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’25 Lame’ lives on!

Tonight on YouTube, I stumbled across some clips from “25 Lame” — an MTV special from 1999 where Jon Stewart, Chris Kattan, Janeane Garofalo and Denis Leary counted down the 25 worst videos that had been played to date. The comics also vowed that MTV would never play the update » top 10 offending videos again — other than in the inevitable repeats of “25 Lame,” clearly.

We used to have the whole show on a VHS tape somewhere, and my brother and I rewatched it many, many times since the seemingly one-take presentation (not to mention the Vanilla Ice flame-out) cracked us up so much. In fact, this little segment, which includes videos No. 15 through 13, contains two of the Indrelunas family’s favorite basic-cable moments of all time: “My Little Sea Hor—” (a prop in Aqua’s “Barbie Girl” video) and “The Home Depot Video” (i.e., “Separate Ways” by Journey).