@btindrelunas  RT @FootballASU: #ASU is 13th nationally in fewest penalties per game (4.20) and is the top rated #Pac12 team. #SpeakingVictory #ClassAct

@btindrelunas  The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift… EN ESPAÑOL. ¡SÍÍÍÍÍ! ¡Gracias, @Telemundo! #BoysWeekend #FindeSemanadelosChicos

@btindrelunas  RT @TheAtlanticTECH: Snakes on a ... well, you know: Slithering robots to keep you safe when you fly http://t.co/0atBuufG

@BriNews  RT @TheAtlanticTECH: California just made it illegal for employers to ask for workers' social media passwords http://t.co/N5nEqIIo

@btindrelunas  RT @PacificTakes: Nailed it! RT @CBSSportsPac12: RT @DIRECTV What player is ruining your #fantasy week? << You, for not carrying P ...

@btindrelunas  The ghost of @ColinAtagi (or just his car) lurks here. (@ Palm Springs International Airport (PSP) w/ 3 others) http://t.co/UWQREwnV

@btindrelunas  RT @Tronto925: Yesterday was a sick day of riding! #boysweekend

@btindrelunas  RT @donfermano: That way! #beach #flag #stpauli #wa #boysweekend #lifeisgood @ jasper beach http://t.co/2AUy3ee4

@btindrelunas  #BoysWeekend breakfast! Never mind that it's after noon… (@ Elmer’s Restaurant) http://t.co/GVVS1h56

@btindrelunas  Hangin' with the girls on #BoysWeekend http://t.co/8WscxE5u

@btindrelunas  RT @MeghanEvans: "EVERYONE SAW MY VAGIGGLE-JAGGLE. IT'S SO OLD." - my aunt, at this fucking wedding

@btindrelunas  Yeeeeah! Jay's here! #BoysWeekend

@btindrelunas  "#BoysWeekend is resurgent!" -@G3K #FRU.

@btindrelunas  #BoysWeekend currently has more girls attending than boys. Help? @ColinAtagi? @crowsonb? @gregolee? (@ O'Leary's) http://t.co/ZkxekJxd

@btindrelunas  This is what happens when #BoysWeekend adds girls: PICTURES! http://t.co/Kl5gfEM6

@btindrelunas  "9:26 p.m. #BoysWeekend is officially over." -@G3K

@btindrelunas  SO MANY GIRLS UP IN #BOYSWEEKEND, BUT WE LIKE IT LIKE IT! (@ Blue Coyote Grill) http://t.co/FCKgmMgH

@btindrelunas  SO MANY GIRLS UP IN #BOYSWEEKEND, BUT WE LIKE IT. (@ Plastica Luxuria) http://t.co/KXaKcBfE

@btindrelunas  RT @samgavindotcom: @gregolee I saw you on the television! The Q's new graphics are very different, not used to it

@btindrelunas  RT @BoldSaguaros: I promise you, we'll have actual analysis and stuff later, but let's just enjoy this one for the time being. http://t. ...

@btindrelunas  So the dude at Grind turned off FX for a while, but he turned it back in time for the #SunDevils win! Yeah! #GoDevils! #BoysWeekend

@btindrelunas  RT @bvelaski: That was HUGE. Like huge with a "y". YUGE. #ASU #iknowitsnotarealword

@btindrelunas  RT @AStateFanatic42: TOUCHDOWN #ArizonaState 27-17 with 6 mins to go #GoDevils #SpeakingVictory #AllIn #FeartheFork #ASUvsCAL

@btindrelunas  RT @BoldSaguaros: That was a huge play. For the season. Not just this game. #BeatCal

@btindrelunas  OK, Devils. It's time to be srs bz about this. No more playing around. #ASUvsCal #BoysWeekend

@btindrelunas  OK, I know everyone's calling it a bad snap, but I think it was a bad kick in all of my drunken wisdom. #ASU #ASUvsCal #BoysWeekend

@btindrelunas  @TDSjoornelas You haven't heard about the #SunDevils? Better take note; we're gonna be a big thing this season!

@btindrelunas  Don't let my Twitter silence fool you; @G3K and I are watching the @ASU game… and I think we're happy Sun Devils right now. #BoysWeekend

@btindrelunas  @BoldSaguaros Can we have a serious, frank discussion about how much @G3K and I are drinking? #BoysWeekend

@btindrelunas  @Jdrews28 But yeah, looking good in that first half! #GoDevils!!!

@btindrelunas  @Jdrews28 I'm watching with @G3K… and drinks… and the español keyboard on my iPhone, so I'm a hot mess and therefore not tweeting much.

@btindrelunas  "The Final Countdown" is on at Grind right now. Epic @ASUFootball soundtrack. #BoysWeekend

@btindrelunas  "The first of many." -@G3K on that @ASU TD #BoysWeekend


@btindrelunas  #BoysWeekend with @G3K has begun with box sangria and, of course, cookies. Watch out, Palm Springs!

@showertime  Confession: These were a camper's shower sandals I rescued from the trash. Now they must return, so this is for them. http://t.co/rKBJ97GQ

@btindrelunas  Aww, flip-flop FAIL. #desertproblems http://t.co/csM4mJBA

@btindrelunas  RT @BriNews: Whoa. I'm using the @MyDesert app in line at the store. I just became one of the mobile readers we hypothesize about. http: ...

@btindrelunas  RT @FootballASU: It's GAMEDAY #SunDevilNation who is going to steal the show today in Strawberry Canyon? #BeatCal

@BriNews  Whoa. I'm using the @MyDesert app in line at the store. I just became one of the mobile readers we hypothesize about. http://t.co/oCP9uvH7

@BriNews  RT @nytimes: Breaking News: Arthur O. Sulzberger, Publisher Who Transformed The Times, Dies at 86 http://t.co/16P71b2b

@BriNews  RT @kensweet: It must have been fascinating to watch and publish the NYTimes over the decades - in the good times and bad. RIP Arthur S ...

@btindrelunas  Note to self: Go to Zin sometime to spend $$$ and — oh. The band might've just been on a break. Well, I was still a jerk, so… — dance.

@btindrelunas  Did I just call my zebra robe and @ASU slippers an outfit? Yes, yes, I did. #MIDNIGHTFASHION

@btindrelunas  Now I feel kinda bad about being so demanding. I should've asked nicely first and let my outfit be the jarring thing. #MIDNIGHTEMOTIONS

@btindrelunas  I must say, I do enjoy being a grumpy old man before my time. (It is still before my time, right?)

@btindrelunas  And now I can't hear the music in my bedroom anymore! But that walk down the street also kinda woke me up. Oh, FAIL.

@btindrelunas  Despite that first encounter, though, the second employee who stepped in was very nice and said she'd have the music turned down.

@btindrelunas  "Do you work here? You need to turn this down." "Well, the thing is, it's a band." "I know that, but I'm sure they have volume knobs…"

@btindrelunas  I know my zebra robe gave the impression that I was there to party, but the truth was just the opposite.

@btindrelunas  SHUTTIN' SHIT DOWN. (Actually, just getting it turned down.) (@ Zin American Bistro) http://t.co/NdmKIf2p

@btindrelunas  Considering putting on my robe, finding the offending bar and literally pulling the plug. I can make out the words through closed windows.

@btindrelunas  Palm Springs is SO LOUD right now. I just wanna sleep. #iam65yearsold #cranky #pastmybedtime #needmybeautysleep #needmyBOOTYsleep

@btindrelunas  RT @ctownrivals: Trash talk at Wendy's!!!!!! HHS student- "you lost, go home." CHS student "I'm a track athlete, with national titles. Y ...

@btindrelunas  RT @ctownrivals: Scoreboard never affects the love for this city. #CTOWN

@btindrelunas  RT @MeghanEvans: At a Chili's in Flagstaff. BJ Novak just walked in. What?

@btindrelunas  Meanwhile, back at the ranch… RT @mydesert_sports: Game called due to fight. Palm desert 45, San Berdo 6.

@btindrelunas  So my alma mater still can't beat those Huskies at football. Maybe the Wolves are just waiting for my class' 10-year reunion in 2014…

@btindrelunas  RT @ctownrivals: Final score http://t.co/vAbPNJBB

@btindrelunas  RT @KelseyPerry17: Hamilton 34, Chandler 18. Final. #azcFNF

@btindrelunas  RT @KelseyPerry17: Huge stop for Hamilton's defense. Chandler can't punch it in from the 1 yd line and turns it over on downs. That shou ...

@btindrelunas  RT @ctownrivals: 4th and 1, and Hamilton shows no mercy. It's over. CHS misses their RBs as much as any team can miss someone.

@btindrelunas  RT @KelseyPerry17: Chandler at the 1 yd line and stopped twice by Hamilton's defense. Sits 3rd and goal now w/1:35 to go.

@btindrelunas  Of course, getting into the end zone in the first place is proving troublesome right now.

@btindrelunas  "Chandler has to get in the end zone, get a two-point conversion AND get an onside kick." -@ibnsports guy … No big deal, right?

@btindrelunas  RT @ctownrivals: Wolves are in the red zone. They have struggled mightily there.

@btindrelunas  Keep those first downs coming, Wolves!

