #CVwx

@BriNews  Update: A backhoe used in a street widening project hit gas line in Mecca, @SoCalGas says http://t.co/hDzCPHzW

@BriNews  Starting to look pretty nasty south of Palm Springs. Use #CVwx to let us know what the weather's like where you are. http://t.co/GP0DRfYQ

@BriNews  When it rains (figuratively) while it's raining (literally), it pours (usually both). #CVwx

@BriNews  RT @bigdaddyrog74: @mydesert_news Westbound I-10 clogged after tractor trailer jack-knifes into center divide west of HWY-111 http://t.c ...

@BriNews  I'm hearing reports of a crash blocking eastbound Fred Waring Drive near College of the Desert. #CVtraffic

@BriNews  #CVtraffic ALERT: Gas line break closes Fourth Street and Highway 111 in Mecca, CHP says. Use Avenue 62 instead, patrol advises.

@BriNews  Though we've just seen light rain here so far, NWS radar shows heavy rain at rate of 2" per hour in some spots: http://t.co/w5SLZVAe #CVwx

@BriNews  It's sprinkling again in Palm Springs. @MyDesert storm team, activate! #CVwx

@BriNews  For anyone into media inside baseball, @AriannaHuff's talk with @USATODAY is fascinating: http://t.co/wJvZhNfw http://t.co/f4GEoXaA

@BriNews  That just made my morning. MT @caseymornings: California's Gold is the best thing on tv - period. #HuellHowser https://t.co/7XaCafCt

@BriNews  CHP: No injuries reported in two crashes on eastbound I-10 — 5:44 a.m. near Indian Canyon Drive and 6:16 a.m. near Cook Street. #CVtraffic

@BriNews  Good morning from @MyDesert, where Suresh Krause is in my thoughts: http://t.co/fBGWiuJ1 @TDStsone set to cover soldier's 10 a.m. funeral.

@showertime  Sun Devil football is back, baby! This one goes out to @TheSunDevils. #BeatNAU!

@BriNews  Strange. RT @MyDesert: Medical #marijuana dispensary can reopen, judge says in reversal. http://t.co/lo127FtY #MyDesert

@btindrelunas  Best Buy Girl-You are amazing http://t.co/0mzTjcTa

@BriNews  As eye-grabbing as the Hollywood-style searchlights in PS are, there also seems to be some lightning over the east valley tonight. #CVwx

@BriNews  Something has the whole mountainside lit up near Frey house in PS. Security guard would only call it "private showing." http://t.co/47zdgDTo

@btindrelunas  Yep. They're nuggets this time, but it still feels right. http://t.co/9PTBxnMT

@BriNews  Turning off @CNN push alerts before they resort to "Sun rises." #notbreaking http://t.co/UndPHxM4

@BriNews  RT @ShannonRaeGreen: Reporters research while Tim Pawlenty speaks behind them. #GOP2012 http://t.co/0ABnhrow

@BriNews  Who needs cable when you've got @USATODAY's live #GOP2012 coverage? http://t.co/P7FBkhUq #addictedtonews http://t.co/t02Ls9X7

@BriNews  Just updated @MyDesert's Yorba Linda earthquake story: http://t.co/cICVPrP4 So far, no reports of it being felt in the Coachella Valley.

@BriNews  Just told an editor, "I can write 6” on paint drying," and the jokes have already begun. Never gonna live that one down.

@BriNews  4.1 earthquake just reported near Yorba Linda: http://t.co/t73BJMvW

@BriNews  Live reports from @Gannett reporters in Biloxi and New Orleans and updated #Isaac forecast from @MIkeFrancisWX at http://t.co/Jg9UyvBN

@btindrelunas  I just ousted Tiffany M. as the mayor of Jack in the Box on @foursquare! http://t.co/hiAZawvL

@BriNews  Can't wait for the weekend to take a road trip? Watch live as @scottbroom drives from Florida to New Orleans: http://t.co/Rbb9boTT #Isaac

@BriNews  RT @caseymornings: Well what do you know, a little rain in Palm Springs #CVwx http://t.co/VOahioRg

@BriNews  Despite 20 percent chance of rain for the Coachella Valley, flood risk is minimal, NWS says: http://t.co/BFElZVWs #CVwx

@BriNews  National Weather Service predicts slight chance of storms this morning in east valley: http://t.co/SMJGnZAC #CVwx

@BriNews  It's like @mgroppe read my mind as I wondered last night about the value of conventions: http://t.co/mNBuacBM #GOP2012

@BriNews  Good morning from @MyDesert, where this image from my drive in is still stuck in my mind: http://t.co/SOcOi5tJ

@showertime  This one goes out to Diego and his parents, @keithmatheny and Ursula. Congrats! #babies

@BriNews  "You guys got the best seat in the house," former RNC chair Michael Steele tells @USATODAY team at #GOP2012. LIVE NOW: http://t.co/P7FBkhUq

@BriNews  I was surprised, though I shouldn't have been, to see the fro yo stabbing is today's most read story on @MyDesert: http://t.co/ZcZT9f8t

@BriNews  RT @MyDesert: LIVE video updates from @Gannett journalists covering #Isaac now on our home page and at http://t.co/2U6ldoSx

@BriNews  I always love when we're able to put live video on our home page. http://t.co/hSjJl7PE

@BriNews  RT @MyDesert: LIVE VIDEO: Get the latest Hurricane Isaac forecast at http://t.co/2U6ldoSx

@BriNews  RT @denisegoolsby: Congratulations to @keithmatheny and Ursula on the birth of their son Diego Allen Matheny. DAM ... those are great in ...

@BriNews  RT @marcelhonore: Disappointed we didn't get the live-tweet from @keithmatheny during his son's birth this morning - but happy that Dieg ...

@BriNews  Congrats to @MyDesert colleague @keithmatheny and wife Ursula on the birth of their son Diego this morning!

@BriNews  @downsanddirty @melvinm2 Possibly. We're moving to CCI NewsGate (as is the rest of of @Gannett) and being trained by Red Badge Consulting.

@BriNews  Cathedral City police are looking for a man they say beat another man with a club during an argument: http://t.co/j03W8MSy

@BriNews  Good morning from @MyDesert, where I'm glad to get back to the software I know for a few more days as I wrap my mind around our new system.

@showertime  #TheWork dreams show no sign of stopping (nap: NewsGate; night: weather/video/UGC) so maybe I can appease them with this shower dedication.

@btindrelunas  Booty poppin' keeps me up at night. It's fru. #fancyproblems

@btindrelunas  #firstworldproblems #fancyproblems http://t.co/exDOm7vP

@btindrelunas  Kids are the best dancers! RT @downsanddirty: This kid jacked my dance moves. http://t.co/Nfr59AsD #dancing

@btindrelunas  Zig-a-zig ah! RT @runningupstream: Girl on stage is singing Spice Girls' "Wannabe". I'm dedicating it to @btindrelunas #palmspringsiloveyou

@BriNews  In a nerdy start to the week, I've already dreamed about our new software. NewsGate couldn't even wait until night to affect my subconscious

@btindrelunas  YES. RT @MeghanEvans: @btindrelunas We shuttin' shit down on Twitter.

@btindrelunas  @G3K Check your frequent flier programs and maybe credit cards too to see if any have rate codes that save $ and/or get you lots of miles.

@btindrelunas  NO. RT @RELEVANT: Stop everything. Lebron James wants to star in a "Space Jam" sequel: http://t.co/huQrGEzd

@btindrelunas  RT @MeghanEvans: NO. RT @LAist Music on Mars: @MarsCuriosity Rover to Premiere http://t.co/YjnBUIcM's New Song http://t.co/pyupSEMN @iam ...

