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New KUGELIS website

Oh yes, it’s here: a website devoted to my favorite food of all time (which we made today! :) ), kugelis!!!

For those of you who are completely lost at this point, um… Kugelis is hard to define. When I Googled it (Whoo! I just used Google as a verb for the first time!), I came up with results that say that it’s potato pudding casserole or something but I really, honestly don’t think there are words to describe it, other than of course kugelis.

OK, let’s try this again: First of all, Indrelunas is a Lithuanian name. We’re Lithuanian (and Irish and German and English and lots of other stuff, but that’s not relevant right now.). OK, now that you know where this is coming from, kugelis is a Lithuanian dish made of potatoes, bacon, grease, you know: the good stuff!

So anyway, I love it and so does most of my family (but not my dad or little brother… what’s with them?!). We always had it when we went up to my cousins’ house in Colorado but hardly ever made it at home. So, today marked my first successful batch of kugelis! (Yeah, I don’t wanna talk about the first time I tried!)

Hence the website. Michael took pics of the kugelis-making process for a “miniphotodocumentary” (which was shortened… or perhaps elongated… to “photodocumentary” for fitting-on-the-screen purposes), and we included the added bonus feature of being able to send Virtual Kugelis! There’s only one pic on the VK site now, but we’ll be working on that later! :)

So, go check out!