@btindrelunas  I love the Internet and particularly @ibnsports. Go Wolves! http://t.co/Xht5vSTJ

@btindrelunas  First down! RT @ctownrivals: Sorry for the delay in tweets. Still 34-18 HHS. CHS is driving.

@btindrelunas  Not so sweet: the score. But hey, there's still a quarter left, right?

@btindrelunas  Sweet! The Chandler-Hamilton game is live on http://t.co/XACvJkrs. Why didn't I think to look this up before the fourth quarter? Go Wolves!

@btindrelunas  RT @ralphamsden: Waiting for the 17th matchup of Chandler and Hamilton. Should be fun- hopefully the Wolves put up a fight... but HHS is ...

@btindrelunas  RT @FootballASU: We're off the plane and on the way to #Cal's stadium for the walk through #BeatCal http://t.co/Q5QvZyea

@btindrelunas  SO MANY CHORES to do this afternoon, but they're all gonna have to wait until I take this nap.

@BriNews  @YvoBrad Deputies had been looking for a victim ever since they were called to an assault report nearby about 1:30 p.m. Thursday.

@BriNews  @Lwigui By the way, that chase had an ending we weren't expecting, so we reassessed and posted this story: http://t.co/JaL1Nyac

@BriNews  Woman in shallow Sky Valley grave was found about 2:30 or 3 a.m., sheriff's spokesman says http://t.co/XCjA1jiG

@BriNews  RT @TDSKateM: Stunning. MT @HuffPostMedia WOW. (FOX) just narrated the (Arizona) car chase suspect shooting himself in head. Then cut to ...

@BriNews  @Lwigui We focus primarily on Coachella Valley news, so we're not covering that chase, but our sister site @azcentral has all things AZ.

@BriNews  @Lwigui @MyDesert This is the first we've heard of it. Arizona Street in Palm Desert Country Club? Or the state of Arizona?

@BriNews  RT @MyDesert: Woman found in shallow grave in Sky Valley; man arrested: http://t.co/eoJw34vy

@BriNews  RT @johnasbury: Verdict for five Heath attack murder victims is death #OldFire

@BriNews  I guess the Asian citrus psyllid really is a pest: http://t.co/cnEOYqf0 (P.S.: It's here: http://t.co/it2vmsit)

@BriNews  RT @jszilla: PC running slow? Perhaps you just need to download more RAM? http://t.co/9PxEPqW4

@BriNews  A belated good morning from @MyDesert, where it's Friday. (Check your calendars because that may also be the case at your workplace!)

@showertime  #BoysWeekend is almost here, so this one goes out to @G3K!

@btindrelunas  You're welcome, world. RT @CongratsMe: So congrats me about getting the Apple 5! http://t.co/D6y8H0Kf

@btindrelunas  RT @famouspussies: So the front-butt of the @Nike swoosh always has to be on the front of your shoulder? It's not the American flag.

@btindrelunas  #Browns history by @mamitche11 MT @famouspussies: In 36 years, to make the playoffs in 24 seasons— that's pretty good … And then they SUCKED

@btindrelunas  Watch. this. now. http://t.co/jNPLY4Vy via @kjmcginty RT @YELLDRE: SO CONGRATS ME ABOUT GETTING THE APPLE 5

@showertime  Even though they're from … Cleveland (shudder), this AM's went out to the #Browns since @mamitche11 was a #Bears #standinfan a while back.

@btindrelunas  Go #Browns! #standinfan (@ Burgers & Beer) http://t.co/kMtbW6ok

another day in paradise

This morning, a colleague started off a phone interview with a presumably faraway source with a very chipper, "I'm in Palm Springs!"

I quickly quipped to another reporter nearby, "That's not usually how I say it. It's usually, 'Hey. Are you in town this weekend?' 'No, I'm in Paaallllmmm Sprinnnggggs.'"

But as much as I enjoy and have taken advantage of my newly achieved ability to drive out to LA or Arizona on the (actual) weekend, I do still love it here, and I'm glad that I'll be staying home this weekend to play host to #BoysWeekend. (Cookies, beware.)

What's more, tonight as a combination of street lights and moonlight illuminated the palm trees along Ramon Road as I drove home, I realized that even a long and/or rough day at The Work (and there have been a couple lately) is still a day in a beautiful place.


@BriNews  Someone just called @MyDesert, asked for a TV station's number and refused to say what she was calling about: "You can see it on TV." #RUDE.

@BriNews  NewsGate? Frozen. Chrome? Also frozen. #producerproblems to the max.

@BriNews  RT @SeanBlanda: Google Scholar is a treasure trove of content ideas. Create alerts in your niche to get the latest research: http://t.co ...

@BriNews  RT @TheRealSplacka: I wish people still read the newspaper every morning. #simpletimes #LQdigital

@BriNews  RT @TDSKateM: La Quinta High School digital journalism class with @gburton and @mchungphoto. #lqdigital http://t.co/0XEqK2xR

@BriNews  Wait… what? Same-sex marriage ads don't feature gays http://t.co/iX7myf55 via @Be_Rad_86

@BriNews  Good morning from @MyDesert, where I'll be watching for #LQdigital tweets from @LQBlackhawks' Blackhawk News class http://t.co/RDeA7H5x

@btindrelunas  Just found out this guy is from Shreveport(!) ♫ A Bay Bay – Hurricane Chris http://t.co/Hnbu30LH #Spotify

@btindrelunas  Oof. I am not a fan of the premieres I TiVo'd so far this week… #TheMindyProject: not good; #Partners: pretty bad.

@btindrelunas  Stocking up for #BoysWeekend with @G3K (Actual baking tk.) http://t.co/4ved5Rrx

@BriNews  RT @IIDEnergy: Update on Salton City outage: 20 customers are still without power, estimated time of restoration is 3 hours

@BriNews  RT @IIDEnergy: Power outage in Salton City: S Marina Dr, Shore Isle and sorrounding areas troubleshooter in route

@BriNews  @caseymornings Much of the obituary that's on @MyDesert now is from @AP, but our staff is already putting together local information.

@showertime  Being dirty? Ain't nobody wanna FastPass for that! This shower is dedicated to the #fancybitchez.

@btindrelunas  @j_christo Technically it's a spreadsheet. #multiplebanks #cashmoney #redundancy (It's like how I still call those PDFs I read "newspapers")

@btindrelunas  Damn, it feels good to have a balanced checkbook… also to be a gangsta.

@btindrelunas  @MarianneKSmith Welcome back!

@BriNews  RT @MyCoachella: Coachella 2013: Who do you want to see? http://t.co/JubJAT5p

@BriNews  RT @reneefelicity: Just sounds funny: Governor signs Bump and Grind bill. http://t.co/j7xcvckm

@BriNews  Colleague @denisegoolsby found out @LonestarBand is planning on a #Stagecoach stop next spring: http://t.co/S1Lbfg3C

@BriNews  @charlespace79 Can you send more details (dates/times, which dispensaries, etc.) to localnews@thedesertsun.com? Thanks!

@BriNews  @bitly Yes, I have that selected for the button, but I'm having trouble with the right-click menu option, which is only working sporadically

@BriNews  Coachella police searching near Avenue 52 for driver accused of ramming another vehicle: http://t.co/1km2MJ44

@BriNews  The @bitly Chrome plugin is one more ignored click away from being dead to me. #producerproblems

@BriNews  Sorry for the delay, but here's CNS' story on the Cathedral City armed robbery: http://t.co/QIeW1wt9

@btindrelunas  RT @TheSlot: Torture of kids in Syria is a story, but if the reporter interviewed an electrocuted boy, I think she's burying the lede.

@showertime  This shower's for rice and buffalo sauce, which sounded and tasted good but was probably the reason I almost threw up on my walk last night.

@BriNews  In the news this AM: Perez Images robbed overnight, Cathedral City police say. (Story coming.)

@BriNews  More info, new photos by @denisegoolsby from exotic-car fire scene in Palm Desert: http://t.co/vZ1Ay2Gh

@BriNews  Watch out for a truck fire reported near Highway 86 and Avenue 50. #CVtraffic

@BriNews  Lots of vehicular news this AM: Vehicle fire (http://t.co/IrSJleup) and two cut-and-rescue crashes http://t.co/X9JQvnlq http://t.co/u0K1kyKi

@BriNews  One vehicle destroyed, another damaged in Palm Desert business fire; 8-10 saved, @CALFIRERRU says: http://t.co/qqokEug9

@showertime  Vodka, for making this past weekend memorable (figuratively), this shower goes out to you.

@BriNews  Phoenix New Times founders selling Village Voice Media to group of editors, publishers http://t.co/M4yfu7fh by @michaelbkiefer of @azcentral

@btindrelunas  Heading home a few hours earlier than usual was a great idea — except for the 10 minutes or so that went like this: http://t.co/pQFvWPhF

@btindrelunas  So glad @PegIndrelunas has NFL Sunday Ticket so we can see the Lions-Titans OT. Still, kinda hate @DIRECTV for not having Pac-12 Networks.

@btindrelunas  RT @SportsCenter: CRAZY finish at end of DET-TEN. Shaun Hill in for injured Stafford. Gets TD to Megatron, then hail mary to Titus You ...

@btindrelunas  @shad_powers WHOA. That was impressive.

