This needs to happen at my wedding.

@btindrelunas  O hai, #AOPA12! (@ Palm Springs Convention Center w/ 4 others) [pic]:

@BriNews  iPhone panorama photo of #AOPA12 Parade of Planes from NE corner of Amado Road and Avenida Caballeros:

@btindrelunas  RT @BriNews: So cool to see planes taking over a Palm Springs street! Watch the #AOPA12 parade live at ...

@BriNews  So cool to see planes taking over a Palm Springs street! Watch the #AOPA12 parade live at

@BriNews  RT @MyDesertTV: I'm watching the #AOPA12 Parade of Planes in Palm Springs at Are you?

@BriNews  Been looking at this story all day, and it JUST occurred to me that The Curve is AT the curve in Palm Canyon: Clever!

@showertime  For putting up with my stubborn foot, this one goes out to Dr. Collis.

@BriNews  RT @TashJoeZA: A friendly hint: sending news editors press releases full of acronyms and industry jargon is a large barrier to anyone ev ...

@btindrelunas  @MeghanEvans Top teeth are for suckas. But if you find he's no longer in the running toward becoming America's Next Top Model, THAT'S a prob

@btindrelunas  Emails with all of the following subject lines are in my inbox(es) at present: TDS squirrel plague, Tasty Cakes, gay stuff, burger stuff

@btindrelunas  RT @darkcitytheman: Beer 4 dinner

@btindrelunas  Chicken patty on a toasted English muffin w/ peach salsa and shredded cheese plus sweet potato fries and box sangria?

@btindrelunas  RT @BriNews: I'm now boycotting profiles that start by describing the subject's entrance. Fellow writers, come up with something better. ...

@BriNews  I'm now boycotting profiles that start by describing the subject's entrance. Fellow writers, come up with something better. Please.

@BriNews  Awesome! RT @denisegoolsby: Ready to go up with @ChathamPhoto in a 1940 Stearman #AOPA2012

@BriNews  Mary Bono Mack campaign drops October surprise: (Raul Ruiz camp didn't wait for Oct.: #CVelection

@BriNews  Hoping to camp at #Stagecoach? Things will be different this year:

@BriNews  #Stagecoach lineup goes up; @MyCoachella server goes down (or seems to). #producerproblems

@BriNews  RT @denisegoolsby: Toby Keith, Lady Antebellum and Zac Brown Band will headline #Stagecoach2013: @MyCoachella

@BriNews  Another #Stagecoach poster image is circulating this morning: We'll see how it compares to official lineup at 8 a.m.

@BriNews  RT @denisegoolsby: Got my favorite cowboy socks on & I'm ready for the #Stagecoach2013 line up to be announced! @MyDesert @Stagecoac ...

@BriNews  @bitly It's the Chrome extension.

@BriNews  Good morning from @MyDesert, where the #Stagecoach lineup countdown is on!

@showertime  Ground chicken kinda blows my mind, so this shower is dedicated to it.

@btindrelunas  I just made so much food happen. I hope at least some of it tastes OK. #adulthood

@BriNews  RT @MyCoachella: Stagecoach 2013 line up to be announced tomorrow

@BriNews  Drivers, watch out: I'm hearing reports of a crash that's closing lanes near Tachevah and Indian Canyon drives in Palm Springs. #CVtraffic

@BriNews  Palm Springs police, still looking into officers' struggle with man who later died, say some of struggle was recorded:

@BriNews  RT @MyDesert: A man died Sunday after a confrontation with police in Palm Springs, coroner's office says:

@BriNews  @bitly The right-click menu disappears as if it had worked, but nothing is copied to the clipboard. Can't remember if link is saved or not.

@BriNews  Looking at cute baby animals can help concentration and focus: via @conversationedu

@BriNews  Good morning from @MyDesert, where it's a new week and it finally feels like a new season now that the triple digits have subsided. #CVwx

@BriNews  RT @CatWarr: And that's why I never abbreviate Moro Islamic Liberation Front. RT @NickKristof Congrats to Philippines for peace deal wit ...

@btindrelunas  RT @CatWarr: And that's why I never abbreviate Moro Islamic Liberation Front. RT @NickKristof Congrats to Philippines for peace deal wit ...

@btindrelunas  .@SierraServProj flashback during @showertime: "Down by LA, where the campermelons grow…"

@showertime  Making up a drink on the spot and quoting #TheRoom — I can't decide which is more laudable, but Bobby's done both, and this is for him!

@btindrelunas  Hold up. What?! MT @12News: Chandler police are still looking for the man who shot another inside Serrano's on Saturday

@btindrelunas  #Revenge has me feelin' a little dizzy with all of tonight's plot twists.

@BriNews  "(Lobbyist Lanny) Davis is such a familiar face in the halls of the Capitol, (@Rep_BonoMack) greets him with a kiss."

