@btindrelunas  So far, having TiVo add 15 minutes to #GOP2012 and #DNC2012 recordings has been enough. Not so tonight. Good thing I caught it in time.

@btindrelunas  I just got to @MittRomney's #TheRoom allusion in his #GOP2012 speech, and I was so moved that, well… http://t.co/vwioGpio (ht @atsneed)

@BriNews  RT @ShannonRaeGreen: Reporters research while Tim Pawlenty speaks behind them. #GOP2012 http://t.co/0ABnhrow

@BriNews  Who needs cable when you've got @USATODAY's live #GOP2012 coverage? http://t.co/P7FBkhUq #addictedtonews http://t.co/t02Ls9X7

@BriNews  It's like @mgroppe read my mind as I wondered last night about the value of conventions: http://t.co/mNBuacBM #GOP2012