@btindrelunas  @mamitch11 @lmhoelscher @saamato @jnmiskell Jealous? (@ Floridino's Pizza & Pasta) http://t.co/26cbdAfV

@btindrelunas  @wolfe HOLLA BACK, BITCH(EZZZ)! P.S.: Gangnam Style came on at halftime at the #ASU game. That song has ARRIVED.

@btindrelunas  RT @AdSport: Great new tradition started by @footballasu Coach Graham, having former players line Tillman Tunnel before games. http:// ...

@btindrelunas  @famigliettiwise Happy birthday!

@btindrelunas  RT @AStateFanatic42: #ArizonaState taking over the State of Arizona flag #SpeakingVictory #AllIn #FearTheFork #GoDevils http://t.co/zgd ...

@btindrelunas  RT @bvelaski: I want one. “@DougHaller: The Tshirts ASU's offense get for not committing a turnover. http://t.co/zKGgRKqx”

@btindrelunas  Joseph Gordon-Levitt, you can strip for me any. day. of. the. week. #SNL

@btindrelunas  I love Arizona. I love football. I love lamp. Devils are 3-1. Wolves are 4-1. I am eminently pleased.

@btindrelunas  RT @DougHaller: Since ASU had zero turnovers, everyone on offense got t-shirts that read 'Security.' First time this season.

@btindrelunas  RT @statepresssport: "I don't think it could've gone any better." - #ASU coach Todd Graham #SPUtesASU

@btindrelunas  Not to her, Rudy! (But otherwise, I'm quite pleased with #ASUvsUtah.) #GoDevils!

@btindrelunas  I almost asked this a couple weeks ago, but when did touchbacks start going out to the 25?

@btindrelunas  #GODEVILS! #ASU!!!

@btindrelunas  @TDSrebecca Umm, it's 21-0. #justsayin #ASUvsUtah #GoDevils!

@btindrelunas  RT @BoldSaguaros: @btindrelunas We loooooove you Brian

@btindrelunas  I am too drunk and too cautious about my phone's battery life to livetweet #ASUvsUtah, but I'm sure @boldsaguaros is doing a bang-up job!

@btindrelunas  NO PLACE ELSE I'D RATHER BE! #ASUvsUtah #GoDevils! (@ Sun Devil Stadium for Utes vs Sun Devils) [pic]: https://t.co/HQWrzZrY

@btindrelunas  We're tailgating in "Lot 3," aka Lot 59 by Packard Stadium. AZ peeps and #ASU fans, if you're around, drop by! #GoDev http://t.co/FB11kOhM

@btindrelunas  EVERY DAY MOM'S DEVILIN'! #ASUvsUtah #GoDevils! http://t.co/HGiSvzRY

@btindrelunas  We're here early this week… Arrived just before the team bus. #GoDevils! http://t.co/b0MIZqW7

@showertime  It's game day, bitchezzz! So this shower goes out to football, tailgating and, of course, the #SunDevils!

@btindrelunas  RT @AStateFanatic42: Uniform for todays game vs Utah #SpeakingVictory #AllIn #ArizonaState #GameDay #GoDevil @ Sun Devil Stadium http:/ ...

@btindrelunas  RT @Courtney_247: RT @LindseyThiry: Looks like #USC & #UCLA going head to head today to see who can have the most empty seats. http: ...

@btindrelunas  RT @USC_Athletics: The USC locker room was vibrating during Lane Kiffin's pregame speech because Cal was blasting music so loudly next door.

@btindrelunas  Nice to see a Chandler alum score a TD. Looks like UCLA may have a shot after all…

@showertime  Yesterday's shower went out to the very happy and very necessary fact that it was Friday.

@btindrelunas  As much as I love Call Me Maybe (A lot.), hearing it on 103.9 in Chandler just seems so wrong. #RIPEdge1039 #RIPX1039

@btindrelunas  Mmmmm! (@ Chino Bandido) http://t.co/wVhIuutK

@BriNews  "If you bought #Coachella and you don't have Paul Tollett, what do you really have?" http://t.co/dLLNMWDW by @latimes

@btindrelunas  As excited as I am to be back in Arizona, I'm equally excited to go right to sleep. It's been a long week.

@BriNews  Mitt Romney's attending a Vegas victory rally: http://t.co/ozRj7UF3 Since it's not November, I assume he's celebrating a Sigma Derby win.

@BriNews  RT @MyDesert: Police at Shadow Hills High School got a tip that a student had a gun on campus, but that turned out to be false: http://t ...

@BriNews  RT @MyCoachella: S.S. Coachella: ‘I Feel Better’ about Hot Chip — really http://t.co/xl4Uogne

@btindrelunas  Good to know I'm not the only one who noticed @TheDailyShow eased up on the bleep button last night… http://t.co/jmX8X7r5

@BriNews  RT @denisegoolsby: .@Caltrans8: All lanes closed on w/bound I-10, west of Frontage Road while semi is retrieved. 10-mile back-up http:// ...

@BriNews  ALL OF THE STREAMS. #Endeavour http://t.co/scL9cf18

@BriNews  RT @jpdl_us: My mom took zac out of school to go see the shuttle shuttle. That sounds weird. Shuttle shuttle.

@BriNews  RT @MyDesert: The space shuttle Endeavour is approaching SoCal's Edwards AFB. Watch the landing LIVE: http://t.co/GztbJ4lk

@BriNews  .@NASA public affairs in Houston doesn't know Endeavour's exact path but says could possibly be seen here flying to Edwards. cc: @bgbergerpd

@BriNews  Coming to the valley from the other direction? WB slow lane and Frontage Road offramp closed after an overnight crash as well. #CVtraffic

@BriNews  Coming to the desert from LA or the IE? Two EB I-10 lanes remain closed past Highland Springs after noninjury crash, CHP says. #CVtraffic

@showertime  This sleepy, sleepy shower goes out to iOS 6, which kept me up all night. (Yawn.)

@btindrelunas  RT @TheEmmyGoesTo: Passbook when will you work?! #whitegirlproblems

@btindrelunas  RT @azcentral: Thanks to @azgreenday for the forecast haiku!

@btindrelunas  RT @azcentral: Thursday forecast in haiku ... Triple digits still? / Was that cool spell a mirage? / Wish fall would hurry. http://t.co/ ...

@btindrelunas  My iPhone finished updating to iOS 6 a half-hour after bedtime. #firstworldproblems

@btindrelunas  This picture doesn't even do it justice, but the moon's out on a beautiful Palm Springs evening: http://t.co/K9DGWzD3

@BriNews  RT @MyCoachella: In case you missed it: Frank Ocean on ‘SNL’ http://t.co/OKRfpkj2

@BriNews  "Imagine if Hugo Chavez decided to buy 1,000 acres of land by Palm Springs…" Jesse Ventura on overseas U.S. bases http://t.co/LIUriD2F #CVtv

@BriNews  RT @ChathamPhoto: A hiker stranded overnight in the hills above Palm Desert was rescued this morning by a Sheriff's helicopter. @MyDeser ...

@BriNews  Good morning again, this time from @MyDesert. CHP now reports crashes near I-10/Ramon (6:31 a.m.), Highway 111/Snow Creek (7:02). #CVtraffic

@btindrelunas  Driving to #TheWork takes so much longer when other people are awake. (@ The Desert Sun) http://t.co/2vZO6ODI

@showertime  Ah, #sleepingin. This shower's for you.

@btindrelunas  Must've heard @mamitche11 on CD… RT @JodiNicole_: Im getting back this twitter & ima delete my other one & change my name back to Jolaaayy

@btindrelunas  RT @DevFull: Sweet! A new Ke$ha album arrives just in time for the apocalypse!

@btindrelunas  Just spent more time ensuring it was safe to be late to #TheWork (for PM-meeting purposes) than I would've spent prepping to go in on time.

@BriNews  Good AM from home, where all seems quiet so far. (Let me know if I'm wrong, of course!) CHP reports no major #CVtraffic incidents right now.

@showertime  Cannonball! This morning's shower went out to @saamato.

@btindrelunas  RT @jtes: Grumpy toddler + local news fail = a video written in the internet stars http://t.co/qW1v99u0

@btindrelunas  RT @rupturedays: I LOVE BEIN GAY

@BriNews  RT @jbot: #DiedToday: Red Skelton http://t.co/IDBro77j In 1997, Red Skelton died on this date in Rancho Mirage, California, USA.

@BriNews  Maybe @realDonaldTrump took xkcd too seriously: http://t.co/d2oJlQ93 MT @TDSKateM: These are "monstrosities"? http://t.co/ZQZmzGKm

@BriNews  Most of us at @MyDesert remember this TV mention: http://t.co/beflmWaf I never knew about these: http://t.co/IMKeeQcS http://t.co/tJ3IW1iG

@BriNews  Coolest thing I've seen in a while. MT @timoreilly: The Internet Archive's new TV news search engine is a big deal. http://t.co/RYJ4Gx7F

@btindrelunas  RT @PauliePower: When i went to work today, I left the TV on the cartoon network for my puppy. When I came home she'd changed it to CSPA ...

@btindrelunas  @leighmunsil #partylikeajournalist

@btindrelunas  Still trips me out that Kenan Thompson is on SNL, not All That.

@btindrelunas  STATS ON STATS ON STATS: Call Me Maybe was played at least 12 times this weekend, not counting the Kidz Bop version.