@BriNews  After a near-normal weekend, a warmup is expected this week: http://t.co/iHOTkxL1 #CVwx

@BriNews  RT @lizkellynelson: Day one at @MyDesert -- can't wait!

@BriNews  @caseymornings It's a new position. Liz will oversee @MyDesert's digital efforts with a focus on how we interact with our audience.

@BriNews  Good AM from @MyDesert, where it's a big day behind the scenes: Engagement Editor @lizkellynelson starts and Web folks train on new software

@BriNews  A #CVtraffic note: MT @RanchoMiragePD: Traffic delays 8/27-11/19, 6am-5pm. Hwy 111 will be restricted to 2 lanes from Mirage Cove to Paxton.

@showertime  We're welcoming @lizkellynelson to @MyDesert in person today, but I'mma jump the gun and greet her now with this shower dedication.

@btindrelunas  Man, '97 was a crazy year in Carthage: Drew Nixon arrested in February, Bernie Tiede in August, Robert Bonner's trial… http://t.co/jQQqAjet

@BriNews  Have you felt any of the earthquakes centered near Brawley? http://t.co/xpcIfvgV Largest was 5.3, and as usual, I haven't felt a thing.

@btindrelunas  #Bernie with my beezies! Well, not @saamato. Womp womp. (@ Cinemark Movies 10 for Bernie) http://t.co/qkodhBdq


@btindrelunas  BYE, @SAAMATO: PART 10!!!!!!!!!! THE FINAL STRIKETHROUGH. Aww. :/ (@ Elmer's w/ 3 others) [pic]: http://t.co/gPusycNY

@BriNews  RT @philkowal: Waiting on Gene Autry to pay last respects to Chief Krause. Last ride thri his hometown. Thank you for your service.

@BriNews  RT @denisegoolsby: Plane carrying body of fallen soldier arrives at PSP @MyDesert http://t.co/QCMljMCB

@BriNews  RT @denisegoolsby: Family waits for the arrival of U.S. Army CW0-2 Suresh Kuresh at PSP. @mydesert http://t.co/Bb75bCjB

@BriNews  3.9 earthquake just reported south of the Salton Sea, near Brawley: http://t.co/Vwrnftd4

@btindrelunas  I get tired when it's night. #sleepymorningbitch

@btindrelunas  My new favorite game at the sports bar: See if @gregolee ever appears on screen on @LocalTwo and @KESQ at the same time.

@btindrelunas  BYE, @SAAMATO: PART 8!!!!!!!! (@ Over The Top Sports Bar & Grill) http://t.co/uBvAuZTu

@btindrelunas  I just ousted @jnmiskell as the mayor of Over The Top Sports Bar & Grill on @foursquare! http://t.co/KQ6FsVFB

@btindrelunas  BYE @SAAMATO: PART SEVEN!!!!!!! (The $10 froyo part!) (@ Eddie's Frozen Yogurt w/ 2 others) [pic]: http://t.co/mOiRIW2W

@btindrelunas  BYE, @SAAMATO: PART SIX!!!!!! (@ Blue Coyote Grill) http://t.co/GOXOKqYf

@showertime  And now this one goes out to @saamato (but not the fuckpants).

@showertime  A little rinse from this afternoon went out to all y'all.

@btindrelunas  WE FOUND DOVE IN A SOAPLESS PLACE http://t.co/Fa1dZ2LN

@btindrelunas  RT @ScribeDevil: Thunderstruck playing at Pacific Beach. Five days to kickoff. Time to speak victory. #GoDevils

@btindrelunas  Mary Carillo's #Olympics packages and late-night hosting make me smile. #tapedelaysquared

@BriNews  RT @HuffPostMedia: The New York Times has only used 96-pt type four times in its history. One was for Neil Armstrong's walk on the moon. ...

@BriNews  RT @michaelroston: NYT on July 21, 1969: MEN WALK ON MOON http://t.co/Lhep9mZ3

@BriNews  RT @keithmatheny: "One giant leap for mankind." RIP Neil Armstrong.

@btindrelunas  .@jnmiskell and I are going to see Bernie on Sunday! Who else is in?! http://t.co/CjhdozEs

@btindrelunas  RT @ColinAtagi: @btindrelunas is busting out his booty pop magic on stage.

@btindrelunas  How much of twinsies are Eli Manninh and Michael Phelps?

@btindrelunas  BYE, @SAAMATO: PART FIVE!!!!! (@ O'Leary's) http://t.co/5J3GreuY

@btindrelunas  BOOTY POP AT THE PARKER! (@ Le Parker Méridien Palm Springs w/ 2 others) http://t.co/1VmfRjpc

@btindrelunas  Am I the first one here? THIS NEVER HAPPENS! (@ GRIND BRGR BaR) http://t.co/09Bp6Qns

@BriNews  "Can we do it like a wedding cake and feed each other?" –@GirlAboutPS to @saamato (It's their last day at @MyDesert.) http://t.co/4XjgXwsV

@BriNews  @jayhndz ... and how your tax dollars are spent: http://t.co/FukJ3X39 (by @keithmatheny)

@BriNews  @jayhndz ... what people are talking about around the Coachella Valley: http://t.co/tCHWgeIE (by @TDSXochitlPena) ...

@BriNews  @jayhndz No one else offers as much reporting on what national news means here: http://t.co/QjR8P0W1 (by @nbrambila) ...

@BriNews  In case you were wondering, I settled on "LL." RT @OHnewsroom: Reporter: “Soooo… What is the second reference for LL Cool J?”

@BriNews  RT @michaelroston: Robert Asika, 23, on getting shot by a police officer: “I guess, you know, stuff happens.” http://t.co/u2PclM7X

@BriNews  @tamarryuhh My colleague @TDSXochitlPena was at the scene and has more details on the early-morning fire: http://t.co/vCcdH0Jc

@BriNews  Every time I see "Asian Boyz" as a slug on the City News Service wire, I get my hopes up for a new boy band. Alas… http://t.co/R8bw6EqJ

@BriNews  RT @TDSXochitlPena: Owner of Kristen Plaza, the @CityofIndio strip mall destroyed by fire plans to rebuild it.

@BriNews  Strip mall "will have to be demolished," Indio fire chief tells @TDSXochitlPena: http://t.co/vCcdH0Jc @CALFIRERRU estimates $2M in damage.

@BriNews  RT @TDSXochitlPena: Hwy 111 just opened for traffic west of Monroe St. after it was closed because of an early morning plaza fire in @Ci ...

@BriNews  I guess I'm not the only hungry one this AM. Three of @MyDesert's top 10 stories, plus No. 11, are about restaurants: http://t.co/2mEZi0NM

@BriNews  RT @TDSXochitlPena: Small strip mall in @CityofIndio on Hwy 111 next to Starbucks is destroyed from an early morning fire. http://t.co/T ...

@BriNews  Wow. Busy morning for emergency responders. CHP reports no injuries in 5:22 a.m. single-vehicle rollover east of the valley. #CVtraffic

@BriNews  @skellykpsi There are two: Indio strip mall in 81-900 block of Highway 111 and DHS' Linda Vista Senior Residences, 67-200 Hacienda Ave.

@BriNews  Linda Vista Senior Residences fire was in rec room, and fire department quickly put it out, community manager says.

@BriNews  Fire at Linda Vista Senior Residences in DHS contained. Minimal damage; no one hurt or displaced, @CALFIRERRU says. http://t.co/Qmr7kyIC

@BriNews  RT @CALFIRERRU: Firefighters responded to a multi-family structure in Desert Hot Springs, CA. http://t.co/7zX1mpI4

@BriNews  .@TDSXochitlPena is headed to the strip mall fire in Indio, and I'm headed to another fire just reported in Desert Hot Springs.

