@showertime  Making up a drink on the spot and quoting #TheRoom — I can't decide which is more laudable, but Bobby's done both, and this is for him!

@btindrelunas  Note to world: Bobby is THE BEST. Who else quotes #TheRoom at you from across the bar?

@btindrelunas  I just got to @MittRomney's #TheRoom allusion in his #GOP2012 speech, and I was so moved that, well… http://t.co/vwioGpio (ht @atsneed)

@btindrelunas  I've learned that putting #TheRoom on a party agenda pretty much guarantees the screening won't happen but equally awesome things will.

@btindrelunas  @downsanddirty Probably to my place for #TheRoom and such, but I'll DM you my number so you can text/find us wherever we may be!