@BriNews  .@Rep_BonoMack makes cameo in @CBSSunday story on lobbying: (at 3:37) #CVelection

@btindrelunas  Breakfast, #ANTM and Pee-wee in PJs, naptime and then a dinner that was a little bit fancy. What a great way to spend a bye-week Saturday!

@BriNews  Wow. 38-year-old accused of pushing a 9-year-old: RT @mydesert_news: Fight at youth soccer game leads to arrest

@showertime  They say it's your birthday… This one goes out to birthday beezy @kjmcginty!

@btindrelunas  Doesn't matter if it's 1989 or 2012. Nothing beats a Saturday "morning" watching Pee-wee's Playhouse with your friends.

@btindrelunas  OMG! THERE'S A GIRL FROM CHANDLER-GILBERT ON #ANTM! P.S.: I'm loving this PS road trip ep! #psiloveyou

@btindrelunas  RT @TDSKateM: @sonicdatepalm @btindrelunas could only be more excited to see you if you delivered French toast stocks to his door. http: ...

@btindrelunas  FRENCH. TOAST. STICKS. @kjmcginty and I need Pee-wee-watching fuel. (@ Sonic Drive-In) [pic]:



@btindrelunas  Never thought I'd hear M83 at O'Leary's, but @kjmcginty's birthday makes dreams come fru.

@btindrelunas  "Tails is O'Leary's. Call it!" (@ O'Leary's)

@btindrelunas  The Pee-wee-tini has grapefruit juice, 7-Up and Jack. Fruit + whiskey = FRISKY! (@ShannonRaeGreen should be here too!)

@btindrelunas  RT @famouspussies: Time to blow up the Twittersphere with this shizz!

@btindrelunas  Bobby has created the next big thing, the Pee-wee-tini, for @lmhoelscher and me:

@btindrelunas  Note to world: Bobby is THE BEST. Who else quotes #TheRoom at you from across the bar?

@iMissTempe  No. 138: The Batphone

@btindrelunas  .@kjmcginty: "What are you pointing at?" @mamitche11: "They turned on the lights in our room!" #TheFalls #psiloveyou

@btindrelunas  This visit to The Falls is bringing back mem-o-ries! #psiloveyou

@btindrelunas  Happy birthday, Eve, @kjmcginty! hehe (@ The Falls)

@btindrelunas  All of the lights… are on here! (@ Monsoon Indian Cuisine)

@BriNews  Power's out at @theSaguaroPS. Anyone else in the neighborhood lose electricity?

@btindrelunas  Hotel, motel… This ain't no Holiday Inn! (@ The Saguaro Palm Springs, a Joie de Vivre Hotel w/ 2 others)

@btindrelunas  Fall Out Boy has a greatest hits album?

@BriNews  Related: 85 seemed an odd # until I clicked. MT @BuzzFeedAndrew: 85 reasons Sesame Street would be OK w/o gov't funding

@BriNews  When stories and memes collide… MT @BigBirdney: #Costco runs out of gas in La Quinta. That's like #Romney having to refill his tank of lies.

@BriNews  Wow… Crash on I-75 in Florida involves 30 to 50 vehicles. Live video:

@BriNews  EB I-10 slow lane reopened east of valley about 11:15 a.m.: All work moved to shoulder, CHP says. #CVtraffic

@BriNews  Eish. @MyDesert's gas-prices map ( zoomed out to state level: #CVgas

@BriNews  @bitly Right-click Save Link to bitly is really spotty again today.

@btindrelunas  Google Tasks, why don't you remember what I've typed into you? #offtask

@BriNews  RT @RKDeAtley: I'm a sucker for a good headline. From LATimes: "L.A. shuttle boosters feeling jettisoned"

@BriNews  Yesss… America's Next Top Model in the desert! MT ‏@kenmok: BEST CAPTION for photo from 10/5 ep wins #antm robes!

@BriNews  Expect moderate delays as EB I-10 slow lane closed east of Coachella Valley, CHP says: #CVtraffic

@BriNews  A man who died Thursday in Joshua Tree National Park has been identified:

@BriNews  Airport Blvd. closed east of Grapefruit (Highway 111) until 3:30 p.m., says company that's workin' on the railroad. #CVtraffic

@BriNews  Good morning from @MyDesert, not far from PSP's thermometer that finally failed to crack the century mark Thurs.: #CVwx

@BriNews  RT @TDSjoornelas: @kkaufmann interviews @GavinNewsom at the #socalsummit follow her for comprehensive coverage. #environ #EnergySummit ...

@BriNews  RT @caseymornings: Amazing Comm. Briefs section today in @MyDesert -Blessing stuffed animals and a chance to meet Mr Palm Springs Leathe ...