@BriNews  #CVtraffic ALERT: Strip mall fire closes Hwy 111, Monroe-Las Palmas MT @CALFIRERRU: commercial structure fire in Indio http://t.co/2x7zyb3X

@showertime  This shower goes out to buffalo sauce for making everything it touches extra delicious.

@BriNews  RT @denisegoolsby: Funeral for U.S. Army CWO-2 Suresh Krause: 10 a.m., Thurs. Aug. 30 @ Forest Lawn Cathedral City. Interment to follow ...

@btindrelunas  RT @BriNews: Yep, I uttered this @OHnewsroom quote: http://t.co/trAJzoJ1 Thanks, @dearthvader… (I assume.)

@BriNews  Yep, I uttered this @OHnewsroom quote: http://t.co/trAJzoJ1 Thanks, @dearthvader… (I assume.)

@BriNews  "Los Angeles has easily become the sports capital of America," Chris Erskine writes: http://t.co/K1CjSF2r

@BriNews  RT @MaryBonoMack: Love it! @saamato: @BriNews @denisegoolsby @MaryBonoMack Salads with Sara

@BriNews  RT @MaryBonoMack: Imitation is sincerest form of flattery! @BriNews: @denisegoolsby's a quick alliterator, coining Days w/ Denise and Br ...

@BriNews  We're getting our first look at the man arrested in mountain operation Tuesday: http://t.co/Y5Z4HBoL via @MyDesert

@BriNews  Readers wondered if officers airlifted Tuesday off Mount San Jacinto were looking for marijuana. Turns out, they were: http://t.co/IMAfCUgQ

@BriNews  RT @MyDesert: Remember when officers were airlifted off Mount San Jacinto? Now we know what they were investigating: http://t.co/NIklkHK3

@BriNews  .@denisegoolsby's a quick alliterator, coining Days with Denise and Breakfast with Brian just after @MaryBonoMack touts "Mornings with Mary"

@btindrelunas  This morning, KDES played SSP jams "All You Need Is Love" and "Teach Your Children Well." Just now, "Never Gonna Give You Up." #perfect

@btindrelunas  Finally! http://t.co/SUlBU55b

@BriNews  High desert drivers: Highway 62 is closed from Godwin Road east of Twenynine Palms to Highway 177 north of Desert Center, CHP reports.

@BriNews  Thermal's high of 96 was 10° below normal and tied day's 1983 record for coolest high. Also, rain record smashed: http://t.co/RhKpJSCI #CVwx

@BriNews  No injuries in hit-and-run crash near eastbound I-10 and Jackson Street, according to CHP. #CVtraffic

@BriNews  "We're certainly not having Assisted-living Pride Week." http://t.co/HSme9lYl Good read on gay seniors from @GirlAboutPS.

@BriNews  @ggranger2010 Thanks!

@BriNews  Gotta love that sunrise. http://t.co/az1ZwgCd

@BriNews  No fires, but lights are out at Tachevah Drive's intersections with Palm Canyon and Indian Canyon drives, making four-way stops. #CVtraffic

@BriNews  Good AM from uptown PS, where downed power lines have Camino Monte Vista closed between Palm and Indian cyns #CVtraffic http://t.co/eB4y065L

@showertime  This one goes out to the peeps at the Chase bank in Stater Bros. for being at work even later than I was last night. (Yes, night.)

@BriNews  RT @MyCoachella: LL Cool J really will knock you out http://t.co/gguVxDpW

@BriNews  RT @IIDEnergy: Power outage in La Quinta due to current weather conditions, 200+ customers, troubleshooters on route

@BriNews  RT @michaelhayes: Storm coverage http://t.co/C2OfQYeT

@btindrelunas  LUNCH PART TWO! (@ Smokin' Burgers & Lounge) http://t.co/oCA1B5Hi

@BriNews  .@nytimes calls "Call Me Maybe" an "audiovisual meme" http://t.co/ljz7YAgS

@BriNews  Right. RT @caseymornings: Thunder buddies for life right? #CVweather

@BriNews  Still plenty of splashing where Farrell Drive and Compadre Road cross Ramon Road in Palm Springs. #CVwx #CVtraffic

@BriNews  Things are already starting to dry out in downtown Palm Springs as breaks in clouds appear. #CVwx http://t.co/ie5JKEpm http://t.co/8r5axfvv

@BriNews  RT @smraines12: #love the #rain http://t.co/AjCxRbWh

@BriNews  RT @mrstevenmichael: A downpour of rains and thunderstorms break across Palm Springs. I'm scared. Hold me, please.

@BriNews  RT @deb_anderson: Yup. Starting to regret that car wash right about now! #flashfloods

@BriNews  RT @PSTramway: Thunder and rain oh my! Sorry no view today.

@BriNews  Rain in downtown Palm Springs has been heavy enough to flood some lanes and intersections. #CVwx http://t.co/bTuKSNXH

@BriNews  Rain's falling now in central Palm Springs, accompanied by a whole lot of thunder and lightning. #CVwx

@BriNews  Mount San Jacinto just disappears in those clouds. #CVwx http://t.co/dAmU97vO

@BriNews  British construction worker on what @AP calls Prince Harry's naked romp: "I'd be proud of him if he were my son." http://t.co/PQ2oT5xY

@BriNews  RT @BruceBonafede: Palm Springs: Not outside, but it's raining in my shower. Hope it stops soon. #CVwx

@BriNews  Rain falls around the valley: http://t.co/bHL0KN4j Let us know if it's raining in your neighborhood by tweeting with the #CVwx hashtag.

@BriNews  A man lured his ex-girlfriend to his Cathedral City home and raped her, police said: http://t.co/X1DcRvyy

@BriNews  CHP reports no major #CVtraffic issues along I-10 right now. Knock on wood.

@BriNews  NWS predicts 40 percent chance of rain today, dropping to 30 percent tonight: http://t.co/EZbWfr6C #CVwx

@BriNews  Good morning from @MyDesert, where #ALLOFTHESCREENS are now in working order. http://t.co/hRIv1OO0

@btindrelunas  Corporate visit day! (@ The Desert Sun) http://t.co/iXDMSZwd

@btindrelunas  They're baaaaaaack! http://t.co/4Wjz3kG0

@showertime  This one goes out to @catcityred.

@BriNews  Turns out, officers were airlifted off Mount San Jacinto: http://t.co/oi1keu81 No word yet on what they were investigating in mountains.

@BriNews  Riverside County fire crews are near PS Aerial Tramway after initial report of six hikers needing help, spokeswoman says. Awaiting more info

@BriNews  Valley under flash flood watch but near 'lowest end' of rain possibilities in region: http://t.co/vvGV1K7B #CVwx

@BriNews  NWS predicts 20 percent chance of rain today, Wednesday as trough of low pressure moves inland, hits monsoon moisture. #CVwx

@showertime  The Watermelon Heist, I don't even know what to think of you. So I'm going to dedicate this shower to you while I collect my thoughts.

@btindrelunas  Dough made with Bisquick is like glitter. It gets everywhere.

@btindrelunas  Hoo boy. I just put some Frankenmuffins in the oven, and I am not at all sure what I'm about to unleash.

@btindrelunas  Someone just drove through a red to almost hit me while I was turning left on an arrow AND didn't even acknowledge my subsequent death glare

@BriNews  RT @gaberivera: I'm recommending this minor change to Twitter's UI. http://t.co/oDZnaBf6

@BriNews  RT @samgavindotcom: Wait, so this ISN'T Rick Ross? http://t.co/ICRpxIHs

@BriNews  Updated: DUI suspected in this morning's fatal crash on I-10 http://t.co/0WQSlwOh #CVtraffic

@BriNews  RT @CALFIRERRU: Buck Incident [Update]: Fire declared controlled at 8:00 a.m. this morning (08/20/2012). Incident Terminated.

