@btindrelunas  "Will I ever finish reading 'The Corrections'?!" Ugh. Thanks for reminding me, Liz Lemon. #30Rock http://t.co/NLsw5oxw

@btindrelunas  I kind of want Queen of Jordan to be its own full-fledged show. #30Rock

@btindrelunas  (Turns out, I spoke too soon about going to bed. More ice cream and #30Rock seem in order to, uh, soothe my nerves. Sure.)

@btindrelunas  I'm not sure what to think about Jon Hamm in blackface, but the Huntley-Brinkley scene did make me laugh… at first? #30Rock

@btindrelunas  RT @Samwhois: Siri, kill Jenna!! #30rock