@btindrelunas  RT @TashJoeZA: People rocking daisies and bloccing parties all over my timeline. Party quietly, whippersnappers. #grandmatweet

@showertime  A little literary peer pressure is never a bad thing, so this one goes out to @whatbenwatches.

@btindrelunas  RT @assholepoop: like what’s the point of tumblr i mean all i do is reblog pictures and theres literally no point to it and i spend hour ...

@btindrelunas  TV and Twitter conspired to get me to crack open a long-ignored book tonight. Who would've thunk it?

@btindrelunas  @whatbenwatches Well, unlike LL, I also had to start it, but I did… and I'm now on track to finish it by, oh, 2050 or so.

@btindrelunas  "Will I ever finish reading 'The Corrections'?!" Ugh. Thanks for reminding me, Liz Lemon. #30Rock

@btindrelunas  Not to be a Luddite, but I must say, a fuzzy analog picture is a hell of a lot more watchable than an iffy digital TV signal.

@BriNews  I knew it sounded familiar… Romney last year: "We're not gonna kill Big Bird, but Big Bird's gonna have advertisements"

@BriNews  Aww… Eight-year-old to @MittRomney: "I want my kids to watch (Sesame Street) so do not cut it off" via @davewiner

@BriNews  I had no idea Oreos followed the original (and yet, the late) Hydrox: by @FortuneMagazine #lunchreads

@btindrelunas  This is where I get my #CVtacos. Reminds me of @PSPowerBaseball season… (@ Jack in the Box)

@BriNews  @1010KXPS Just remembered y'all are in Palm Desert. #CVtacos #FAIL on my part. If only the station were still up the road from @MyDesert

@btindrelunas  RT @MyDesert: It's National taco Day! Where do you score your favorite tacos, Coachella Valley? Let us know w/ the hashtag #CVtacos

@BriNews  RT @1010KXPS: FREE TACO'S come on down to the station from noon until 2pm and celebrate NATIONAL TACO DAY with us. Taco's from our frien ...

@BriNews  RT @Poynter: Olive Garden reviewer Marilyn Hagerty to receive Neuharth Award: She was USA Today founder's 1st editor

@BriNews  RT @jskarp: #BREAKING: The NHL has canceled its regular season schedule through Oct. 24.

@BriNews  This tweet is making me hungry MT @MyDesert: It's National Taco Day! Where do you score your favorite tacos? Let us know w/ hashtag #CVtacos

@BriNews  I feel a dog-shaming-esque Tumblr coming on… RT @michaelroston: Everyone should really stop fact-shaming Obama and Romney #stopbullying

@BriNews  RT @DrivePalmDesert: FRED WARING @ SAN PASCUAL: Oct 4 Traffic signal work continues today. Intermittant lane closures expected & del ...

@BriNews  OK, that's clever: Hollywood's 10-4 Day Parade of vintage police cars is today, CNS reports. Pics from 2010:

@BriNews  RT @sesamestreet: Big Bird: My bed time is usually 7:45, but I was really tired yesterday and fell asleep at 7! Did I miss anything last ...

@BriNews  "We haven’t officially launched," @Verizon rep tells @TDSKateM, but commenters report 4G LTE speeds in the desert:

@BriNews  Speaking of #CVwx, NWS says dry, windy conditions will boost fire danger this afternoon and evening:

@BriNews  Good morning from @MyDesert, where I see Thermal tied another record high w/ 107 Wednesday. But it's getting cooler now, right? Right? #CVwx

@showertime  Oh, debate dreams — like the one I had about an Obama campaign stop / slumber party in the Vermont Square parking lot — this one's for you.

@BriNews  There's a revamped plan for what will replace Desert Fashion Plaza, and @mydesert_biz has the renderings:

@BriNews  Our live stream is live, and I just watched Jim Lehrer lay down the law for the audience: #CVelection #debates

@BriNews  RT @cw_photography_: Watching the debate tonight? Play a little BINGO while you watch

@BriNews  The only place I've ever golfed may become the only place I need to go for stamps, too: by @TDSXochitlPena

@BriNews  RT @mydesert_sports: CIF has ruled Palm Desert and San Bernardino will have to forfeit their games this Friday, according to Palm Desert ...

@BriNews  RT @Robb_Bradley: Models are trending toward the mid to lower 80s for next week. Not that it seems unreasonable, but I won't believe it ...

@BriNews  The how and why of Tuesday's alert from the Riverside County Sheriff's Department about a nonexistent crash: #CVtraffic

@BriNews  Good morning from @MyDesert, where I'm holding down the fort while the rest of the AM crew and others rest up for debate night. #CVelection

@btindrelunas  RT @jorcohen: On October 3rd, he asked me what day it was. “It's October 3rd”

@BriNews  RT @markdubya: A gift from Germany: @usatoday's International Edition. Check out that weather map!