@BriNews  Garage fire at unoccupied home out, dept. says: MT @CALFIRERRU: Structure fire 50100 Block Paseo Cordova in Coachella. http://t.co/EbbtdK3X

@BriNews  RT @MyDesert: Augusta National, home of the Masters, has admitted its first two women members: http://t.co/PVtOivL4

@BriNews  Westbound I-10 lanes are reopening now in Whitewater after overnight fatal crash.

@BriNews  Closer look at SUV that collided with a big rig overnight on I-10 in Whitewater, killing one. #CVtraffic http://t.co/3NAvUukF

@BriNews  Only two lanes of WB I-10 closed about a mile before Whitewater exit as SUV towed from fatal crash scene. #CVtraffic http://t.co/Mix7jxUZ

@BriNews  All but fast lane closed on westbound I-10 near site of overnight fatal crash in Whitewater, CHP says: http://t.co/0WQSlwOh #CVtraffic

@btindrelunas  RT @KyleBurbank: That awkward moment when there's nine people on the poster and only eight namea. Sorry, lady on the top left http://t.c ...

@btindrelunas  RT @CapeTalk567: South Africa has its own Milk Bank for moms who cannot produce enough breast milk http://t.co/LUFKrI1q

@btindrelunas  RT @statepress: Check out @strosenb's pic of Hayden Flour Mill getting into the the Sun Devil spirit! http://t.co/Sn1abIrs

@showertime  Shauna, Marie, @jnmiskell, @nbolland and @shad_powers all showed some love for Destiny's Child the other night, so this shower's for them.

@btindrelunas  Rodney interviewed me at Good for his 30 second podcast. - Breakfast really does beg that question. http://t.co/pljn1bUu

@btindrelunas  So much dancing tonight! #lovelovelove

@btindrelunas  Yep, @shad_powers and me FTW! RT @famouspussies: "Two white men..." "They just had a diva bitch-out. It was like Gladys Knight and Aretha."

@btindrelunas  RT @basementmommy: If someone would let me out of here, it'd be a dream come fru!

@btindrelunas  RT @famouspussies: "It was true for me. You guys know where I'm going with this." "Fru means 'true for me'?!"

@btindrelunas  RT @famouspussies: It was like a dream come fru!

@showertime  East valley, I hope you're ready for us. As a token of our appreciation (and/or eventual apology), please accept this shower dedication.

@btindrelunas  I am so over real estate.

@btindrelunas  RT @spacecatazz: yeah, it's official. 21 Jump Street is the best movie of all time.

@showertime  This shower goes out to @kjmcginty for her concern about my safety and key-holding tips.

@btindrelunas  BYE, @GIRLABOUTPS AND @SAAMATO! (@ Hair of the Dog Saloon) http://t.co/WOh1zP8x

@showertime  That shower went out to (Yes, past tense.) @ColinAtagi for his persistence.

@BriNews  Aww yeah. Get ready to see a lot more of my face in Google results when you search for things I've written about, like http://t.co/BNfE8Atw

@BriNews  An Indio sex offender was arrested Thursday, accused of molesting a teen acquaintance: http://t.co/WDJ2eKC5

@BriNews  I assume this means @Facebook's stock price is lower than the cost of a @DosEquis. http://t.co/UNwUMOQ7

@BriNews  #QuailFire burned area closed until Sept. 30; roads, facilities open, @JoshuaTreeNP says: http://t.co/VKYDkU86

@BriNews  Joshua Tree National Park just announced #QuailFire was fully contained Thursday afternoon at 273 acres.

@BriNews  "I can't confirm or deny whether he wants an adorable kitten." http://t.co/03gYlCCT by @AP

@BriNews  Good company… RT @caseymornings: Follow and give them grief, Lord knows I do: #ff @IamKristenKelly @BriNews @Patrick937KCLB @BruceFessier

@BriNews  @caseymornings Thanks, Casey!

@BriNews  Nice! A local volunteer's solution for posting trail signs is being used nationwide: http://t.co/7lSKDjN7 by @nbrambila

@BriNews  Video: Assistant Sports Editor @shad_powers' #MyCampaignPromise featured on Jimmy Fallon http://t.co/tVcaSXoQ via @lginn

@BriNews  3.0 quake reported near Big Bear about 10 minutes ago: http://t.co/DjFpkz2o

@BriNews  RT @caseymornings: The best 7 seconds you will spend all day: http://t.co/Chkf3nuN

@BriNews  RT @MyDesert: #BREAKING: #BuckFire is 100 percent contained, @CALFIRERRU says http://t.co/tT14o91G

@BriNews  What does it even mean to be "the essence of the F-word"? http://t.co/4hva6M5I

@BriNews  I'm tempted to call, but I have a feeling legends get to sleep past 7 a.m. http://t.co/Uy0dtuMd

@BriNews  Good morning from @MyDesert, where I'm wondering when we get to come up for air. Oh, that IS air? http://t.co/pMCQWBQ5 #CVwx

@btindrelunas  RT @showertime: I got to chat with @jnmiskell not only at the bar but also later on a pitstop during my walk. This one's for her. (Yay n ...

@showertime  I got to chat with @jnmiskell not only at the bar but also later on a pitstop during my walk. This one's for her. (Yay nocturnal friends!)

@btindrelunas  Just completed a 4.34 mi walk - Thanks, Explosions in the Sky, for the perfect night-walk soundtrack! http://t.co/M5elR8Mv #RunKeeper

@btindrelunas  @ColinAtagi Why'd y'all leave so early? I'm out now!

@btindrelunas  Was gonna nap until 7 with the A/C off. Overslept and am now like a dog with its head out the window in front of the vent. #desertproblems

@BriNews  RT @ChathamPhoto: Overheated AC unit prompts fire response in Rancho Mirage. @MyDesert http://t.co/vVOxJ6w5

@BriNews  RT @romenesko: Dear Tuscaloosa News: Where's the "Breaking Bad" mention in your story on local meth-maker Walter White? http://t.co/izjMmTsv

@BriNews  RT @MyDesert: Strong storm near Hemet hits #BuckFire command center. Check out @denisegoolsby's must-see photos: http://t.co/yPIYFVzx

@BriNews  RT @denisegoolsby: Major wind and hailstorm is blowing through #BUCKFIRE incident command center. @MyDesert http://t.co/XfLSzgxe

@BriNews  RT @Julie_Buehler: Question of the day: Good call for Bradley to call out Pac??... http://t.co/4ZnzxTpq

@btindrelunas  It's a good day in the desert when you get to make a (relevant) reference to this speech during #fancybitchez banter: http://t.co/reJnssFo

@btindrelunas  Must. reclaim. mayorship. (@ Santana's Mexican Food) http://t.co/WV92uSaj

@BriNews  Firefighters in Palm Desert have been busy today. Read about a house fire and hiker rescue at http://t.co/qr6itafA

@BriNews  CHP: Ambulance heading to crash involving big rig reported near Morongo Trail offramp from eastbound I-10 in Cabazon. #CVtraffic

@BriNews  RT @CALFIRERRU: "Buck" Fire [Update] is now 60% contained, still 2,681 acres. #BuckFire

@showertime  This one goes out to #cookiesinbed.

