another day in paradise

This morning, a colleague started off a phone interview with a presumably faraway source with a very chipper, "I'm in Palm Springs!"

I quickly quipped to another reporter nearby, "That's not usually how I say it. It's usually, 'Hey. Are you in town this weekend?' 'No, I'm in Paaallllmmm Sprinnnggggs.'"

But as much as I enjoy and have taken advantage of my newly achieved ability to drive out to LA or Arizona on the (actual) weekend, I do still love it here, and I'm glad that I'll be staying home this weekend to play host to #BoysWeekend. (Cookies, beware.)

What's more, tonight as a combination of street lights and moonlight illuminated the palm trees along Ramon Road as I drove home, I realized that even a long and/or rough day at The Work (and there have been a couple lately) is still a day in a beautiful place.