@BriNews  I just made a sweet Rizzoli & Isles joke, but no one else was here to hear it. #talkingtomyself #overnightshiftblues #producerproblems

@btindrelunas  @runningupstream Yes I am, and yes it does. #overnightshiftblues

@btindrelunas  I was ready for bed six hours ago. Not sure how my eyes are still open. #overnightshiftblues

@btindrelunas  10 p.m. Saturday is the saddest time of my week. Body gets all sleepy like on weeknights; mind says 3.5 hours to go. #overnightshiftblues

@btindrelunas  Need to be in line for my first movie of the day in five hours. I'mma need some special juice to help me wiiiiiinnn… #overnightshiftblues