@btindrelunas  #lunchtimenaptime #crouchingtigerhiddennap #grumposaurusrex

@btindrelunas  French toast sticks and Amerie are making this #grumposaurusrex extinct. (@ Burger King) http://t.co/FyluUJ0O

@btindrelunas  @gregolee I think I'm sitting right beside you. I reached full-blown #grumposaurusrex status before I left #TheWork for lunch / a nap.

@showertime  This one goes out to @MonicaTorline for checking in with me last week during one of my #grumposaurusrex moments. Thanks, Monica!

@showertime  This morning's shower was for everyone I had been a #grumposaurusrex to lately. Little did I know I'd be adding to that list this morning…