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A well-timed walk or How I met Will Forte

that one time I went out for a walk and ran into Will Forte

Though I hadn't officially written it down, unintentionally running into someone famous somewhere around town was definitely on my Buried Life-inspired list of things to accomplish whilst living in beautiful Palm Springs.

Now, things like hanging with Arnold Schwarzenegger or interviewing gubernatorial candidate Meg Ryan — er, Whitman didn't count because those were preplanned TDS assignments. Nor did going to see Ginger Jeffries at an public and publicized event. And the meeting had to take place in the Coachella Valley, so no No Strings Attached for these purposes.

One could argue that running into Britten at the BNP Paribas Open last week qualified as a random celebrity encounter, but tonight I somehow managed to top even that.

See, for the past week or so, Tim and Eric have been filming their billion-dollar movie, Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie, at the Desert Fashion Plaza. They're using the mostly vacant mall that sits a block away from my apartment as a set for the mostly vacant mall that Tim and Eric buy after blowing a billion dollars meant for moviemaking, or so I hear.

Anyway, I hung around the set, asked about being an extra (Sorry, SAG members only.) and just generally gawked for the first few days of shooting, which happened to be when they were doing outdoor scenes.

But then I got surprisingly used to the fact that my neighborhood had gone all Hollywood on me. I think it's going to be more jarring when the S'Wallow Valley Shopping Mall & Pizza Court sign isn't there some morning as I drive by the mall on my way to work.

I knew that all sorts of funny people would be roaming around town, turning up in restaurants and such, but I figured I'd be hard-pressed to run into any of them since it seems to be pretty easy to film TV shows and movies right under our noses here without us noticing.

Still, as I set out for an ordinary walk this afternoon, I made plans to walk along a couple of sides of the fashion plaza just to see what could be seen since I had paid such scant attention to the billion-dollar moviemaking lately. But instead of quickly looping around the neighborhood and then making a beeline for the mall, I wound up taking all sorts of initially unplanned turns and detours.

MALL IS CLOSED... kind of.

By the time I walked past an entrance to the mall along Palm Canyon Drive, I noticed some people standing around talking to what looked to be a couple of PAs. (At least I think that's what you'd call them. I'm not Hollywood enough to know all the lingo.)

I stopped and took out my earbuds, mainly to buy some time for me to peek into the mall at what was being filmed inside. Soon, I recognized the voice of one of the guys I had just assumed was a PA based on his ballcap-and-hoodie attire. Once I shifted my gaze from the mall to the person in front of me, I realized who he was but still asked the obvious question: "Hey. You're Will Forte, aren't you?"

Soon, we were talking about the movie, his back-and-forth schedule that's been taking him to L.A. and New York in between his desert days and how much we both like Palm Springs. He had been here before, so he asked me about where Melvyn's and Spencer's, a couple of restaurants in the neighborhood, were relative to the mall and then asked how far away the Rite-Aid was.

He needed to pick up a prescription, and my apartment was that direction anyway, so we kept talking as we walked down Palm Canyon Drive — and not just about him. Forte was interested in where I lived before moving here, what I did professionally, how TDS is faring and so on. He was an all-around nice guy, even apologizing for taking me off the most direct route to my apartment as I tagged along on — or as he said later, chaperoned — his trip to the pharmacy.

Although I did tentatively plan for my ever-evolving route to pass by my neighborhood movie set, I wasn't expecting much more than a brief glance through an open doorway or two, so after my chat and stroll with Forte, I wrote in and then crossed off "Unintentionally run into a celebrity" in the spreadsheet I've entitled My Buried Life.

@btindrelunas  just "chaperoned" Will Forte to Rite-Aid. #psiloveyou #soSoCal #billiondollarmovie

@btindrelunas  still thinks it's weird seeing places I've been and friends' former roommates on national television. #soSoCal