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I so called it: ‘Room Raiders Phoenix Arizona’

So remember back in August 2004 when I thought it’d be funny if they had a Valley edition of Room Raiders? Tonight I discovered that, as of this season, they so do.

In the words of Stephen Colbert, “I called it!”

Sure, in my sarcasm I overshot when estimating just how weird we Arizonans would look when put on MTV, but you’ve gotta admit: Room Raiders Arizona does highlight some strange Valley characteristics.

This one ASU girl whose room got raided was in Spanish 313, which I also have suffered through, and she had a water bottle full of sand from San Diego. Now, I’ve never tried to bring back some of the beach after one of my countless trips to Arizona’s adopted coastline, but the second she explained what that gross bottle of modly wet sand was, I completely understood.

As a matter of fact, almost everyone on the show goes to ASU or MCC, I think one of the guys who got his room raided was in my EDT 321 class a couple semesters ago, and I know one of the room raiders was a certain Sun Devil football player who showed up in a lot of facebook pictures with our recently departed QB Sam Keller.

And this season takes the frickin’ hilarity of regular Room Raiders to a whole new level. It’s basically my second-favorite show now.

Oh, and MTV? You’re welcome. I’ll be expecting my royalty check in the mail by the end of the month.