@BriNews  RT @gburton: Photo 16 and 17 in this gallery are almost too hard to believe: rows of pot plants unscathed by Buck Fire http://t.co/JKGTgVuE

@BriNews  10-4! RT @mkotz14: @BriNews Show me enroute: dbl. dbl. animal style w/ chopped chilis, shhhh- secret menu. Dont tell anyone #In-N-Out

@BriNews  @MeXrOcKeRiTa You're welcome!

@BriNews  @MeXrOcKeRiTa In-N-Out VP tells me the Indio restaurant has reopened: http://t.co/TQhsR0lm

@BriNews  Good news for folks who are as hungry as I am: In-N-Out in Indio has reopened http://t.co/TQhsR0lm

@BriNews  THIS JUST IN: Deputies have surrounded a Coachella home and evacuated neighbors after spotting gunfire suspect http://t.co/SsvseEfA

@BriNews  Plumbing issues close a valley In-N-Out Burger: http://t.co/TQhsR0lm It's expected to reopen later today. (ht @MeXrOcKeRiTa)

@BriNews  @MeXrOcKeRiTa Heard back from an In-N-Out VP, who says the drains weren't draining properly: http://t.co/TQhsR0lm

@BriNews  RT @denisegoolsby: Odd sight at #BUCKFIRE This is a fake rock covering a small water valve. In the middle of nowhere. @MyDesert http://t ...

@BriNews  @MeXrOcKeRiTa Just called In-N-Out's corporate office, and the person I got in marketing department is trying to find out why it's closed.


@BriNews  RT @kkaufmann: More wild fires mean more pollution, more health problems. El Niño exerts a deadly effect http://t.co/wyhuKVPo

@BriNews  RT @CALFIRERRU: Buck Fire [Update] Cause of the fire determined to be lightning. Fire remains 3000 acres and 15% contained.

@BriNews  How big is high school football in my old hometown of Carthage, Texas? THIS BIG: http://t.co/uTx2cLsx (via @newsjournal)

@BriNews  #BuckFire smoke not forecast to reach ground level in Coachella Valley, AQMD spokesman says: http://t.co/DEvRXSvt

@BriNews  RT @MyDesert: Watch out for intermittent #CVtraffic delays on westbound I-10 until 1 p.m. today for street sweeping - http://t.co/30OFoVNC

@BriNews  Good morning from Palm Springs, where smoke from the #BuckFire can still be seen coming over Mount San Jacinto. http://t.co/bVepWJA8

@BriNews  RT @CALFIRERRU: "Buck" Fire [Update] is now 15% contained, still 3,000 acres. #BuckFire

@showertime  This shower and thoughts of monsoony afternoons go out to Priya.

@btindrelunas  I am so bad at going to sleep sometimes.

@BriNews  Publishing the latest wire story only to find the problem it covers ended an hour ago. THEN a writethru moves. #producerproblems

@BriNews  RT @CALFIRERRU: Traffic Collision with Extrication in Indian Wells, CA. http://t.co/YwCrP4fP

@BriNews  UPDATE: Missing teen found, Palm Springs police say http://t.co/zrV4qZ4y

@BriNews  Wondering about that Nixle alert Palm Springs police sent out? Here's more info: http://t.co/aTO2HuD5

@showertime  Songs by @OurNameIsFun have a way of getting stuck in your head, so this shower goes out to them.

@showertime  This rinse goes out to #HoneyBooBoo for this and many other giggles: http://t.co/ZVXijNs4

@btindrelunas  Talking heads keep calling this the first (Summer) #Olympics and presidential campaign of the Twitter age, but @SPelection & I beg to differ

@BriNews  Fire burning south of Highway 111 between Snow Creek Road and Overture Drive is 20 acres, USFS spokesman says: http://t.co/IXc5HGXb

@BriNews  RT @MyDesert: #CVtraffic ALERT: Fire closes Highway 111 heading into Palm Springs from I-10 http://t.co/FnOE4DEe

@BriNews  It's stormy in the mountains southwest of the valley, prompting a flash flood warning there: http://t.co/KZjKGsG2 #CVwx

@BriNews  Sunday's high in Thermal, 117 degrees, handily beat the day's record set in 1967: http://t.co/1KFMT7pw #CVwx

@BriNews  Crews hope to surround Quail Fire burning in Joshua Tree National Park, spokesman says: http://t.co/BM0bwdIH But a lot depends on the #CVwx.

@BriNews  Good morning from @MyDesert, where I think this is @MyDesertTV's way of calling in sick: http://t.co/klyXcn2f

@showertime  This one goes out to weird dreams.

@BriNews  @fesquibel Thanks for the heads up! I'm out of town, but I let the @MyDesert newsroom know.

@showertime  This one's for Grandma and Pa, who've been married 55 years, and Mom, who put together a successful surprise party: http://t.co/ZKDotyMA

@btindrelunas  RT @amber0marie: I don't care how short I am. Must. Shoot. Race walking. #london2012 #cnaz @ Buckingham Palace http://t.co/dpunPeVN

@BriNews  RT @amber0marie: I don't care how short I am. Must. Shoot. Race walking. #london2012 #cnaz @ Buckingham Palace http://t.co/dpunPeVN

@btindrelunas  RT @michaelroston: @showertime hope yr singing the Super Bowl Shuffle in the shower

@btindrelunas  RT @showertime: My man crush on @michaelroston grew even more intense when he took a dig at the Packers today, so it's about time I dedi ...

@btindrelunas  SURPRISE! http://t.co/viHpYfFO

@showertime  My man crush on @michaelroston grew even more intense when he took a dig at the Packers today, so it's about time I dedicate a shower to him

@BriNews  Yes, I did just spend a few minutes of my Saturday morning searching campaign contributions. #partylikeajournalist

@BriNews  I had no idea they talked. (Turns out, SS once donated too: http://t.co/F6mxbSUb RT @SuzanneSomers: @MaryBonoMack he is an excellent choice.

@BriNews  The desert (and my neighborhood in particular) just got so much cooler: http://t.co/AUWyMv2C by @mchungphoto

@btindrelunas  RT @michaelroston: I have to suspend my objectivity and admit I am alarmed by the prospect of a Green Bay Packers fan being a heartbeat ...

@BriNews  To screw with us slumbering West Coast journos? RT @SeanBlanda Why announce big news like VP selection at 8am East Coast time on a Saturday?

@BriNews  RT @jskarp: Grover/Elmo '16 RT @TheFix: Fix Jr demands I change channel from MSNBC to Sesame Street. Priorities.

@BriNews  RT @michaelroston: Keep getting angry tweets from people who say they were waiting to watch the Paul Ryan news on NBC's broadcast tonight

@BriNews  @mrstevenmichael Go for it! The #Olympics got this HS swimmer back in the water too, and it felt good.

@BriNews  @fesquibel I'll let that Twitter-following bill slide this month, but I don't know if the auto loan folks will be so kind.

@BriNews  @fesquibel You haven't received my bill yet? :) But kidding aside, @MyDesert is worth it. More reporters and deeper coverage than other orgs

@btindrelunas  #HoneyBooBoo!!!

@BriNews  @caseymornings I'll have to see if I can expense that. haha

@BriNews  Just checked, and the name of the man killed in Thursday's I-10 rollover (http://t.co/97K3pv1Z) still hasn't been released.