@BriNews  RT @MyDesert: .@realDonaldTrump on valley windmills: "(It's) like driving into a sad person's version of Disneyland." http://t.co/EjBAvsMc

@BriNews  RT @DrivePalmDesert: FRED WARING @ SAN PASCUAL: Sept 18 8:30 am-12 noon-Traffic signal will be dark but 4-way stop signs will be in plac ...

@BriNews  RT @lizkellynelson: Just got off the phone with @realDonaldTrump -- stay tuned for an update on his thoughts re: wind power.

@BriNews  Update: Wildfire was in Banning (not @SanBernardinoNF) and is now contained at 50 acres, @CALFIRERRU says http://t.co/5bRRQSNW

@BriNews  Haven't been able to get @SanBernardinoNF spokesman on the phone lately. @CALFIRERRU spokeswoman says she's trying to track down fire info.

@BriNews  Gotta love when agencies refer questions to each other in an infinite loop: https://t.co/TyA9cpiT http://t.co/HnTtdvbz

@BriNews  RT @SanBernardinoNF: Bluff 2 Fire - fire is no longer a threat to the National Forest - USFS no longer in unified command with CalFire R ...

@BriNews  RT @MyDesert: A 35-acre wildfire has been reported near Banning: http://t.co/kntcwtl9

@BriNews  U.S. Forest Service reports fire near Banning. RT @SanBernardinoNF: Bluff 2 fire, local dpa, 20-30 acres

@BriNews  RT @jaymcalderon: Do not stop to photograph packs of dogs in mecca.

@showertime  This one goes out to @lmhoelscher, @jnmiskell and @mamitche11 for #DrivingMissBeezy this weekend!

@btindrelunas  #DrivingMissBeezy http://t.co/p6OhryE6

@btindrelunas  Another one?! (@ Deserted Zombie Town) http://t.co/qxUFZXma

@btindrelunas  RT @SparkyArizonaSt: Maybe I'll start a nationwide pushup challenge! @scpagels: Yeah, we represent in Chicago. @TheSunDevils #FearTheFor ...

@btindrelunas  CALL ME MAYBE BY KIDZ BOP! #DrivingMissBeezy

@btindrelunas  Maybe this is where zombie strippers come from! (@ Deserted Zombie Town) http://t.co/enYzZnyY

@btindrelunas  RT @FootballASU: Take a look at how #ASUFootball stacks up against the conference and nation. Guaranteed you'll learn a little something ...

@btindrelunas  Man, @GoldmineRadio is on a roll today! RT @samgood: S/O to 92.7 FM. "The Thong Song" is on the radio

@btindrelunas  @G3K BOYS WEEKEND SCHEDULING INFO! RT @DougHaller: ASU's Sept. 29 game at California will start at 1 p.m. Television coverage on FX.

@btindrelunas  RT @TheAnnaG: I have washed my hands three times. They still smell like hot dogs. #youthministryproblems

@btindrelunas  RT @YELLDRE: POOP DOC DOT COM http://t.co/azj8KCpV

@btindrelunas  #DrivingMissBeezy (@ AZ Republic Garage) http://t.co/o7ivxjev

@btindrelunas  Sexy naptime! #CallMeMaybe (@ The MET Apartments) http://t.co/tIgClNW6

@btindrelunas  "Gangnam Style" on the radio? @GoldmineRadio is THE BEST! #DrivingMissBeezy

@BriNews  RT @TDSKateM: Update on Grant Virgin, 16 (http://t.co/ZvV4qPLQ): MT @jjvirgin Opened his eyes once this am & tried 2 pull out breath ...

@btindrelunas  RT @TheEmmyGoesTo: I need to wean myself off my iPhone.... She tweets from her iPhone. #whitegirlproblems

@btindrelunas  RT @TheEmmyGoesTo: DOUBLE DIGITS!! #christmas #countdown http://t.co/xZLb6AiC

@btindrelunas  @scotchka That sounds delicious!

@btindrelunas  RT @scotchka: @btindrelunas it actually tastes like candy corn!!!

@btindrelunas  WHAT?! RT @scotchka: http://t.co/yGOklAXC

@btindrelunas  I just ousted @w2talent as the mayor of Public Storage Sierra Mist on @foursquare! http://t.co/gUDL4096

@btindrelunas  RT @BabaloNdenze: Boarding this flight to Joburg with shorts and slip slops was not one of my best decisions. It's cold.

@btindrelunas  RT @famouspussies: I'm going to wake up at 7 and giggle you.

@btindrelunas  RT @Josh_Williams6: #FailOn

@btindrelunas  Just thought to check on this. (Moving got intense, and I got sleepy) Wow. MT @mydesert_sports: Upset in Palo Alto, Stanford beats USC 21-14

@showertime  That shower went out to KNTR-AM in Lake Havasu City for broadcasting the #ASU game all the way down to the 10 in SoCal.

@btindrelunas  It's practically like we're at ASU Downtown! (@ The MET Apartments) [pic]: http://t.co/nZgXVl2Q

@btindrelunas  Time to drown my (admittedly mild) Sun Devil sorrows the old-fashioned way… with a big cup of horchata! (@ Filibertos) http://t.co/wq5oLDKz

@btindrelunas  RT @ASUBrett: Ruh ro USC...

@btindrelunas  RT @CBSSportsPac12: Stanford is beating USC 21-14. PLEASE RT.

@btindrelunas  RT @KressOnBusiness: @Calhounin same old devils on the road would have lost by 20+

@btindrelunas  @jbatsell True. It is good to see the Devils keeping their composure.

@btindrelunas  RT @AStateFanatic42: @TheSunDevils @SparkyArizonaSt I STILL SAY IT PROUDLY! I'M A SUN DEVIL, I BLEED MAROON & GOLD, TILL THE DAY I D ...

@btindrelunas  RT @jbatsell: Heckuva game, Devils. Keep playing like that and we'll have a nice bowl game come winter. But fix special teams #forkemdev ...

@btindrelunas  RT @SunDevilRocky: I'm sick to my stomach right now. I will never get used to losing

@btindrelunas  @jbatsell The comeback was impressive — on the radio, at least. Just woefully incomplete.

@btindrelunas  Is this what qualifies as #speakingvictory now? I'd prefer an actual W. MT @FootballASU: Tough loss but team showed a lot of heart and grit.

@btindrelunas  RT @Calhounin: Same old Devils

@btindrelunas  From PS to PS… in Phx. #DrivingMissBeezy (@ Public Storage Sierra Mist) http://t.co/XPIE4Gb0

@btindrelunas  @Jdrews28 Hell, @ASUFootball left that girl in the bathroom tonight! #ASU #ASUFootball

@btindrelunas  RT @Jdrews28: @btindrelunas fuck I left that girl in the bathroom! #ASUFootball

@btindrelunas  FUCK. RUDY. CARPENTER. cc: @Jdrews28 #ASU

@btindrelunas  RT @bvelaski: No lie, @azcsportsCoop is pacing around the newsroom right now. I've never seen this before. #ASU

@btindrelunas  RT @Jdrews28: Good job MILES!! You rock #GoDevils #ASUFootball

@btindrelunas  RT @Jdrews28: I have a love/hate relationship with #ASUFootball #GoDevils #youincreasemybloodpressure

@btindrelunas  RT @bvelaski: This team man. This team. #ASU


@btindrelunas  DAMN IT, #ASU! I only like penalties when Mizzou commits them! #GoDevils

@btindrelunas  Face mask. Interference. Thank you, Mizzou! #GoDevils! #ASU

@btindrelunas  CONFIRMED! #GODEVILS! #ASU! #ASU! #ASU!

@btindrelunas  OK, radio dudes. Stop telling me about all the TDs we could be running. Let me enjoy those big catches for what they are. #ASU #GoDevils!

@btindrelunas  Love that Mizzou kicker! 1 of 4 tonight, the radio tells me. #GoDevils! #ASU

@btindrelunas  RT @BoldSaguaros: #grammar RT @ASUBrett Damn Grammer Nazis RT @BoldSaguaros: #youre #butLOL

@btindrelunas  RT @ASUBrett: Damn Grammer Nazis RT @BoldSaguaros: #youre #butLOL

@btindrelunas  BUCKEYE, BITCHES! #DrivingMissBeezy

@btindrelunas  RT @BoldSaguaros: #youre #butLOL RT @ASUBrett @BoldSaguaros But it's about on par with the ones you can get one if your a Fortune 500 co ...

@btindrelunas  THIS. RT @Jdrews28: Mizzou's penalties are ASU's most consistent players. #GoDevils #ASUvsMizz #ASUFootball

@btindrelunas  RT @FootballASU: A BIG penalty against the Tigers nullifies a long third down conversion. WOW. Third and 3 from ASU 42

@btindrelunas  RT @BoldSaguaros: Wow. That's the kind of bailout you can't purchase in stores.

@btindrelunas  Yay Mizzou penalties! #GoDevils #ASU

@btindrelunas  RT @TheSunDevils: STAND UP #SunDevilFans! RT if you're #ALLin #ASUvsMizz

@btindrelunas  RT @FootballASU: 71,004 fans at the game here in Missouri …first non-conference sellout for #Mizzou since 1985…good thing those extra fo ...