@BriNews  @TDSKateM If it's on the iPhone 4S, could be the same change (in labeling, not service) AT&T users saw in March:

@BriNews  RT @MyDesert: UC Riverside School of Medicine has gotten the OK to begin taking applications for its inaugural class.

@showertime  I meant to get some exercise in this morning, so this shower goes out to @TheAnnaG and @Calhounin for actually doing AM workouts. #getit

@btindrelunas  Checked to see if it was 4:24 yet countless times overnight… and then slept through my early alarm. So much for watching my shows in the AM.

@btindrelunas  EARLY BEDTIME!

@btindrelunas  RT @tessamuggeridge: When will TV get good at portraying gay lifestyles?

@btindrelunas  RT @RELEVANT: Sufjan Stevens is doing some sort of Christmas thing. Maybe.

@BriNews  It's like @genznyt wrote his anti-"Really?" piece to provoke a "Really?" from readers: via @NYTOnIt

@BriNews  RT @MyDesert: The man accused of killing a woman found Friday in a shallow grave has been charged with murder:

@BriNews  No crashes on I-10 in Cabazon, said a CHP dispatcher who's been getting a lot of calls since sheriff's dept. sent traffic alert. #CVtraffic

@BriNews  RT @denisegoolsby: Talk about a hot date! Heading out to the desert city of Thermal, where it's expected to hit 109 today, with @jaymca ...

@BriNews  RT @leighmunsil: #typosthatmakemelaugh, campaign finance edition: OpenSeacrest

@btindrelunas  #lunchtimenaptime #crouchingtigerhiddennap #grumposaurusrex

@BriNews  .@WeatherChannel naming storms seems like publicity stunt, but @wunderground says it could be helpful via @brianstelter

@showertime  This one goes out to @GirlAboutLA and @saamato for visiting during #BoysWeekend and making it a more co-ed event.

@BriNews  RT @MyCoachella: Justin Bieber throws up on stage: Video and reaction

@btindrelunas  @MeghanEvans @whatbenwatches OMG, A SURPRISE LIKE SAMMY ON #REVENGE! (P.S.: Labs are the best!) (P.P.S.: Pics?????)

@BriNews  Very cool: MT @HollyTMoore: I'm a big fan of the #NewUSATODAY cover view feature. It makes the web feel very magazine-y

@BriNews  Most read on @MyDesert so far this morning: a #Bears story from @AP Thanks, @Google!

@BriNews  RT @MyDesert: .@EricaFelci talks with @skellykpsi on 920 AM starting at 8 a.m. Felci will be a questioner at congressional debate: http: ...

@BriNews  RT @ryansholin: You guys are cool if I call it Rocktober all month, right?

@BriNews  Good morning from @MyDesert, where @TheOnion calendar's story of the day doesn't bode well for the Biebs:

@showertime  This #showercookie goes out to action movies on @Telemundo. #BoysWeekend #FindeSemanadelosChicos

@btindrelunas  @whatbenwatches @MeghanEvans IS IT A CORGI?????

@btindrelunas  @j_christo Ha... I just saw and RT'd that from @SunDevil_CNoTe via @FootballASU! #GoDevils

@btindrelunas  @gregolee "Move, bitch; get out the way." Or were you *not* trying to get fired?

@btindrelunas  RT @afranzer: According to an "expert" featured on this "documentary," a mall is the worst place to be during a zombie attack. #themorey ...

@btindrelunas  And this isn't enough of a spoiler that the #fancybitchez should be mad at me… RT @DevFull: Clam Cam is the new Dolphin Cam. #Revenge

@btindrelunas  Also not a spoiler: What a pleasant surprise to hear Chromatics on #Revenge tonight!

@btindrelunas  RT @D_Sykes9: Touchdown against Hamilton.

@btindrelunas  RT @SunDevil_CNoTe: The great moment the ref is a #SunDevilFans @ASU_Baseball @ASUDUDE @ASUDevilscom @TheSunDevils @FootballASU #GoDevil ...

@btindrelunas  Though @ClaudiaKoerner & @G3K aren't watching till tomorrow and @whatbenwatches is in Season 1, I think it's safe to say: AWW YEAH! #Revenge

@btindrelunas  DADDYYYYYYYYY! #Revenge starts now on #tivodelay!

@btindrelunas  Aww yeah. #AmazingRace + #Revenge = epic Sunday nights this fall!

@btindrelunas  @MeghanEvans @G3K Ah, true. There weren't any notable midday pants changes either, come to think of it.

@btindrelunas  Somehow, @G3K and I didn't even eat #ALLOFTHECOOKIES. I'm not sure what this says about us. #BoysWeekend