@BriNews  Did you know California recognizes Juggalos as a gang? http://t.co/CfN9W7qd via @samgavindotcom (cc: @wolfe @dearthvader @nbolland)

@BriNews  @IntuitiveGal1 No worries; I figured it was. I followed you since you're keyed into CV news, not bc of stripper status (or lack thereof). :)

@BriNews  How did I become the newsroom's reigning expert on local strip clubs? I've visited none of 'em. Why we're on the topic: http://t.co/Zt9YXDMQ

@BriNews  Gannett gets gold, silver AND bronze! RT @gannett: Gannett claims #Olympics viewing trifecta (via @TVNewsCheck) http://t.co/KgkKGYaD

@BriNews  Click for the anti-porn angle; stay for the training tale: http://t.co/DunQluwU Indio man with a newborn(!) trains for Ironman. #lunchreads

@BriNews  RT @CALFIRERRU: Firefighters responded to an aircraft down in Eastvale, CA. http://t.co/roVvH1RT

@BriNews  Junior high memories… MT @berkun: Hypercard, programming language that prepared us for the web, released 25 years ago: http://t.co/2KVBT5eM

@BriNews  RT @MyDesert: BREAKING: Candace Duran murder trial must start by November, judge says http://t.co/huPaQ0ic #iSun report by @TDSKateM

@BriNews  Added this #CVwx tidbit to @denisegoolsby's story: NWS predicts 20 percent chance of rain this afternoon, tonight http://t.co/MjWtggoL

@BriNews  RT @EricOlson73: BEST STORY TEASE For Indio triathlete, Ironman wasn't just a race. It was opportunity to shed light on porn addiction: ...

@BriNews  @Tarp1969 Seriously. It took me so long to figure out the best way to refer to those records; there was much back-and-forth with my editor.

@BriNews  Warmest-low records set again early Thursday in Palm Springs (89 degrees vs. 86 in 2003) and Thermal (88 vs. 85 in '86). #CVwx

@BriNews  Of course, five minutes after I mention that the hotline hasn't rung yet today, it did. Thanks for the laugh, @TDSKateM!

@BriNews  Good morning from @MyDesert, where I may be jinxing it, but so far the breaking news line has been silent today.

@showertime  Last night's chit chat with @kjmcginty spurred two things — a dream overnight and this shower right now.

@btindrelunas  RT @kyledaly2: They caught me. Arrested for trespassing. Just another day of crime for Kyle Daly. http://t.co/LJBczftl

@BriNews  @UCRPalmDesert Thanks! It's a good day when you can make a Dangerfield ref… or maybe bittersweet if you're the one not getting no respect :)

@BriNews  I-10 and Washington Street is home to the Rodney Dangerfield of traffic signs: http://t.co/olYrkX5u by @TDSColinAtagi #CVtraffic

@btindrelunas  @Briteezy Sweet! I had my mom tape it since I don't have cable anymore, so I get to see it this weekend. MISS YOU TOO!

@btindrelunas  @Briteezy Same here!

@btindrelunas  "It's 2012. We mock what we love and we love what we mock." http://t.co/VumC6C0d via @qzog on Facebook

@btindrelunas  RT @SparkyArizonaSt: Have you heard? @RowieWebster increased the #SunDevilOlympian medal count! AUS Water Polo team secured the bronze ...

@btindrelunas  RT @JeremyHawkes: Congrats 2 U.S. soccer's Amy LePeilbet as she is the 1st Sun Devil gold medalist of 2012! #london2012 @SparkyArizonaSt ...

@BriNews  So much for this forecast: http://t.co/TX1AcObv It's still hazy and only 106 in Palm Springs. (Normal high is 107.) #CVwx

@BriNews  CHP: Driver may have braked after blowout, made 'dramatic' turn before fatal rollover http://t.co/OATV2kMO

@BriNews  New details from CHP on fatal rollover, including names of driver and passengers who survived: http://t.co/OATV2kMO #CVtraffic

@BriNews  RT @JeremyHawkes: Congrats 2 U.S. soccer's Amy LePeilbet as she is the 1st Sun Devil gold medalist of 2012! #london2012 @SparkyArizonaSt ...

@BriNews  RT @TDSjoornelas: Mom covers my back while am out of town by photographing Cathedral City Fire. Not bad pic either! http://t.co/93MaeIA9

@BriNews  RT @CathedralCityPD: Power outage due to vault fire affecting Caliente Sands MHP. Cooling center avail at senior center & various ot ...

@BriNews  RT @TDSKateM: 5,208 @SCE customers without power in Desert Hot Springs, according to its outage center (http://t.co/CmHlYRiz). No cause, ...

@BriNews  Power outage has traffic lights out along Palm Drive in Desert Hot Springs, and police are asking drivers to be careful. #CVtraffic

@BriNews  That's a bad place for a wayward LOL. MT @Poynter: Newspaper apologizes for "worst photo caption fail of all time": http://t.co/EPz67yfh

@BriNews  RT @MyDesert: All lanes of eastbound I-10 are now open at the site of this morning's fatal rollover: http://t.co/DD5PuLYB #CVtraffic

@BriNews  RT @Caltrans8: EB 10 at Date Palm - overturned vehicle with fatal. 1 of 4 lanes closed until further notice - delays still in effect.

@BriNews  RT @Caltrans8: EB 10 at Date Palm - 3 of 4 lanes closed due to fatal rollover accident. Unknown duration. 5 mile back up.

@BriNews  RT @MyDesert: Man killed in I-10 rollover was passenger in SUV: http://t.co/DD5PuLYB Updated with details from @denisegoolsby at the sce ...

@BriNews  RT @denisegoolsby: 1-10 EB traffic is being re-routed off Date Palm in Cathedral City. All lanes closed for fatal collision. @mydesert h ...

@BriNews  @thatoneguy760 The eastbound slow lane is the only one open near Bob Hope Drive. #CVtraffic

@BriNews  RT @caseymornings: @KESQ has the money shot of that horrible, horrible accident on the EB-10 Freeway. Only one lane open at this time. h ...

@BriNews  One killed in crash I-10 rollover near Bob Hope Drive, CHP says: http://t.co/IMW4Q74O Only one eastbound lane open. #CVtraffic

@BriNews  The good news: That haze won't stick around all day. The bad news: The heat will. http://t.co/4yh1cyI4 #CVwx

@BriNews  @FordMichaels Well, NWS says haze actually came from Mexican storms: http://t.co/4yh1cyI4 Summer winds generally move moisture in from SE.

@BriNews  Oof. I just did that thing where I sort our exported-photo folder by the wrong option — the one that takes 10 minutes. #producerproblems

@BriNews  Good morning from @MyDesert, where I'm wondering if anyone else got a whiff of something Salton Sea-esque in this morning's hazy air.

@showertime  #HoneyBooBoo briefly made me question last year's decision to ditch cable, but I'll see it this weekend. In the meantime, this is for Alana.

@btindrelunas  Uh-oh. I might need to ignore Twitter until Friday night. #Olympics spoilers I can deal with. #HoneyBooBoo spoilers are another matter.

@btindrelunas  What to do now that #London2012 swimming is over (even on #tapedelaysquared)? Three words: Oh hey, LA! http://t.co/F0V2NsAb

@BriNews  RT @dearthvader: We can put a rover on Mars, but it takes 2 hours to render a 4-minute clip in Final Cut?

@btindrelunas  If you haven't danced yet today, maybe this will inspire you to bust a move: http://t.co/j4bJZSj7

@BriNews  RT @samgavindotcom: A helpful reminder when things get too stressful during the newscast http://t.co/UUZeGvPC

@BriNews  Heard talk of this killing Tuesday but couldn't find an Orange Drive in the Coachella Valley: http://t.co/4vsZNlaa Turns out, it was Blythe.

@BriNews  Nothing like a wire story on the arrest of a naked (and famous) guy to spice things up on one's site: http://t.co/x31Y4pcE

@btindrelunas  @G3K OMG: @SelfAwareROOMBA! (ht @jodiontheweb)

@BriNews  RT @SCE: You can now report & view outages from your phone. Bookmark http://t.co/WlP7a2BC so you'll have it ready, just in case. Pas ...

