@btindrelunas  Driving to #TheWork takes so much longer when other people are awake. (@ The Desert Sun) http://t.co/2vZO6ODI

@btindrelunas  Just spent more time ensuring it was safe to be late to #TheWork (for PM-meeting purposes) than I would've spent prepping to go in on time.

@BriNews  @ggranger2010 Nah, I'm a PC guy… and more importantly, that's what #TheWork gave me. :)

@showertime  #TheWork dreams show no sign of stopping (nap: NewsGate; night: weather/video/UGC) so maybe I can appease them with this shower dedication.

@showertime  That little rinse from earlier tonight went out to The Interns from #TheWork for inviting me to join them at VillageFest.