@btindrelunas  RT @DougHaller: ASU has done a nice job getting back into game, responding to adversity. But special teams have been a disaster today.

@btindrelunas  But ugh, we missed the PAT? WTF?! #ASU

@btindrelunas  OH HELL YES! BACK IN IT, BITCHES!!!!!! #ASU! #ASU! #ASU!

@btindrelunas  RT @BoldSaguaros: It's turnover time, defense. Make it happen.

@btindrelunas  RT @DougHaller: Somehow Arizona State is still in this game. Taylor Kelly with a huge 3rd down conversion, leads to Marion Grice's 1 yar ...

@btindrelunas  Yeeeah! TD! #GoDevils!!!

@btindrelunas  Need a TD here. Pitchforks up!

@btindrelunas  This #ASU game is really starting to sound like the #Bears game looked Thursday night. #catchthedamnball #DrivingMissBeezy

@btindrelunas  That thing where first downs are as exciting as TDs would be. RT @FootballASU: Kelly completes a 5-yard pass to Coyle to get the FIRST DOWN!

@btindrelunas  RT @cenzo86: Matt Barkley back to back interceptions.. looking good buddy.

@btindrelunas  RT @DougHaller: I don't think I've participated in one media session w/ ASU's Todd Graham when he didn't mention ball security. Today: A ...

@btindrelunas  RT @statepress: #ASU at Mizzou. Go Devils! #SPFootbal. @ Faurot Field at Memorial Stadium http://t.co/gmXRCYv0

@btindrelunas  Radio call: "He takes off running (INDY'S HOPES GO UP!) and fumbles the football. (…AND CRASH.)" #ASU #DrivingMissBeezy

@btindrelunas  Just picked up @KTAR923, but maybe blissful ignorance was better… #GoDevils RT @statepresssport: Missouri now leads ASU 24-7

@btindrelunas  SNACKS ON SNACKS ON SNACKS. Literally. http://t.co/71pYE15t

@btindrelunas  RT @jbatsell: #Mizzou ahead of @cronkite_asu so far in the battle of j-schools inspired by Walters. But don't count out the Cronkite boy ...

@btindrelunas  +1 RT @BoldSaguaros: "Oh, miss international love!" -Pitbull RT @G3K @BoldSaguaros this is my halftime "snack" http://t.co/dXRhrcaS

@btindrelunas  @BoldSaguaros @G3K Actually, the Zip outside of Quartzsite makes it quite easy! http://t.co/qzuf3fRO

@btindrelunas  RT @G3K: @btindrelunas @BoldSaguaros RIDIN AROUND ON MY BICYCLE RIDIN AROUND ON MY BICYCLE

@btindrelunas  RT @BoldSaguaros: @btindrelunas @G3K It ain't easy being cheesy.

@btindrelunas  RT @FootballASU: A quick peek from the sideline before we head to third quarter. We need you now more than ever #SunDevilNation http://t ...

@btindrelunas  @BoldSaguaros No snacks on the road right now, but I almost watched the game w/ @G3K, in which case it'd be… http://t.co/rTFPqBGI

@btindrelunas  So much dancing on Interstate 10 today. #DrivingMissBeezy

@btindrelunas  RT @PackSports: Wilbur. Too obvious? MT @BoldSaguaros: Please fill in this blank, friends: ASU should imagine ball carriers are _________

@btindrelunas  #DrivingMissBeezy rewind: What to do with no radio signal or cell service? Turn on "Call Me Maybe" and dance in the U-Haul, obvi.

@btindrelunas  A bit ago, there was just a radio commercial during the #ASU game for a store with "the best watersports gear." Really. #DrivingMissBeezy

@btindrelunas  BEST POSSIBLE NEWS TO SEE COMING BACK INTO CELL SERVICE! #GoDevils! RT @Jdrews28: Touchdown!!!!! #ASUFootball #FearTheFork

@btindrelunas  Fresh out the mtns; sounds like I missed goodness RT @Jdrews28: Let's keep this up #ASUFootball it's bc @btindrelunas finally made it to #AZ

@btindrelunas  WE ARE IN ARIZONA! Maybe our presence in the state will send some needed energy to #ASU in Missouri. #DrivingMissBeezy http://t.co/42qibP3z

@btindrelunas  "It does sound kind of alien landing-ish. Reminds me of 'Paul.'" -@jnmiskell, who's now #DrivingMissBeezy :) #ASU

@btindrelunas  RT @FootballASU: #Mizzou band playing Kanye West "All of the Lights" - not going to lie, kind of feeling it up here in the press box

@btindrelunas  RT @Jdrews28: At least the Mizzou penalties are playing ball for the #sundevils #ASU

@btindrelunas  Sounds like the aliens are landing on KTNR out of Havasu, and we can pick up KTAR 620 here but #ASU's on @KTAR923. #lesigh #DrivingMissBeezy

@btindrelunas  Well, we've had our first #ASU call-and-response of the game. :/ Also, I'm listening in #TheFuture. Nice. #GoDevils http://t.co/DfeSVxI8

@btindrelunas  RT @bvelaski: Aaaaaaaand there's my answer. #ASU #speakingturnovers

@btindrelunas  RT @bvelaski: Well. Let's see how this team handles adversity. This is where all that "discipline" talk comes into play. #ASU

@btindrelunas  :/ MT @ESPN_Pac12blog: ASU coach Graham talked — over and over – about turnovers and mistakes. So far this is closer to old ASU than new ASU

@btindrelunas  KTNR, don't fail me now! #ASU #GoDevils #DrivingMissBeezy

@btindrelunas  RT @Jdrews28: Oh Taylor Kelly, you are my new Rudy Carpenter, only let's skip the hate part of our relationship #GoDevils

@btindrelunas  186 miles to Phoenix… ARE WE THERE YET? #DrivingMissBeezy

@btindrelunas  Don't worry, Sun Devil fans… I think that FG only happened because the #DrivingMissBeezy car wasn't listening yet. Tuned in now! #GoDevils!

@btindrelunas  Ohhhhh, @lmhoelscher FTW! She found the #ASU game on AM! #GoDevils!!!

@btindrelunas  Ugh. Of course, we're rolling up on Desert Center (i.e., spotty Internet central) just as the #ASU game starts. EPIC FAIL. #DrivingMissBeezy

@btindrelunas  RT @bvelaski: Uh.....Missouri. You spelled "zoo" wrong. #thoughtyouknewjournalism

@btindrelunas  RT @TheSunDevils: It's Time! Fork 'Em Devils! #ALLin #ASUvsMizz http://t.co/3prYU7xG

@btindrelunas  RT @FootballASU: RT if you're ready to turn #TheZOU into #Pac12 country #SunDevilPride http://t.co/5FUnOjpb

@btindrelunas  RT @Jdrews28: #ASUFootball in a few minutes! Get ready and #GoDevils!

@btindrelunas  Rigging up @KTAR923 stream in the car until we're close enough to Phoenix to hear it on the radio. #DrivingMissBeezy #FearTheFork #GoDevils

@btindrelunas  RT @FootballASU: #ASUFootball is warmed up and feeling great! These guys make the white, white and maroon combo look good http://t.co/nR ...

@btindrelunas  RT @FootballASU: The flags are at half mast to honor victims of US consulate attack in Libya. Classy move by @mutigersdotcom and @MUTige ...

@btindrelunas  Waiting with @lmhoelscher for @jnmiskell's U-Haul to catch up… Oh, there it is! (cc: @fourist) http://t.co/A8fYzC6i

@btindrelunas  The stake-out. #DrivingMissBeezy http://t.co/UbgdZVz3

@btindrelunas  They're playing rock paper scissors for who will be #DrivingMissBeezy. (@lmhoelscher won me!) http://t.co/CwRb7opv

@btindrelunas  Moving day… :/ (@ Chez Jodi) http://t.co/SyNiUE8t

@BriNews  A heartbreaking story: http://t.co/xANBWRjF by @TDSKateM

@BriNews  New toy alert: http://t.co/ktfFD2FJ is live! #newusatoday

@btindrelunas  That roach must not have realized that while @showertime tweets are public, the event itself is invitation-only.

@showertime  This one goes out to @jnmiskell. Gon' miss you, grl! (Btdubs, gon' be there in a half-hour…ish.)

@btindrelunas  RIP, Chez Jodi! (@ Chez Jodi) http://t.co/bhbUIvWe

@btindrelunas  RT @ctownrivals: #PadsOn http://t.co/x7QtWUQ8


@BriNews  RT @nbrambila: Firefighters battling blaze in vacant Rancho Mirage home off Bob Hope Dr. @mydesert http://t.co/zMLf71wP

@BriNews  RT @MyDesert: Abandoned home catches fire in Rancho Mirage: http://t.co/fODD0BJy @ChathamPhoto is seeing smoke from Palm Desert: http:// ...

@BriNews  Abandoned home in Rancho Mirage catches fire, @CALFIRERRU says. @nbrambila is headed there.

@btindrelunas  Those self-checkout scales have no idea how much @USATODAY weighs. (@ Ralphs Market) http://t.co/PnHNHcKY

@BriNews  RT @MyDesert: FF! These @MyDesert frequent tweeters: @BriNews @denisegoolsby @TDSKateM @kkaufmann @TDSjoornelas

@BriNews  RT @tysone: Unexpected. My taxi driver this morning wanted to chat about HTML and the #newusatoday.

