@btindrelunas  Mary Carillo's #Olympics packages and late-night hosting make me smile. #tapedelaysquared

@btindrelunas  Talking heads keep calling this the first (Summer) #Olympics and presidential campaign of the Twitter age, but @SPelection & I beg to differ

@BriNews  @mrstevenmichael Go for it! The #Olympics got this HS swimmer back in the water too, and it felt good.

@BriNews  Gannett gets gold, silver AND bronze! RT @gannett: Gannett claims #Olympics viewing trifecta (via @TVNewsCheck) http://t.co/KgkKGYaD

@btindrelunas  Uh-oh. I might need to ignore Twitter until Friday night. #Olympics spoilers I can deal with. #HoneyBooBoo spoilers are another matter.