@BriNews  A woman was hit and killed by a train this morning near the Coachella-Indio border: http://t.co/fZRXLYqm

@BriNews  NWS says today's highs should range from 111 to 118 degrees, which would be shy of PS' record (121) but could beat Thermal's (114). #CVwx

@BriNews  Warmest-low records tied Tuesday in Indio (90) and Palm Springs (89): http://t.co/1KFMT7pw #CVwx

@BriNews  Good AM from @MyDesert, where we're sure @MittRomney's not in Banning: http://t.co/lxJKFWkF @EricaFelci's Tues. report: http://t.co/YaijB4aI

@showertime  Lane lines and flip turns and smelling like chlorine… These are a few of my favorite things, so this shower goes out to swimming.

@btindrelunas  YES! SPEEDWALKING ON NBC, but only a few seconds. Love that late-night #Olympics rewind segment! #tapedelaysquared http://t.co/E4stlIou

@btindrelunas  Saturday's "All You Need Is Love" singalong at the stadium was awesome! #Olympics #tapedelaysquared

@btindrelunas  @ColinAtagi Agh. I'm out of town this weekend. :/

@btindrelunas  @Tarp1969 That sounds so much tastier than a gold medal!

@btindrelunas  Added to my bucket list: See the Red Hot @ChilliPipers perform. #Olympics #tapedelaysquared

@btindrelunas  Well, I wasn't as bad as I feared I would be. #fakeolympics, here I come!

@btindrelunas  Time to start training for the #fakeolympics! Let's see how out of shape I really am… (@ Palm Springs Swim Center) http://t.co/0zbuHXGb

@btindrelunas  It's time… http://t.co/6JDhuWIj

@btindrelunas  RT @BriNews: A good read for journos — and not just because I'm mentioned: How and what journalists should tweet http://t.co/jSoOZRSI by ...

@BriNews  RT @gburton: No visit from Romney, so why is CalTrans rescheduling road construction due to Romney visit? http://t.co/wW1poJTA via @shar ...

@BriNews  RT @MyDesert: Crews have contained a debris and brush fire in Oasis, battalion chief tells @denisegoolsby at the scene: http://t.co/L4QhhrnP

@BriNews  If the Comic Sans isn't enough of a red flag, how about a first line that's literally red? http://t.co/eCCW4lUM (ht @michaelroston)

@BriNews  Heard report of woman being set on fire in Coachella, but sheriff's spokesman says deputy reports that's not the case: http://t.co/pbD2u81D

@BriNews  Changing the handheld police scanner's battery is well on its way to becoming a full-time job in and of itself.

@BriNews  Seeing police around Sam's Club in PD? A person was found dead about 5:15 a.m. and may have died of natural causes, sheriff's spokesman says

@BriNews  That awkward moment when your direct line rings while you're on the breaking news hotline. #reporterproblems #busymorning

@BriNews  That east valley debris fire has grown to five acres, and more fire crews have been called in: http://t.co/J2RZT4cU

@BriNews  "Weather concerns this week are twofold: the building heat…and (storm) potential in the mountains each afternoon" http://t.co/QIkNZkcc #CVwx

@BriNews  RT @CALFIRERRU: Debris fire: Fillmore St X Ave. 66 in Thermal. 100' X 100'. Read More:http://t.co/6X9of9t7

@BriNews  Well, well, well… Look who else got a new graphics package. @KMIR6_NEWS also redid its logo and set backdrop.

@showertime  I'm even dreaming about the #Olympics now, so this shower goes out to dream-Syria for securing the very controversial games in 20-something.

@BriNews  A good read for journos — and not just because I'm mentioned: How and what journalists should tweet http://t.co/jSoOZRSI by @stevebuttry

@btindrelunas  Baha. RT @ColinAtagi: The lack of sleep since Tuesday has caught up to me. Nearly pulled a @btindrelunas just now and never woke from a nap.

@btindrelunas  OK, one more #tapedelaysquared #Olympics tweet, even though I caught bits and pieces of the trampoline final live: Dong Dong. That is all.

@btindrelunas  Another #tapedelaysquared #Olympics tweet: O hai, @JHarden13! #sundevilsareeverywhere

@btindrelunas  RT @MeghanEvans: @ClaudiaKoerner @btindrelunas Brian Indrelunas, you're an American hero.

@btindrelunas  RT @ClaudiaKoerner: @btindrelunas Chicken strips while swimming. Brian Indrelunas, this is your life.

@btindrelunas  @G3K Nah, I was behind an SUV waiting to go through. If I would've been first, she wouldn't have had time to dawdle. #honkhonk

@btindrelunas  Today's yes-I'm-that-far-behind tweet: Missy Franklin was A-MAZING in the 200 back! #Olympics #tapedelaysquared

@BriNews  I was reminded of the interview at http://t.co/Gvh0g8lE when these chips greeted me at the front of Ralphs: http://t.co/gNBRVIzN

@BriNews  @stevebuttry Thanks for the shout-out, and thanks to @SeaStefan as well!

@BriNews  Minor injuries reported in 11:26 a.m. crash on Avenue 42 at Hopewell Avenue, east of Adams Street, according to CHP. #CVtraffic

@btindrelunas  Palm Canyon ped behavior has hit a new low. Woman just stepped into crosswalk that I had a green to drive through AND stopped to take a pic

@BriNews  I see Lithuania representin' at No. 10 MT @michaelroston: Slovenia is the leader in medals at the Olympics - per capita http://t.co/ivfuTVVP

@BriNews  RT @skellykpsi: @BriNews Please RT. Erica Felci is on with Steve Kelly at 8a today on KPSI at 8 this mornings.

@BriNews  RT @MyDesert: Join us at noon Monday for Q&A with @mydesert president & @gburton on digital efforts, subscriptions. ?'s to james ...

@BriNews  Good morning! No injuries reported in 6:01 a.m. crash on eastbound I-10 near Date Palm Drive, according to CHP. #CVtraffic

@btindrelunas  Ha! Love this guy>> RT @Xavier_Phoenix: @btindrelunas <<this guy? Rickdiculous -- in the best way. #insidejokes #memories #saturdaynightlive

@showertime  It took a visitor from Prague to remind us that we live in a perfect place for pool parties, so this shower goes out to Arnie.

@btindrelunas  I didn't realize so many people I knew were so interested in @MarsCuriosity until catching up on Twitter this morning.

@showertime  Who would take a bunch of crazies seriously when they say they want chicken in the pool? @GirlAboutPS, that's who. This shower's for her!

@btindrelunas  @saamato Only on TV...

@btindrelunas  I am such a sleepy puppy today.

@btindrelunas  Palm Springs life lesson: Wearing a swimsuit as shorts can only lead to good things… namely, being fed chicken strips while swimming.

@btindrelunas  RT @saamato: Remember that time we ate chicken in a pool?

@btindrelunas  "You Make Me Feel" x 2? They must know we're here!


@btindrelunas  Waiting at the bar is THE WORST.

@btindrelunas  "Where is...?" "THE PARTY AT?" Toucans, just so y'all know.

@btindrelunas  The great thing about being this far behind in #Olympics watching is I've already forgotten some of the results. #tapedelaysquared

@btindrelunas  Time for another yes-I-am-that-far-behind tweet: NATHAN ADRIAN FTW! #USA! #USA! #USA! #Olympics #tapedelaysquared

@showertime  This one goes out to GMTI for really coming through on a big issue yesterday. #gannettfamily

@BriNews  Coming soon: Promoted tweets about #CVwx, #CVtraffic and my technical woes du jour? (No thanks.) http://t.co/xkC578ub

@BriNews  "Judge Vineyard is the judge that handles all marijuana dispensary cases…" http://t.co/bfFOXnrN by @blakeherzog

@showertime  Yesterday's went out to @MyDesert for the new e-Newspaper that I can read without even getting out of bed, a wonderful and dangerous thing.