@BriNews  I love that a companywide email just went out with the subject "Cool Balls," referring of course to these: http://t.co/PgkTfafz #newusatoday

@BriNews  Good morning from @MyDesert, where I'm enjoying the cooler, darker mornings but preparing for more triple digits: http://t.co/6fg41o1Z #CVwx

@showertime  This goes out to @mamitche11 for being a stand-in #Bears fan. I'll soon repay the favor, fight my instincts and cheer for the Browns.

@btindrelunas  @MikeDaniels @TheDavidDean Ha! I just noticed that tonight when I was looking at the (regrettable) stats during the game.

@btindrelunas  @G3K I keep doing the same thing! Idk why I think I'm still 25 half the time, but I'mma be 27 (i.e., almost old) NEXT MONTH. Eep.

@btindrelunas  http://t.co/SOvho6ad #Bears

@btindrelunas  RT @ctownrivals: 2 shutouts going on. MDN over PHS, 14-0, and the PHS Cheer squad has gone scoreless against what I assume is their own ...

@btindrelunas  #Bears TD!

@btindrelunas  Again… RT @btindrelunas: WHY CAN'T ANYBODY CATCH THE BALL TONIGHT? This is looking like Saturday morning hangover football at PSHS, #Bears

@btindrelunas  #BOOM! #Bears

@btindrelunas  Just pulled up this video for @JerrySteffen (He'd seen it, of course.) and was impressed to see it's topped 1,000 views http://t.co/ZnM5oeKi

@btindrelunas  WHY CAN'T ANYBODY CATCH THE BALL TONIGHT? This is looking like Saturday morning hangover football at PSHS, #Bears

@btindrelunas  Go #Bears! (@ Buffalo Wild Wings) http://t.co/foTBHcV3

@BriNews  These guys didn't just make it rain; they caused a money monsoon: http://t.co/gfQMINxO by @AP

@btindrelunas  REVENNNNGE! MT @mattculbertson: "They say in Massachusetts 3 things matter—sports, politics, and revenge" @BW http://t.co/KXTZBIXX

@btindrelunas  Whenever I hear a new Train song, I think, "This could be a good song if only the lyrics, voice, well… EVERYTHING were different."

@BriNews  Funny you should ask, Siri… http://t.co/Q0Ts0Vlm http://t.co/EWFRUJFM

@BriNews  .@nytimes calls @Gannett HQ "reminiscent of the offices where James Bond receives his orders from Q." http://t.co/aKJe5lUj via @SeanBlanda

@BriNews  RT @lkramer: Excited to show you the #newusatoday. Take a look: http://t.co/yvZ4yjww

@BriNews  RT @JessicaDurando: "It's nice to see @USATODAY be bold again" - Al Neuharth #newusatoday

@BriNews  @RfAlice @mydesert_news We're based in California, so that was worded for our primary audience. (It was also 5:30 in Nev.) I'll clarify MDT.

@BriNews  @RfAlice @mydesert_news The article is correct: http://t.co/EdMho4BH I know Arizona time can be confusing; I lived there for eight years. :)

@BriNews  @RfAlice @mydesert_news Right, but "Mountain time" for most of the time zone, including New Mexico range, is still Mountain Daylight Time.

@BriNews  @RfAlice @mydesert_news Actually, a spokesman from the missile range told me it was 6:30 a.m. Mountain time, 5:30 in California and Arizona.

@BriNews  Check out @12News video on @MyDesert's contrail story: http://t.co/ww2aBhNI (Thanks, @GannettVPC!) #gannettfamily

@BriNews  RT @MyDesert: Missile-test contrail seen across Southwest: http://t.co/fPsIQCgn Did you see it? Email photos to localnews@thedesertsun.com

@btindrelunas  RT @ralphamsden: For anyone wondering, but too busy to experience it because you're SLEEPING, 330 AM on a Thursday it's pretty nice outside.

@showertime  Point of fact: This shower is dedicated to Thailand.

@btindrelunas  RT @whatbenYELLS: FROZEN DAIRY DESSERT

@btindrelunas  In retrospect, one of things I love most about this is the instrumentation is downright When T Killed A remix-esque. http://t.co/rUNRO57n

@btindrelunas  Just realized that the ice cream I got at the store yesterday is actually "frozen dairy dessert." No wonder it was on sale.

@BriNews  #CVtraffic ALERT: Up to three of the four lanes of I-10 at Date Palm Drive are set to close tonight, Thursday http://t.co/YSW3nZrz

@BriNews  RT @denisegoolsby: The Street: "I'd rather own Gannett than Facebook": http://t.co/FBKAQcAo @Gannett - Me too! :)

@BriNews  @AshleyBBailey @TDSKateM No, but I have a call in to Verizon seeking info on the cause.

@BriNews  RT @MyDesert: I-10 drivers, watch out: CHP just got a report of a wrong-way driver in eastbound fast lane near Dillon Road. #CVtraffic

@BriNews  I-10 drivers, watch out: CHP just got a report of a wrong-way driver in eastbound fast lane near Dillon Road. #CVtraffic

@BriNews  RT @denisegoolsby: Riverside County Fire Chief John Hawkins addresses residents of Mecca & Thermal impacted by Tuesday's flood @myde ...

@BriNews  Verizon Wireless customers in Palm Springs can again reach 911 dispatchers at PSPD and CHP, officials say: http://t.co/xKRMaIgL

@BriNews  So nice to see no rain chances in http://t.co/EZbWfr6C #CVwx

@showertime  This goes out to @dguestapp and @jamesku and also @Yammer for having their topnews convo at the ready a year later when @MyDesert needed it.

@BriNews  RT @gburton: The Big September Southern California Stink is........wait for it....wait for it......wait for it...... The Salton Sea http ...

@BriNews  One small line of code, one giant leap for making @MyDesert platform-perfect. We just made a change you won't notice but I've long hoped for

@BriNews  RT @MyCoachella: Tupac hologram maker files for bankruptcy http://t.co/ledb1DwO

@BriNews  RT @denisegoolsby: Flooding at Lincoln and 5th Street in Mecca. @mydesert #CVwx http://t.co/tHbnQzgt

@BriNews  NWS says more than five inches(!) of rain fell in east valley. Read more and see @denisegoolsby's photos/video: http://t.co/I3qRObUb #CVwx

@BriNews  RT @MyDesert: Our Mecca storm story has been updated with photos and videos of flooded roads and homes: http://t.co/NlbXq9sk #CVwx

@BriNews  I am in permalink hell. #producerproblems

@BriNews  CHP has also received a report of a flooded left-turn lane at Highway 86 and Avenue 62. #CVwx #CVtraffic

@BriNews  Here's what we know so far about storm that flooded Mecca homes and roads: http://t.co/0SZNYgtA #CVwx #CVtraffic

@BriNews  Both CHP & NWS got word of 3 feet of water on east valley roads. @CALFIRERRU reports 4 homes flooded: http://t.co/cxYuwrSD #CVwx #CVtraffic

@BriNews  Oasis, Mecca, North Shore hit hard by rain, and NWS reports flooding on Highway 111: http://t.co/t2acvg8i #CVwx #CVtraffic

@showertime  I discovered this weekend @switchfoot and @jonforeman have enough tracks to fill a drive to and from AZ, so this one's for them. #faveband

@BriNews  RT @laquintaliving: Chubasco! #funwords @keithmatheny: No, the source of SoCal's Big Stink isn't a mystery, professor says. http://t.co/ ...

@BriNews  The woman hit and killed as she veered into oncoming traffic in La Quinta has been named by coroner's officials: http://t.co/pSfW1Hx9

@BriNews  RT @ggranger2010: Bob Hope Drive is pretty jacked up. There's a number of trees down in the street…the road is partially closed..so avoi ...

@BriNews  Just recorded: 3.2 earthquake under Salton Sea, according to computer-generated report from @USGS http://t.co/N8zAXXGj

@BriNews  Good morning! I-10 has reopened and PS wash crossings remain open this morning: http://t.co/dBB5AMiL #CVtraffic #CVwx

@showertime  And this one goes out to the rain, upon which I plan to blame some things, a la Milli Vanilli. #CVwx

@showertime  Sunday's shower went out to the #SunDevils for an awesome Saturday night.

@BriNews  RT @Lwigui: @BriNews Around the JW Marriot is a lot of trees on the traffic way

@BriNews  Indian Canyon Drive, Gene Autry Trail and Vista Chino are all open right now at their Whitewater Wash crossings. #CVtraffic #CVwx

@BriNews  Last tweet was from Cathedral City. Off the freeway, Palm Springs is windy but largely still dry. #CVwx

@BriNews  Just drove west on I-10, where rain started and was heaviest in Indio. Only stopped entirely briefly through Thousand Palms. #CVwx

@btindrelunas  Here Comes Honey Haboob http://t.co/3MtoivKg

@btindrelunas  Good thing I'm in AZ this weekend. #DaBears are on @KPHO, but some other game is on @LocalTwo at home. #Bears

@btindrelunas  RT @ctownrivals: NAU beating UNLV in Vegas makes ASU's 57 point victory that much more impressive.

