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What if? » Room Raiders: Phoenix

Tonight, I was channel surfing and I landed on MTV as Room Raiders: Miami was starting, and as the room raider made some location-specific comments, I thought to myself: What would a Phoenix version of Room Raiders be like?


Well, lucky for you, I thought that question through. Here are a few highlights from the episode that my imagination executive-produced:

“Oh, this is a nice house. Nice desert landscape out front… It kinda looks like every other house on the street, though. I hope I got the right one!”

“Hey! This is the same exact floor plan as my house! Awesome!”

“I’m liking this furniture!”

“Hey, it looks like Girl #1 and Girl #2 both went to The Room Store!”

The Republic. Nice choice… because you know how skanky those Tribune girls are!”

“Ooh, the Independent! Even better!”

“Hey! I think I wrote this!”

“Let’s use the tongs from my spy kit here. Aquafina? Sorry, Room #2, I’m a Dasani boy.”

“Store-brand water? Yick, we’ve got problems!”

“That’s even worse than the chick who drinks Aquafina!”

“Apparently this girl hasn’t heard of reducing power use from 3-6. This thermostat’s like all the way down to 80! What a power hog!”

“Having your A/C turned up too cold is a total turn-off!