@BriNews  Good morning from @MyDesert, where it's a new week and it finally feels like a new season now that the triple digits have subsided. #CVwx

@BriNews  Good morning from @MyDesert, not far from PSP's thermometer that finally failed to crack the century mark Thurs.: http://t.co/vNHQViT2 #CVwx

@BriNews  Good morning from @MyDesert, where I see Thermal tied another record high w/ 107 Wednesday. But it's getting cooler now, right? Right? #CVwx

@BriNews  Good morning from @MyDesert, where I'm enjoying the cooler, darker mornings but preparing for more triple digits: http://t.co/6fg41o1Z #CVwx

@BriNews  So nice to see no rain chances in http://t.co/EZbWfr6C #CVwx