@btindrelunas  RT @bvelaski: My favorite stat through 2 games: 20 total penalty yards. 0 on defense. Vontaze would surpass that in one series. #ASU

@btindrelunas  Overheard at the light rail stop: "So who won?" Baha. #ASU. (@ Apache & 101 Park and Ride) http://t.co/k7RZ8bYT

@btindrelunas  This #ASU fan on the light rail sounded just like @azizansari.

@btindrelunas  Surrrre… Then why is JW all … wet? RT @crowsonb: #notgay http://t.co/HE7Y20Tl

@btindrelunas  So happy about this! MT @jskarp: ESPN talking about ASU's lack of penalties and I'm grinning like a father who saw his kid take a first step

@btindrelunas  RT @G3K: Surprise! (no) RT @btindrelunas There's a guy wresting a costume horse head at the #ASU game. Part of me wonders if it's @G3K. ...

@btindrelunas  RT @ClaudiaKoerner: @btindrelunas @G3K haha, we are watching in Oregon! The horse head is in the back of his car, though, ready to go at ...

@btindrelunas  Aww yeah. 45-14 Devils! #ASU #GoDevils!

@btindrelunas  There's a guy wresting a costume horse head at the #ASU game. Part of me wonders if it's @G3K. #GoDevils!

@btindrelunas  Beer belly: reloaded. Indy: ready for more #SunDevilFootball! #ASU #GoDevils (@ Sun Devil Stadium for ILL vs ASU) http://t.co/ubf3dLPY

@btindrelunas  Halftime tailgate! #ASU #GoDevils (@ Stadium Parking Structure) http://t.co/j4t03OKa

@btindrelunas  Yep. INT! #ASU! #GoDevils

@btindrelunas  Aww yeah. @Jharden13 on the sidelines! #ASU #GoDevils

@btindrelunas  OK, 14 points in the first quarter was enough to get me over that fumble. #ASU #GoDevils

@btindrelunas  I never thought I'd be so happy to see so many penalties! #ASU #GoDevils

@btindrelunas  Hair cam = brilliant! #ASU #GoDevils

@btindrelunas  I love that a discussion on booty poppin' just happened with a guy we don't even know at the #ASU game.

@btindrelunas  That fumble hurt. #ASU #GoDevils

@btindrelunas  @Jdrews28 I know, right? I was trying to tweet a pic of the student section, but the Internet is not cooperating. #MaroonMonsoon #GoDevils

@btindrelunas  #StompTheBus! #ASU #GoDevils

@btindrelunas  RT @TheSunDevils: Fireworks! #ItsTime #BeatIlliniois

@btindrelunas  So good to be be back! GOOOOOOO DEVILS! #ASU! #ASU! #ASU! (@ Sun Devil Stadium for ILL vs ASU w/ 172 others) [pic]: http://t.co/VJpWhQj9

@btindrelunas  Lot 57, 59, 59E? I'm not sure where we are, but I know it's tailgate time! #ASU #GoDevils (@ Parking Lot 59) http://t.co/pMFSonsZ

@iMissTempe  No. 137: Unexpected political demonstrations http://t.co/ly8FgFDL

@showertime  This one goes out to Glitzy from #HoneyBooBoo. I miss him/her already!

@btindrelunas  RT @Jdrews28: @showertime today's shower goes out to @btindrelunas for repping #sundevil pride at #sundevilfootball #GoDevils

@btindrelunas  The department store?! SRSLY?!?!? #HoneyBooBoo

@btindrelunas  SHH! IT'S A WIG. #HoneyBooBoo

@btindrelunas  @Jdrews28 Yes indeed! So excited to see #sundevilfootball in person again! #GoDevils

@btindrelunas  State line by 5 o'clock! Score!

@btindrelunas  Arizona, here I come! (@ ARCO / ampm) http://t.co/60vKg7MS

@BriNews  I was overwhelmed by it last week, but now NewsGate (our new software) is one of my favorite things. #nerdalert

@BriNews  RT @michaelroston: So ratings crash for Obama and the MTV VMAs. Everyone's watching Honey Boo Boo, all the time. ht @ditzkoff

@BriNews  @lizkellynelson Yeah, it's not so much this type of 98°: http://t.co/mibqE7ES … as this kind: http://t.co/NFCX66UC

@BriNews  @lizkellynelson It's on the @MyDesert community room door, so it's likely for Dancing With the Desert Stars, not #DWTS. And room's empty. :/

@BriNews  This was a pretty exciting thing to see on my way to lunch. http://t.co/d0Kk67zY

@BriNews  Let's try uploading again… Good morning from @MyDesert, where I was gone for one day and things got fancy. http://t.co/jpBOCAMB

@btindrelunas  Feels good to be back! (@ The Desert Sun) http://t.co/pLrz5DJJ

@showertime  If all goes according to plan, I'll be crossing the Colorado River in just about 12 hours, so this one's for the great state of Arizona!

@BriNews  RT @bendmayer: Hillary Watching Bill (Via State Department/Nick Merrill) http://t.co/ag6CewKO

@BriNews  RT @KyleTrygstad: How off-script did Clinton go? This much... #dnc2012 http://t.co/Y5zRVsbZ

@BriNews  Cathedral City police are looking for as many as five robbers after three recent holdups: http://t.co/Bi2mUw92

@showertime  This one goes out to Scott from Palm Springs True Value for helping me piece together the socket and adapter I needed. #handyman

@btindrelunas  RT @TashJoeZA: Colleague says something in Arabic, then crosses herself. "What's that all about?" I asked. "I'm inter-religious," she re ...

@btindrelunas  RT @RobbieSherwood: "I'm back, baby!" Darrell Hammond #BillClinton #dnc2012

@btindrelunas  RT @RobbieSherwood: Why? I'm fixin to tell you why...#Billclinton

@btindrelunas  RT @pwgavin: Just in, a new text from Hillary: http://t.co/9FdPfqqo

@BriNews  RT @LinLorienelen: Dear Edith L. Byrd: This may not have been your most brilliant moment. #DNC2012 http://t.co/bG61MfUi

@btindrelunas  So far, having TiVo add 15 minutes to #GOP2012 and #DNC2012 recordings has been enough. Not so tonight. Good thing I caught it in time.

@btindrelunas  I am fixing things left and right! #handyMAN

@btindrelunas  RT @TheSunDevils: Ummm...@DirecTV our fans want #Pac12Networks @pac12 http://t.co/et1NZqLB

@btindrelunas  Neighbors' guesses on why hood was popped: overheated, dead battery. Changing one's headlight must be rare… or I make it look hard #handyman

@btindrelunas  This time, I wrote down the thing Hyundai doesn't tell you about changing a headlight. #handyman http://t.co/377eWxOS

@btindrelunas  RT @andrewismusic: Someone please invent a laser pointer that instead of a little red dot shoots a mustache

@btindrelunas  RT @leighmunsil: Switching between the DNC and that episode of HIMYM where they make farting sounds when Ted says something pretentious. ...

@btindrelunas  This. is. awesome. MT @Hello_Smashley: Designed a man cave for Adam for his birthday. Y'know, for the sword we engraved http://t.co/guvFIsLj

@btindrelunas  RT @JennyJohnsonHi5: Shit is getting crazy! One of these chicks is so gonna get pregnant tonight. #DNC http://t.co/kdgBfdZd

@btindrelunas  So this guy was pulling all sorts of sketchy traffic moves downtown — all to get to Salon 119 quicker. Real macho, man. #CVtraffic

@btindrelunas  Ah, adventures at the hardware store… (@ True Value) http://t.co/vw7pieD1

@BriNews  RT @MyDesert: #BREAKING: Dam that could have prevented last week's flooding in Cathedral City to be built within a year http://t.co/wWalyA50

@BriNews  RT @lizkellynelson: @GLEEonFOX star @DarrenCriss visits Palm Springs over Labor Day weekend with girlfriend (?) Mia. See the pics: http: ...

@BriNews  RT @TDSjoornelas: Palm Spring's Police search and rescue are at whitewater after two raft were found near windypoint.

@BriNews  THIS JUST IN: Palm Springs police searching Whitewater River after two empty rafts spotted http://t.co/aCsS2blI

@BriNews  Welcome to the club, @sacbee_news: http://t.co/03SA9CA9

@BriNews  I love that we had file photos of Nacho Libro at the ready: http://t.co/OvVPHL01

@BriNews  Watch out for a big blue ladder in the slow lane of westbound I-10 near Monroe Street. CHP got report at 9:42 a.m. #CVtraffic

@BriNews  CHP: No injuries reported in hit-and-run crash near eastbound I-10 and Jackson Street. #CVtraffic

@BriNews  Overheard on spacewalk live feed: "And we did not contract with Wile E. Coyote." http://t.co/Jg9UyvBN

@BriNews  Slight (20%) chance of rain today: http://t.co/EZbWfr6C And humidity's sticking around, @TDStsone reports: http://t.co/3amJrVIg #CVwx

@BriNews  @Tarp1969 Thanks, Chris… You got a nice shot as well!

@BriNews  @TDSKateM Thanks!

@BriNews  Live from space... Love it! MT @MyDesert: Astronauts trying to boost power at International Space Station. Watch LIVE: http://t.co/Jg9UyvBN

@BriNews  Good morning from @MyDesert, where the clouds are looking more fancy than ominous right now. #CVwx http://t.co/jdBw0dzN

@showertime  This shower is dedicated to @AmericaFerrera, just because.

