@btindrelunas  Ran into @Shad_Powers and @ColinAtagi, who are also seeing Come As You Are. #PSIFF #MondayShenanigans WIN.

@btindrelunas  Note to self/Twitter: 75¢ for 16 oz. of Bud Light all day Monday at @BillsPizzaPS. This needs to happen. #MondayShenanigans

@btindrelunas  @jnmiskell Haha. I just picked up my phone to text you. And my answer is yes. #MondayShenanigans gon be rly rl. What shall we shenan?

@btindrelunas  @jnmiskell YES and YES! #mondayshenanigans #fancyfriday

@btindrelunas  would like to welcome Michelle to the #MondayShenanigans Club… LA, here we come!