@btindrelunas  The #Olympics have officially taken over my @TiVo. http://t.co/BtAbTt7m

@btindrelunas  @shitsara I haven't gotten any texts from y'all since I left The Work. ARE YOU TEXTING MY WORK PHONE AGAIN? IT IS OFFFFFFF FOR THE WEEKEND.

@btindrelunas  @Jdrews28 Sweet! You should compete in our #fakeolympics too!

@btindrelunas  @TDSjoornelas Sounds like a sign that you should've gotten the traditional Speedo. :)

@btindrelunas  Oh hey, @MarilynMonroe and @PS4everMarilyn! #psiloveyou http://t.co/ELRLmIdN

@btindrelunas  I just ousted @brianps as the mayor of Forever Marilyn on @foursquare! http://t.co/jEfmgepn

@btindrelunas  One last movie night! #psiloveyou (@ Forever Marilyn) http://t.co/wWAgFq29

@btindrelunas  I guess @SethGordon12 and I weren't the only ones inspired by the #Olympics. Just ran into @TDSjoornelas in the swim section at Big 5.

@btindrelunas  RT @BriNews: Then an artist links to my @MyCoachella item. Seriously… Vegas, anyone? RT @AubreyODay: Love being home town news====> ...

@btindrelunas  RT @BriNews: My tech-support luck just don't stop: Coding issue resolved AND I just got long-awaited analytics access! I should go to Ve ...

@btindrelunas  RT @BriNews: I don't think I've ever been so excited to see a hyperlink. Mo' platforms, and for the first time today, NO problems! http: ...

@BriNews  Then an artist links to my @MyCoachella item. Seriously… Vegas, anyone? RT @AubreyODay: Love being home town news====> http://t.co/XGWoMLbK

@BriNews  RT @AubreyODay: Love being home town news====> http://t.co/gjJrBiGA

@BriNews  My tech-support luck just don't stop: Coding issue resolved AND I just got long-awaited analytics access! I should go to Vegas now. #byeyall

@BriNews  I don't think I've ever been so excited to see a hyperlink. Mo' platforms, and for the first time today, NO problems! http://t.co/Gh45gdcX

@BriNews  Larry Bohannan on increasingly being recognized as a @MyDesert blogger, not a Desert Sun columnist: http://t.co/lRuQ8yWb #TheFuture

@btindrelunas  I just ousted Joey R. as the mayor of Gateway Park on @foursquare! http://t.co/r8X93H4u

@BriNews  Deputies still on Langley Road in Sky Valley after early-AM report of gunshots. No injuries; no word on arrests, sheriff's spokeswoman says.

@BriNews  I'll second that! MT @michaelroston: Good AM from the Tower of News where we're excited because it's the best Olympic day: trampoline day!

@btindrelunas  I'm only on Tuesday's daytime #Olympics, and it's funny how NBC is making a point to mention how many of these events are (well, were) live.

@btindrelunas  RT @sal19: .@marksluckie: people who hashtag every word are terrible #Unity12

@btindrelunas  Who knew synchronized diving was so captivating? #Olympics #tapedelaysquared

@btindrelunas  I just ousted Tiffany M. as the mayor of Jack in the Box on @foursquare! http://t.co/hiAZawvL

@BriNews  Deputies aren't sure if the chased vehicle is tied to gunshots heard near crash site/time: http://t.co/7hPO5U9M

@BriNews  Sheriff's spokesman confirms police were chasing vehicle along Highway 111: http://t.co/vDj490v2 #CVtraffic

@BriNews  Here's what we know so far on what sounds like police chase in Palm Desert: http://t.co/7hPO5U9M Still awaiting info from spokesman.

@BriNews  Sheriff's spokesman checking on what sounded like a police chase in Palm Desert. Latest reports indicate wanted person ran. #CVtraffic

@BriNews  Watch out near Highway 111 and Desert Crossing, where there's been another report that driver's on the wrong side of the highway. #CVtraffic

@BriNews  Just heard report of driver on wrong side of Hwy 111 in Palm Desert in what sounds like a chase. Awaiting call back from police. #CVtraffic

@BriNews  RT @MyDesert: Download our new iPhone app at http://t.co/R9aNHSDN and check out our tablet edition at http://t.co/fyUjGNh0

@BriNews  Update to @denisegoolsby's story: Palm Springs fire station was among those left in dark by outage http://t.co/zEABpCAZ

@BriNews  No crashes or other major incidents reported on I-10 right now, according to CHP. #CVtraffic

@BriNews  RT @keithmatheny: AQMD says public must know its grant process is fair -- so they're not disclosing information. Huh? http://t.co/eGWLXx ...

@BriNews  @caseymornings That said, maybe KCLB could buy the pop-up spot and not run an ad, becoming the sponsor of a pop-up-free @MyDesert. :)

@BriNews  @caseymornings I'm no fan of pop-ups, not even ours, but our new online model is a mix of subscriber and ad revenue, just like in print.

@BriNews  Good AM from @MyDesert, where I'm trying to guess how long it'll be until I get to #TeamSA's gold-medal race in my TV backlog. #Olympics

@BriNews  RT @TashJoeZA: Crotch alert! What if every Olympic sport was photographed like beach volleyball? http://t.co/4ScPo1qr

@btindrelunas  RT @CapeTimesSA: The entire newsroom gathered around the TV screens when #TeamSA received their gold medals. #epic

@btindrelunas  RT @TashJoeZA: Crotch alert! What if every Olympic sport was photographed like beach volleyball? http://t.co/4ScPo1qr

@showertime  That #supernap was like the Energizer bunny. It kept going and going and… so this shower is dedicated to it.

@btindrelunas  Fell asleep on the couch about 5:30, and all of a sudden, it's three in the morning. How did that happen?

@BriNews  Woman whose daughter's garage burned says car with electrical problems to blame: http://t.co/yhXpZUad Fire department still investigating.

@BriNews  .@USATodaySports columnist @cbrennansports compares disqualified badminton players to 5-year-olds: http://t.co/k2DlKDAL #Olympics

@BriNews  Updated: What's closed east of the Coachella Valley http://t.co/mbXpW84n #CVtraffic

@BriNews  Record #CVwx on Tuesday: Only 88 degrees in Palm Springs and 84 in Thermal. @TDSColinAtagi has more details: http://t.co/u7Jlr1Ss

@BriNews  NWS: If clouds/humidity remain today, "the Coachella Valley may have difficulty getting above the century mark." http://t.co/QIkNZkcc #CVwx

@BriNews  Good morning from @MyDesert, where I'm glad to see clearer skies today and also trying to comprehend how it's August already.

@btindrelunas  RT @TashJoeZA: Why did I just cheer for the rowers? I don't even like rowing. Man, Olympic fever is deadly!

@showertime  This shower goes out to last night's pizza party peeps — Alabama leprechaun and all!

@btindrelunas  I gave the vest a rest this Christmas, but I think I still pulled off both of my holiday outfits. http://t.co/V4umRpKx http://t.co/8NAe380E

@showertime  This rinse goes out to my fellow SSP 2008 LA staffers for starting a Christmas tradition that's still going strong!

@BriNews  So cool: A Xavier Prep alum played in an international quidditch competition in England. @TDSSherry has the story: http://t.co/kPVqZHpc

@BriNews  “We wish the newspaper would publish what you just said,” COD trustee says. I'll let @keithmatheny take it from there: http://t.co/H1wVGFWJ