@BriNews  @ggranger2010 Nah, I'm a PC guy… and more importantly, that's what #TheWork gave me. :)

@BriNews  RT @CALFIRERRU: Firefighters responded to numerous spot fires along the north side of Ave 66 in Mecca, CA. http://t.co/F8JMBNxu

@btindrelunas  Check-in No. 950! (@ The Desert Sun) http://t.co/mV9sSSu1

@BriNews  CHP headed to report of crash near westbound I-10 and Monroe Street. No immediate word on injuries. #CVtraffic

@BriNews  RT @jodiontheweb: Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but here's my number, so call me maybe? #yourewelcome

@BriNews  This song comes to mind today: http://t.co/oXpuwKTY @TDSSherry looked for the source of "that smell" last week: http://t.co/AtvKFXwQ

@BriNews  Good morning from @MyDesert, where my computer seems about as ready to say goodbye to the long weekend as I am. http://t.co/l7yKhkrz

@showertime  This shower goes out to all those shady outfits you infiltrate and thwart in your dreams.

@btindrelunas  RT @famouspussies: I don't think there are cooties on birthdays.

@btindrelunas  RT @gregolee: Well, someways we like to all match. It's a GLee sandwich. http://t.co/YHEkEU2d

@btindrelunas  Happy birthday, @jnmiskell! (@ GRIND BRGR BaR) http://t.co/EQWX6BU0

@btindrelunas  Arizona has its five Cs, but California has the three Ws: http://t.co/exxVWeJV

@showertime  Orange shorts… they're the next big thing. Just ask JD, to whom this shower is dedicated: http://t.co/VEQatODZ

@btindrelunas  RT @Sorael0: @TheSunDevils Wishing it were next Saturday.

@btindrelunas  HOT CHEETOS AND TAKIS! (@ 7-Eleven) [pic]: http://t.co/ghEwpck1

@showertime  This one goes out to @whatbenwatches for the email version of this: http://t.co/sZQW2IhN

@btindrelunas  "Can you put my burrito in the freezer?" #thatjusthappened

@btindrelunas  Both phones survived the day! #FYFFEST

@btindrelunas  Never mind that it's only 10:30; we are TIRED PUPPIES. (@ Metro Gold Line - Chinatown Station) http://t.co/mnumkTQM

@btindrelunas  (Well, technically, @G3K found @MAR_In_hEr_CAR. In any case, yay for that!)

@btindrelunas  AND @MAR_In_hEr_CAR AND I FOUND EACH OTHER! #FYFFEST http://t.co/hN2ZXJUl

@btindrelunas  Just met a kindred spirit, JD, lookin' all fly at #FYFFEST. http://t.co/yReGJ2P8

@btindrelunas  RT @heathernolan: OH on scanner: Woman wants man arrested because he was eating JELL-O in bed and made her miss an appointment.

@btindrelunas  Sometimes, you just need some downtime at the dance tent. #FYFFEST

@btindrelunas  RT @ClaudiaKoerner: King Khan and the Shrines: The tambourine players crowdsurf, then drop their pants. #fyf

@btindrelunas  Pantsless percussion is apparently a thing. #FYFFEST

@btindrelunas  King Khan is FUNKY. #loveit #FYFFEST

@btindrelunas  We're baaaack! (@ Los Angeles State Historic Park for FUCK YEAH Fest w/ 89 others) http://t.co/n79epZKF

@btindrelunas  FAST BEER! (@ The Luggage Room Pizzeria) http://t.co/OLGxvD1M

@btindrelunas  110 carpool lane LIKE A BOSS. (Well, like two bosses. @G3K and I are legit.)

@btindrelunas  @atsneed OMG SO WEIRD. Is that just in a neighborhood? As opposed to Furry National Park or something?

@btindrelunas  @atsneed That is amazing. Did you just see that IRL?

@btindrelunas  RT @BriNews: Story's by @AP's David Bauder, but @Pocket knows who really deserves the credit for my seeing it on @HuffingtonPost: http:/ ...

@BriNews  Story's by @AP's David Bauder, but @Pocket knows who really deserves the credit for my seeing it on @HuffingtonPost: http://t.co/ruGehaws

@btindrelunas  RT @BriNews: Good read from this morning's @LATimes: Former Vegas crime reporter's gory dioramas prove wildly popular http://t.co/Dd60pZXO

@btindrelunas  RT @PrestonKelly_: #ctown football!!!! http://t.co/z29qL8AK

@BriNews  Good read from this morning's @LATimes: Former Vegas crime reporter's gory dioramas prove wildly popular http://t.co/Dd60pZXO

@btindrelunas  Aww. Yeah. (@ Nick's Deli) http://t.co/X62qHpQk

@BriNews  Probably wouldn't know name if I hadn't copy edited for @UPI: Unification Church founder Rev. Moon dies at 92 http://t.co/7HSgRxIG via @AP

@BriNews  RT @jbatsell: Kudos to my college paper, the @statepress, for handling this plagiarism case so transparently. Another sad lesson. http:/ ...

@btindrelunas  RT @jbatsell: Kudos to my college paper, the @statepress, for handling this plagiarism case so transparently. Another sad lesson. http:/ ...

@BriNews  While we're on the subject of live music and such, @GirlAboutPS has a look at how desert nightlife is evolving: http://t.co/PuIcKvNB

@showertime  That one was also for @G3K & @ClaudiaKoerner — and not just because they provided the shower. Also because of FYF, tacos and @YELL3K music.

@BriNews  My view http://t.co/8jd2IKMn #FYFFEST MT @LADNMarMendoza: Watching M83. I'd take a pic but it wouldn't come out. Got a better shot @BriNews?

@btindrelunas  Ten-ish bands in one day? Fuck yeah (fest)! #FYFFEST http://t.co/FKTSDQzt

@btindrelunas  ALL OF THE TACOS. #earlier (@ Del Taco) http://t.co/kMhaGkF7

@btindrelunas  M83 is nigh! #FYFFEST

@btindrelunas  While scanning for @MAR_In_hEr_CAR, I somehow recognized and got the attn of Timtation, who I haven't seen in years. Crazy! #FYFFEST #SSP

@btindrelunas  A notable amount of people left @sleighbells' set during "Comeback Kid." Oh well. They'll come back someday. #FYFFEST

@btindrelunas  RT @ClaudiaKoerner: People are more interested in a gopher peeking its head out of a hole than this Warpaint set.

@btindrelunas  Sorry, @_warpaint. You have officially been upstaged. #FYFFEST #burrowingcreatures http://t.co/Rl5UlFnA

@btindrelunas  I've seen three guys wearing USC jerseys at #FYFFEST in the last 5m. I really wanna ask them why they're still here and not at the Coliseum.

@btindrelunas  BUBBLES! #FYFFEST http://t.co/4acUItEE

@btindrelunas  The guy who checked my ID at #FYFFEST works at the Hair. Is anyone left in the desert this weekend?

@btindrelunas  The Eric Andre Show is amazing! Almost makes me regret canceling cable. #FYFFEST http://t.co/e33jdTuV

@btindrelunas  Turns out, The Men are not a band of girls who sing '60s hits. @G3K is very convincing and/or I am extremely gullible. #FYFFEST

@BriNews  RT @btindrelunas: I just met @AlfAlpha at #CraftFYF, and he made me this sweet @LandonDonovan button. WIN. http://t.co/nLydVTcm

@btindrelunas  I just met @AlfAlpha at #CraftFYF, and he made me this sweet @LandonDonovan button. WIN. http://t.co/nLydVTcm

@btindrelunas  RT @BriNews: Nice to see @thecvartscene representing the Coachella Valley, running #CraftFYF at #FYFFEST. http://t.co/5Pc19ZSF

@BriNews  Nice to see @thecvartscene representing the Coachella Valley, running #CraftFYF at #FYFFEST. http://t.co/5Pc19ZSF

@btindrelunas  #CraftFYF? Yes please! http://t.co/tTYrhblQ

@btindrelunas  Weekends #FTW! (@ 2012 FYF Festival w/ @g3k) http://t.co/xIvpjUlR

@btindrelunas  #FYFFEST, here we come!

@BriNews  Change in the air: KMRJ has flipped to Jammin' 99.5, promising "old school and smooth R&B." (Now playing: "I'm Every Woman," Chaka Khan)

@showertime  This one goes out to @G3K and @ClaudiaKoerner, whom I'll be seein' rl soon!

@btindrelunas  Also, what's up with all the DJs in unexpected restaurants tonight? First, B-Dubs; now, Zin?!

@btindrelunas  Just passed someone driving the wrong way on Indian like it ain't no thang. Be careful out there tonight, y'all! #CVtraffic

@btindrelunas  Happy birthday, @jnmiskell and Ashley! (@ Buffalo Wild Wings) http://t.co/qlPzVH16

@btindrelunas  Of course, getting gas is a whole production when I have somewhere to be. (@ ARCO / ampm) http://t.co/qmNnMarY

@btindrelunas  @samgavindotcom http://t.co/lk4xPMR4

@btindrelunas  I just got to @MittRomney's #TheRoom allusion in his #GOP2012 speech, and I was so moved that, well… http://t.co/vwioGpio (ht @atsneed)